The Future of XCP


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  • It's a great virtualization system
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The Future of XCP

  1. 1. The Future of XCPMike McClurgCitrix Systems
  2. 2. XCP in a nutshell Open source distribution of XenServer Provides vertical stack for server virtualization Distributed as a closed appliance, not as an installable software package
  3. 3. XCP in a nutshellThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
  4. 4. XCP in a nutshell
  5. 5. XCP in a nutshell
  6. 6. Upcoming XCP releases XCP 1.1 beta released  Final should be released end of August  Mostly bug fixes since XCP 1.0 Next major release scheduled for November  Tentatively named XCP 1.5  Will have Xen 4.1, Linux 2.6.32  New features: Disaster Recovery, GPU passthrough, 1TB host memory  New guest support: Solaris, Ubuntu 10.10, RHEL 6.0
  7. 7. Project Kronos XCPs XenAPI toolstack, running on Debian and Ubuntu systems Why are we doing this?  To provide OSS Xen support for OpenStack  Because its the right thing to do (and because its just really cool)
  8. 8. Project Kronos New technology  Cross-pool migration using DRDB  Support for OpenStack through Project Olympus  New libxl bindings for xapi
  9. 9. Project Kronos Timeline Milestone 1  First release to coincide with Ubuntu 11.10  Published as Ubuntu PPA and Debian apt repo Milestone 2  Second release to coincide with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS  Will be in Debian unstable and Ubuntu repos Follow along with development 
  10. 10. Where were headed XCP is XenServer “unstable” Tracking unstable hypervisor/kernel More open development model XenAPI toolstack is more easily consumable Supporting the cloud through OpenStack
  11. 11. XCP Vision XCP is the configuration of choice for clouds XCP bridges the gap between OSS Xen and XenServer/XCP communities XCP becomes the Xen Community Platform