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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Timeline (Draft 1) Emma Marshall Annamaria Noto Bridget Cardenas Pazmino
  2. 2. Production Company Overhead shot of Amber lying with her eyes shut. Long shot of all three friends walking down path. Close up shot of Amber’s face looking away. Insert shot of a sign that says ‘Graveyard’. Mid shot of all three friends standing still. Contrast in facial expression. POV from Amber showing her friends in the graveyard having fun. Close up on amber as she’s left alone looking nervous. Mid shot of all three friends continuing to walk down path. Director Written by 360° rotation around Amber. Long shot of Amber running to join her friends.
  3. 3. POV/ long shot from Friend showing Amber running. Mid-long shot of the two friends skipping/running /having fun Midshot of Amber standing alone. Turns when she hears a sound. Close up on Amber’s panicked face. Insert shot/eyeline match of back of graveyard POV from ‘mystery creature’ of Amber looking at her friends. POV from Amber looking at her friends. POV from ‘MC’ of Amber hesitating, then walking towards sound Mid shot of two friends unaware Amber has gone/left them. Produced by Executive Producers Actors Costumes designed by
  4. 4. Friends still looking for Amber while it’s revealed she is lying on the ground. Two shot of the two friends trying to search for Amber. Friends hear a scream and suddenly notice Amber’s absence. Music by Title Black screen. Slow zoom into a close up of Amber’s face. She opens her eyes. Slow reverse zoom into long shot of friends trying to find Amber.