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XPDS16: Xen Development Update


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The talk is a status report for the latest release and development projects. It will cover the new features and important bug fixes (if any) in 4.7. It will also provide insight on what’s in the queue for the next major release. Retrospective on the release process will also be part of talk.

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XPDS16: Xen Development Update

  1. 1. Wei Liu Release Manager, Committer liuw Presented by Lars Kurth & George Dunlap
  2. 2. Refresher: Xen Release process Xen 4.7 Update Xen 4.8 Development Update
  3. 3. Reduce release cycle length to 6 months: – 4 months development – 2 months freeze, with earlier creation of release branch based on risk assessment – Xen 4.7 was longer to support future June / December releases Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
  4. 4. Master branch on xen.git Feature Development Feature Freeze point Wait period to clear test pushgate RC’s Release Announcement RELEASE-4.7.0 branch on xen.git RELEASE-4.8.0 branch based on risk assessment Last Post Date
  5. 5. Master/Release branch on xen.git Wait period to clear test pushgate RC’s No new features No Freeze Exceptions Bug fixes are allowed, with approval by Maintainers/Release Manager Release Manager declares that only bug fixes deemed blockers can be accepted Creation of RELEASE-4.8.0 branch based on risk assessment Feature Development This is when patches for the ongoing release need to be submitted for review
  6. 6. Release Manager: Sends Monthly Xen x.y Development Update email on xen-devel@ Contributors: Expected to reply if they are working on a feature that is not on the list of tracked features Expected to provide Status updates on features & bugs on the list Not engaging with the process may lead to removal or downgrading Release Manager: Sends first Xen x.y Development Update email on xen-devel@ Deferred features from previous release, Timetable, etc. Contributors: Expected to reply if they are working on a feature that is not on the list of tracked features and tracked bugs Release Manager: RC Announcements, Test Days Contributors: Expected to provide Status updates on tracked bugs on the list Release Manager: Release Announcement
  7. 7. Xen code base  Hypervisor: general, x86 and ARM  Toolstack  Others upcoming things Test lab / Testing Guest OS support
  8. 8. First fixed term release actually 9 months cycle  Development start: 9 September 2015 (branched early; 4.6 released Oct 5th)  Freeze: 8 April 2016  Release date: 20 June 2016 Goals: predictable releases But take into account exceptional situations  Several XSAs  Wanted to include LivePatching  2 weeks overdue, but still acceptable
  9. 9. KConfig support … Improved Virtual Machine Introspection subsystem … Credit2 scheduler improvement … RTDS scheduler improvement  converted to event-driven model  support per-vcpu parameter Per-cpu reader-writer lock to improve performance
  10. 10. Hypervisor live patching … CPUID leveling PV guest memory limit bumped to TB range Intel VT-d Posted Interrupt Intel Code and Data Prioritization Intel VMX TSC Scaling Intel XSave/Xrtors support Intel Memory Protection Keys
  11. 11. Server Base Boot Requirement compliance PSCI 1.0 compatibility ARM vGICv3 support Support getting wallclock directly from Xen Bug fixes for existing platforms
  12. 12. PVUSB support Hot-plugging of QEMU-backed disks Soft-reset support Building and migrating large PV domain libxenctrl broken into a set of stable libraries Coarse-grained Lock-stepping Xen part upstreamed
  13. 13. Added lines: +86378 Removed lines: -28012 Lines of changes: +58366 Changes/month 230 Changesets (Patches) 1887 Series (=Features) 1025 Review Comments: 11628 1.84 patches per series 11.3 comments per series
  14. 14. Xen 4.8 first short fixed term release 6 months cycle Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jun 6 Last Posting Date Sept 16 Code Freeze Sept 304.7 4.8
  15. 15. PVHv2/HVMLite DomU and Dom0 Livepatching for ARM … IOREQ server for XenGT Loading arbitrary firmware blob via toolstack vNVDIMM support … Libxl PVSCSI support Depriviledged QEMU Mini-OS balloon driver support Mini-OS PVHv2/HVMLite mode support Restartable Dom0 and more ...
  16. 16. Removal of Blktap2 Cleanup of COPYING files (and other license related cleanup)
  17. 17. ARM 64 Bit Machines 2x Softiron Overdrive 3000 2x Gigabyte R150-T61 (if we can get them in time) OSSTEST Work to integrate XTF into OSSTest underway Work to improve OSSTest throughput underway
  18. 18. Linux Experimental support in Xen for ACPI on ARM64 machines Xen wallclock support in Xen and Linux on ARM and ARM64 Xen stolen ticks support in Xen and Linux on ARM and ARM64 Many GICv2 and GICv3 correctness improvements in Xen Netback dynamic multicast control support Blkback multiqueue support Dozens other fixes and minor improvements
  19. 19. FreeBSD Netfront multiqueue support Blkback support for hotplug scripts Fixes for clock skew during suspend / resume Netfront packet forwarding fixes Mini-OS Ballooning support Build system fixes and cleanup
  20. 20. It relies on YOU engaging with the Release Process