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  1. 1. INTERACTIVE WASABI Passion. Creativity. Experience. COMPANY CREDENTIALS | 2008
  2. 2. Who We Are  Wasabi is a full-service interactive firm focused on total new media solutions that pushing the boundaries of marketing, sales and operations.  We are a passionate group of professionals experienced in a range of disciplines necessary to help clients moving-forward in the interactive universe: strategy and planning; innovative ideation and design; marketing and communications; and a variety of enabling technologies.  About us INTERACTIVE WASABI  Biography  Founded in 2006, Wasabi was a division that handled more than 100 new media & online projects of BeeBranding, a full-service branding agency in Vietnam.  November 2008, privately owned Wasabi Interactive JSC formed as in the warming up period of Vietnam Online Market.
  3. 3. Who We Are  We believe that the success always comes from passion and gigantic efforts.  We believe that it takes insight and creativity to stand out and win in a world full of brands and their noise.  We believe that in the universe of disjointed and fragmented communications, digital interactions must fit seamlessly into the customer experience.  Our Beliefs: Passion. Creativity. Experience. INTERACTIVE WASABI  At Wasabi, we combine passion, creativity, experience, also knowledge and professionalism to come up optimal solutions that will help our clients archive success. Passion Creativity Experience W
  4. 4. Who We Are  The fine balance of Marketing Insight, Fantastic Design and Innovative Technology at Wasabi is driving for your brand positioning in targeted consumers’ hearts & minds, competitive differentiation in your industry and efficient cost saving and return on your marketing, sales and operations investment.  Our Model: Marketing Insight. Fantastic Design. Innovative Technology. INTERACTIVE WASABI  Wasabian Life: Think Smart. Work Hard. Play Wasabi.  Thinking smart and working hard are not enough, we believe the ideas that capture the moment are just coming when we meet the balance of think, work and play – that’s the point we call “play wasabi”. Open, friendly, collaborative, funny, free and screwy, the atmosphere at Wasabi always engages and energizes talented individuals to trust the instincts and push the limits of capabilities.
  5. 5. What We Do  Interactive Marketing  Website Development  Emerging Channels  Our services: INTERACTIVE WASABI  Wasabi offers ideas, strategy and execution for new media projects.
  6. 6. What We Do  Online Marketing Strategy  Interactive Advertising Creative  Online Media Planning & Buying  No-Pay Media Execution  Search Engine Marketing  Viral Campaigns & Promotion  Interactive Marketing: INTERACTIVE WASABI
  7. 7. What We Do  Online Strategic Planning  Web Design & Development  Portals Development  Content Management & Technology Solutions  Web Analytics & Optimization  Domain & Hosting Solutions  Website Development: INTERACTIVE WASABI
  8. 8. What We Do  Motion Design (Flash animation, banner ads, 3D animation, video effects and video editing for all media)  Interactive CDs & DVDs (Design and authoring of interactive media presentations)  Public Presentations (Interactive presentations and sales systems adapted to any screen or device in public use)  Indoor/Outdoor Displays, Kiosks, iTV, Advergames, Mobile Applications (phones and otherwise)  Emerging Channels: INTERACTIVE WASABI
  9. 9. What We Do  HTML, XML, CSS2, PHP, ASP, AJAX, CGI, Pearl, Java, MySQL, C sharp  Windows, IIS, SQL Server, .Net, .NetNuke, Linux, Ruby  Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash, Flex, QuarkExpress  Wasabi Platform (we developed our-self platform and library)  Our Technology & Labs INTERACTIVE WASABI
  10. 10. What We Do  Define: Every job we undertake begins with an accurate definition. In this first phase, we gather and analyze the information we need to clearly identify the scope of your project. We’ll discover as much about you, your project, your audience, and your potential clients as possible.  Design: We approach the design of every project differently by offering solutions that is tailored specially to meet your objectives. Prior to production, a design outline specifying targets, strategies, and methodologies is developed and approved by you, the customer, ensuring that your needs will be met throughout the development process.  Our Process: Define. Design. Develop. Deploy INTERACTIVE WASABI
