XPDS14: State of Xen Project (Developer Summit 2014)


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The last two years have seen an extraordinary level of change within the Xen Project developer and user communities. Join Lars Kurth as he opens the 2014 Xen Project Developer Summit with a short round-up of the bad, the good, and the great developments in the Xen Project.

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XPDS14: State of Xen Project (Developer Summit 2014)

  1. 1. Lars Kurth Community Manger, Xen Project Chairman, Xen Project Advisory Board Director, Open Source Business Office, Citrix lars_kurth
  2. 2. Host Sponsor Platinum Sponsor + Evening Reception Gold Sponsor
  3. 3. BoF’s Take a marker and fill in one of the slots If you host a BoF: be there, take notes, post on the list(s)
  4. 4. BoF’s Take a marker and fill in one of the slots Lunch Not provided Lots of places within 250 metres
  5. 5. BoF’s Take a marker and fill in one of the slots Lunch Not provided Lots of places within 250 metres Evening Party Bellwether (302 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60611) – across the road Developer Meeting : Wed morning wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Developer_Meeting/ Aug2014
  6. 6. The impact of moving the Project to the Linux Foundation Success Stories : Metrics and Implications Challenges that we are facing as a community What is Next?
  7. 7. What was the impact of moving the project to the Linux Foundation? Vinovyn @ Flickr
  8. 8. Developer Community largely unaffected Except for growth and implications An extra layer of Governance Hugely increased visibility through Marketing Funding for “Common Goods” problems Developing Messaging/Positioning for the project Improved Relationships, More Collaboration More participation from different vendors at Events Marketing is becoming a shared activity User community engaging more Blog posts, Q&A system, … - many “green shoots”
  9. 9. Companies Community •  PR / AR / Marketing / Messaging •  Membership Rules / Trademarks / Legal •  Provide funds to solve “Common Good” problems •  Referee of last resort •  Principles (aka Values) •  Roles •  Decision Making •  Project Lifecycle •  Community Initiatives, Best Practices, … Advisory Board WGs Test WG PR WG TCT Project Governance
  10. 10. Secure the long term success of the Xen Project eco-system Drive momentum of Xen Project and its sub-projects [Hypervisor, XAPI, Mirage OS] Sustain Industry Awareness of Xen Project Expand Direct Involvement of User Community with Xen Project Grow eco- system directory to demonstrate Momentum Grow Developer Community by 10% Deliver Value to Xen Project Advisory Board Members Primary Goals: Secondary Goals:
  11. 11. PR and Marketing: $119 K Increase Xen Project skills (OPW, etc.): $40 K Supporting the Community: $35 K Independently Hosted Test Infrastructure: $165 K Operational: $6 K Total: $365 K
  12. 12. The last 12 months in numbers
  13. 13. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Q1 '13 Q2' 13 Q3' 13 Q4' 13 Q1 '14 Q2 '14 July'14 Impact of AB funding Drives Interest & User Adoption & Contributions
  14. 14. Average monthly web visits grew by 30% Social Media following grew by 47%
  15. 15. Commits & unique Authors per month across PVOPS (Xen Project files only) Hypervisor XAPI Mirage OS Skewed because different sub- projects use different average size commits http://bitergia.com/projects/xen-project-dashboard/browser/ – use with care – still some issues
  16. 16. Xen-­‐devel  :  Messages  per  Month   Contributors  /  Authors  per  Month   Commits  per  Month   Authors and traffic list are increasing On “commits”: feedback from maintainers suggests a review bottleneck Ohloh.net and xen.markmail.org Highest  ever  
  17. 17. Linux: 0.73 è 0.61 KVM1: 1.54 è ??? 1) http://wpcme.coverity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012-Coverity-Scan-Report.pdf - no newer data
  18. 18. Windows PV Driver project Lead: Paul Durrant (Citrix) Infrastructure only partly in place Embedded and Automotive PV Driver project Lead: Artem Mygaiev (GlobalLogic) Infrastructure not yet in place Launched today, with further launch activities in the next 2 week Mirage OS picking up momentum PVOPS and Xen onARM achieved initial goals
  19. 19. for our Community Maria Ly @ Flickr
  20. 20. Up to 1 week 1 to 2 weeks 2 to 3 weeks 3 to 6 weeks 6 to 13 weeks More than 13 weeks 48% 17% 9% 9% 8% 9% 43% 15% 10% 13% 11% 8% July 2013 - Jan 2014 Feb 2014 - Aug 2013 Have no way to measure patches under review
  21. 21. The monthly average doubled Don’t want to split the community by introducing new lists
  22. 22. Europe – US – location switch not working (9 months – 15 months – 9 months – …) Dividing the summit into developer – user summit?
  23. 23. Feel free to raise everything that isn’t working there
  24. 24. Vacancies and skills Number of open vacancies is increasing Perception: Xen Project requires special skills vs. Linux Translating media momentum into new users Ease of use Onboarding and documentation Better distro integration
  25. 25. Independently Hosted Test Infrastructure Suppliers sourced Budget proposal in place Can start executing Messaging and Positioning Advisory Board has been working on key messages and positioning First Analyst Meeting In September (or maybe aligned with a large event)
  26. 26. www.slideshare.net/xen_com_mgr/