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BACD July 2012 : The Xen Cloud Platform


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Updates on XCP, XCP 1.5 and 1.6 release schedule. New XCP features such as Storage Motaion and Disaggregation

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BACD July 2012 : The Xen Cloud Platform

  1. 1. The Xen Cloud Platform Mike McClurg Xen Cloud Platform Project Lead
  2. 2. A Brief History of Xen in the CloudLate 90sXenoServer Project(Cambridge Univ.) Global Public ComputingThe XenoServer project is building “This dissertation proposes a new distributed computing public infrastructure for wide-area paradigm, termed global public computing, which allows distributed computing. any user to run any code anywhere. Such platforms priceWe envisage a world in which XenoServer computing resources, and ultimately charge users forexecution platforms will be scattered across resources consumed.“the globe and available for any member of Evangelos Kotsovinos, PhD dissertation, 2004the public to submit code for execution.
  3. 3. A Brief History of Xen in the CloudLate 90s Oct ‘03 ‘04 ‘06 ‘08 ‘09 ‘11 ‘12XenoServer Project XenSource Amazon EC2 XCP 1.1(Cambridge Univ.) founded and Slicehost Released launched Xen Presented Rackspace XCP packages at SOSP Cloud in Linux Xen Cloud Platform Announced
  4. 4. The Xen Hypervisor was designed forthe Cloud straight from the outset!
  5. 5. Basic Xen Concepts Control Domain – aka Dom0 Console • Talks to hypervisor, manages guests • Xen Management Toolstack VMn • Small Trusted Computing BaseControl domain VM1(dom0) Guest Domains One or more VM0 Toolstack driver, stub or • Your virtual machines Dom0 Kernel service domains Guest OS and Apps • E.g. your cloud management stack Driver/Stub/Service Domain(s)Scheduler, MMU Xen Hypervisor • A “driver, device model or control Host HW service in a box”I/O Memory CPUs • De-privileged and isolated • Lifetime: start, stop, kill 7
  6. 6. Xen Variants for Server & Cloud Xen Hypervisor XCPToolstack / Console Default / XL (XM) Libvirt / VIRSH XAPI / XEGet Binaries from … Linux Distros Linux Distros Debian & Ubuntu XCP from Xen.orgProducts Oracle VM Huawei UVP Citrix XenServer ManyUsed by … Others 8
  7. 7. XCP: The Xen Cloud Platform
  8. 8. The Xen Cloud Platform is...  Open source distribution of Citrix’s XenServer  Complete vertical stack for server virtualization  Distributed as a “black-box” style appliance based on CentOS 5.X  Datacenter and cloud-ready management API
  9. 9. XAPI: What is it?• XAPI is the backbone of XCP – The XenAPI server – Provides the glue between all components – Is the backend for all management applications• Its a XML-RPC style API – Provided by a service on every XCP dom0 host – Designed to by highly programmable – API bindings for many languages: C#/.NET, Java, C, Powershell, Python• XAPI is extensible via plugins – E.g. used by CloudStack and OpenStack
  10. 10. XCP Feature Overview• VM lifecycle: live snapshots, checkpoint, migration• Resource pools: flexible storage and networking• Event tracking: progress, notification• Upgrade and patching capabilities• Real-time performance monitoring and alerting• Built-in support and templates for Windows and Linux guests• Paravirtualized drivers optimized for Windows VMs• OpenFlow support with Open vSwitch built-in
  11. 11. XAPI Management Options• XAPI frontend command line tool: xe (tab-completable, scriptable)• Desktop GUIs o Citrix XenCenter (Windows-only) o OpenXenManager (open source cross-platform XenCenter clone)• Web interfaces o Xen VNC Proxy (XVP) o XenWebManager (web-based clone of OpenXenManager)• XCP Ecosystem: o o
  12. 12. XCP and Cloud Orchestration Stacks
  13. 13. XCP New Developments
  14. 14. XCP-XAPI Packages in Linux• Make the XAPI toolstack independent of CentOS 5.5• Extend the delivery model – Deliver Xen, XAPI and everything in between (storage manager, network support, OCaml libs, etc.) via your favorite Linux distro “apt-get install xcp-xapi” or “yum install xcp-xapi”• Debian 7.0 “Wheezy"• Ubuntu 12.04 LTS• Next: Fedora & CentOS
  15. 15. XCP 1.5 (beta) features• Internal Improvements: Xen 4.1, GPT, smaller Dom0• GPU pass through: for VMs serving high end graphics• Performance and Scalability: – 1 TB mem/host – 16 VCPUs/VM, 128 GB/VM• Networking: Open vSwitch backend, Active-Backup NIC Bonding• More guest OS templates: Ubuntu 10.04, Debian Squeeze, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.0, SLES 10 SP4
  16. 16. XCP 1.6 – to ship in Sep/Oct 12• Internal Improvements: Xen 4.1.2, CentOS 5.7 with kernel, Open vSwitch 1.4.1• New format Windows drivers: installable by Windows Update Service• Networking: Better VLAN scalability, LACP bonding, IPv6• More guest OS templates: Ubuntu Precise 12.04, RHEL/CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.1 & 6.2, Windows 8• Storage XenMotion: – Migrate VMs between hosts or pools without shared storage – Move a VM’s disks between storage repositories while the VM is running
  17. 17. Storage XenMotion in pictures
  18. 18. Live Storage XenMotion Live Virtual Machine XCP Host VDI(s)Moving VMs between storage tiers or upgrading storage
  19. 19. Live Storage XenMotion Live Virtual Machine XenServer Hypervisor XenServer Hypervisor XenServer Hypervisor XenServer Hypervisor XCP Host XCP Host VDI(s) Local Local Storage Storage XCP Pool 1 XCP Pool 2Moving or rebalancing VMs between Pools (Local  Local)
  20. 20. Live Storage XenMotion Live Virtual Machine XenServer Hypervisor XenServer Hypervisor XenServer Hypervisor XenServer Hypervisor XCP Host XCP Host VDI(s) Local Storage FC, iSCSI, NFS SAN XCP Pool 1 XCP Pool 2Moving or rebalancing VMs between Pools (Local  SAN)
  21. 21. The New Architecture
  22. 22. Domain 0 Disaggregation• Split Control Domain into Driver, Stub and Service Domains – Each domain – a separate VM – contains a specific management server – See: “Breaking up is hard to do” @ Xen Papers on• Unique benefit of the Xen architecture – Security: Minimum privilege; Narrow interfaces – Robustness: ability to safely restart parts of the system (such as Xapi itself) – Scalability: more distributed system (less reliable on Dom0)• Currently used by Qubes OS and Citrix XenClient XT (secure client virt)• We’ll be laying the framework for disaggregation in XCP 1.6
  23. 23. • IRC: #xen-api on Freenode • Mailing List: • Wiki: – Beginners & User Categories – XCP Category • Excellent XCP Tutorials – A day worth of material @… Slides available under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Modified from