  11. 11. What We Do  Develop: In this phase, the engineering team takes the Design Document and develops the deliverable solution. There are customer discussions on an ongoing basis to keep everyone posted on project status, as well as answer questions that may arise. The review provides the customer another opportunity to provide feedback and make changes to the system to ensure that it will meet expectations upon Deploy, which is the final implementation phase. Deploy: Whether an Online/Mobile Application, Rich Media Website or a full scale Viral Marketing Campaign, it is our commitment to deliver a complete solution that is on schedule and within budget. We work directly with you each step of the process there for, nothing is left to chance. As a result of this process, you can be assured that all of your goals and objectives have been completely addressed, resulting in a program that meets and exceeds your expectations.  Our Process: Define. Design. Develop. Deploy INTERACTIVE WASABI
  12. 12. What We Do  Offshore: Wrigley (CoolAir), Unilever (P/S, Comfort), Abbott (PediaSure, BMI), Nokia, SYM (Attila), Standard Chartered, Fun Coolo, Prudential (Insurance, Link, Finance), PB (Castrol), Midea, Mini Melt, Genex, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Education Board, Tetra Pak, PPR (Confarama), Lowe (Close-Up), JWT (Knorr), Leo Burnett.  Local: VON (Yume.vn), Oriental Saigon, AudioPhile, Thong Nhat Hospital, HCM Economy & Technology College, Baoviet Security, Dinh Nguyen Construction, Dong Tien Paper, Eka Vietnam, Hoang Nguyen, Mai’s Fashion, Minh Thanh Piano, DuyNgoc Guitar, My Hao Cosmetic, Tay Ho Realestate, Vina Insurance, Tinna Tinh Singer, Thanh Cong Textile, Duy Thinh Textile, TCM, Samland, Mun Creative, Minh Vien, Mac Garden, Kim Long Security, Kool Studio, Huy Khanh, Yen Sao Hoang Yen, Hai Thanh, Fabaco, Doan Chu Entrepreneur, 3-2 Pharmar, Thanh Dat Pharmar, DA Plastic, CAID Contruction, Auto Mart…  Our Clients: INTERACTIVE WASABI
  13. 13. What We Do  Flash Website: Beebranding.com, Fun Coolo Rich Media Website: SYM – Attila.com.vn Online Contest: Singapore Tourism Board – khoanhkhacsingapore.com Viral Campaign: Standard Chartered Bank – Ngoinhabeban.com  Flash & Dynamic Website: Midea, MacGarfen, Duy Thinh Textle, Tinna Tinh  Customer Database: Nokia, Abbott (PediaSure, BMI)  Portal: Singapore Education Board – giaoducsingapore.com, VietnamBranding eMagazine, Doanh Chu  Advergame: Cool Air, Tetra Pak, Comfort  Flash Animation Clip: P/S  Interactive Presentations: Prudential  Case Studies INTERACTIVE WASABI
  14. 14.  Flash Website: FunCool Fashion – funcoolo.com  The Brief: Setup brand character through an interactive website (FunCoolo is a popular fashion brand for Italian Young Generations)  Solution: Build flash website with intermix flash and dynamic applications  Reference link: www.funcoolo.it INTERACTIVE WASABI
  15. 15.  Flash Website: FunCool Fashion – funcoolo.com INTERACTIVE WASABI
  16. 16.  The Brief: Develop Corporate Website  Solutions: Build full-flash website  Reference link: www.beebranding.com INTERACTIVE WASABI Flash Website: BeeBranding Agency– beebranding.com
  17. 17.  Rich Media Website: SYM - Attila.com  The Brief: Develop online brand identiy for Attila scooter and an interaction channel for target customers  Solutions: Build rich media website intermixed with interactive video, 3d animation and flash applications – Reference link: www.attila.com.vn INTERACTIVE WASABI
  18. 18.  Rich Media Website: SYM - Attila.com INTERACTIVE WASABI
  19. 19.  Online Contest: Singapore Tourism Board – khoanhkhacsingapore.com  The Brief: Support Singapore tourism broadcasting campaign in order to attract Vietnamese tourists in 2007 summer vacation INTERACTIVE WASABI  Solutions: Build website khoanhkhacsingapore.com – an interactive channel for user who join in the exam- game “My best photo in Singapore” – Reference link: work.wasabiinteractive.com/khoanhkhacsingapore
  20. 20.  The Brief: Get at least 20,000 users in 6 weeks, more than 300,000 pageviews for the E$aver online banking service launching  Solutions: Develop microsite with advergame contest includes viral module and customer database management application  Reference link: www.ngoinhabeban.com INTERACTIVE WASABI Viral Campaign: Standard Chartered Bank – Ngoinhabeban.com
  21. 21.  The Brief: Create Corporate Website  Reference link: www.midea.com.vn & www.macgarden.com.vn INTERACTIVE WASABI Flash & Dynamic Website: Midea Electronic & Macgarden
  22. 22.  The Brief: Create Corporate Website  Reference link: www.duythinh.com.vn INTERACTIVE WASABI Flash & Dynamic Website: Duy Thinh Textile
  23. 23.  The Brief: Create Personal Website (music, photo, flash, wallpaper,…)  Reference link: www.tinna.info INTERACTIVE WASABI Flash & Dynamic Website: Tinna Singer
  24. 24. INTERACTIVE WASABI Emerging : Nokia Store – Sales & Promotions Management Tool