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Andrea Sánchez


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Final task unit 1

Published in: Education
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Andrea Sánchez

  2. 2. THIS IS ME ● Hello!! ● My name is Andrea .I am 11 years old and I live in Valencia. My favorite color is blue and my favorite subject is p.E I have one sister.I can swim but I can't ride a horse .I am inteligent.In this picture i'm wearing a white T- shirt and shorts. I think I am generous.
  3. 3. My father ● He is my father. His name is Sebastián. He is tall.He has got blue eyes and blond hair.He can swim but he can't play hockey.In this picture he's wearing a whithe shirt. He is merry. He works in a dried fruits factory. My dad is the best!!!
  4. 4. My mother ● She is my mother.Her name is Lupe. She is pretty. She has got brown eyes and black hair.She can cook but she can't play the piano.In this picture she is wearing a white T- shirt and jeans. She is inteligent. She works in a factory.I like my mum.
  5. 5. My sister She is my sister.Her name is Marta.She is pretty. She has got green eyes and blond hair. She can sing but she can't. In this picture she is wearing dungarees.She is funny.She is a student. I like my sister.
  6. 6. My grandmother ● She is my grandmother,her name is Francisca.She is funny.She has got green eyes,grey hair.She can cook but she can't play tennis.In this picture is wearing yellow shirt.She is slow She is retired. Is fantastic.
  7. 7. My cousin ● She is my cousin, her name is Esther. She Is very tall. She has got brown eyes and long dark straight hair. She can play tennis, but she can't play basketball.In this picture she's wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. She is brave. She is a student. She is very funny.
  8. 8. The end ● My family is the best. ● I like my family.