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CIF16: (Amir Chaudhry, Docker Inc)

As word about unikernels spreads, more people are trying to learn about this new approach to programming the cloud and embedded devices. Since information is spread across multiple sites, it can be tricky to know where to get an overview and how to get started quickly. So to help with this, there's a new community website at!
The community site aims to collate information about the various projects and provide a focal point for early adopters to understand more about the technology and become involved in the projects themselves.
Over time, it will also become a gathering place for common infrastructure to form and be shared across projects. Early examples of this include the scripts for booting on Amazon EC2, which began with MirageOS contributors but were used and improved by Rump Kernel contributors. Continuing to work together to make such advances will ease the process of bringing in new users and contributors across all the projects.
In this talk, I will:
Give examples of how cross-collaboration has advanced different projects

Discuss infrastructure and tooling needs that will help all projects
Encourage everyone to contribute!

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CIF16: (Amir Chaudhry, Docker Inc)

  1. 1. @amirmc Amir Chaudhry Unikernel Systems Cloud Innovation Forum
 SCaLE 14x January 2016
  2. 2. @amirmc Amir Chaudhry Cloud Innovation Forum
 SCaLE 14x January 2016
  3. 3. About me Worked mostly with MirageOS
 (herding cats) Supporting wider unikernel activity Previously Physicist, Neuroscientist,
 CompSci (ish), Startups, BigCo. @amirmc
  4. 4. The year of unikernels
  5. 5. 2015 @amirmc
  6. 6. @amirmc new implementations! 2015
  7. 7. @amirmc at least 10
  8. 8. This is awesome!
  9. 9. This is awesome!
 Much choice!
 So opportunity!
  10. 10. Cross-project pollination @amirmc EC2 deploy scripts
  11. 11. Cross-project pollination @amirmc EC2 deploy scripts
  12. 12. Cross-project pollination @amirmc EC2 deploy scripts
  13. 13. Cross-project pollination @amirmc EC2 deploy scripts
  14. 14. Cross-project pollination @amirmc MirageOS and Rumprun
  15. 15. With great choice comes great discombobulation
  16. 16. @amirmc
  17. 17. @amirmc
  18. 18. @amirmc
  19. 19. @amirmc
  20. 20. So what do we do?
  21. 21.
  22. 22. About @amirmc Community driven! Just getting started :) Single entry point for all things unikernel Ease the process of bringing in new users and contributors across all the open source projects Solve common problems around configuration, deployment and monitoring
  23. 23. @amirmc
  24. 24. @amirmc About
  25. 25. What next? @amirmc Better design and some kind of branding :) Discuss common needs and share learning
 (e.g. upcoming HaLVM and Rumprun) Joint events e.g unikernel install parties? Shared infrastructure for projects Whatever else the community of unikernel developers needs.
  26. 26. What next? @amirmc Sign up to!
  27. 27. @amirmc
  28. 28. @amirmc
  29. 29. Questions?