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Apache Big Data EU 2015 - HBase


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An update on the State of the Database, for Apache Big Data EU 2015.

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Apache Big Data EU 2015 - HBase

  1. 1. State  of  the  Database   @HBase   h)p://   2015-­‐09-­‐28   Nick  Dimiduk  (@xefyr)   h)p://   #apachebigdata  
  2. 2. Agenda   o State  of  the  Project   o State  of  the  SoMware   o State  of  the  Ecosystem   o Latest  Releases   o Bonus  Content!   o Q  &  A  
  3. 3. STATE  OF  THE  PROJECT   Who  we  are,  what  we  do,  why  we  do  it  
  4. 4. Project:  Vision   Simple,  steady,  and  powerful:  “A  first  class  high   performance  horizontally  scalable  data  storage   engine  for  Big  Data,  suitable  as  the  store  of   record  for  mission  cri]cal  data.”  
  5. 5. Project:  Usage   o  Data  access  for  medium-­‐  and  high-­‐scale  services   o Hundreds  of  enterprises  and  startups   o Some  of  the  largest  Internet  companies  in  the  world   o  Running  major  produc]on  workloads  since  2011   o  Use-­‐cases   o messaging,  security,  measurement/“IoT”,   collabora]on,  digital  media,  digital  adver]sing,   telecommunica]ons,  computa]onal  biology,  clinical   informa]cs/healthcare,  insurance  
  6. 6. Project:  Goals   o Availability:  Always  more,  always  faster   o Stability  and  operability   o Scaling  up,  scaling  down   o Up-­‐to-­‐date  with  “commodity”  hardware   o Mul]-­‐tenancy   o Diversity  of  ecosystem  
  7. 7. STATE  OF  THE  SOFTWARE   Regarding  the  codebase  
  8. 8. State  of  the  SoMware   o Mature  codebase   o 100+  contributors  (40+  commi)ers)   o 1.1M  lines  of  code  (each  ac]ve  branch)   o est.  1200+  human-­‐years’  effort   o  Clusters  sizes  from  10  to  1000+  machines   o  that  we  know  of!   o Runs  on  HDFS,  MapR,  Gluster,  GPFS,  Lustre   o HBase  as  a  Service   o AWS/EMR,  HDInsight,  Qubole,  Google  (sort-­‐of)  
  9. 9. SoMware:  Releases  
  10. 10. SoMware:  Seman]c  Versioning   MAJOR-­‐MINOR-­‐PATCH[-­‐iden]fier]       o Client/Server  wire  compa]bility   o Server/Server  feature  compa]bility   o API  compliance  guarantees   o ABI  compliance  guarantees             h)p://  
  11. 11. SoMware:  Ac]ve  Development   o Smaller  regions,  more  regions   o Less  write  amplifica]on   o 1M+  region  clusters   o Stability   o ProcedureV2   o Assignment  improvements/stability   o Backup,  restore  tools   o Built  on  snapshots,  easier  opera]ons  
  12. 12. SoMware:  Ac]ve  Development   o Adap]on:  Workloads   o HBase  as  Medium  Object  Store  (MOB)   o Tunable  Availability   o Region  replicas   o TIMELINE  consistency   o Coprocessor  API  stability   o Less  GC,  more  RAM  (off-­‐heap)  
  13. 13. SoMware:  Ac]ve  Development   o Mul]-­‐tenancy   o Table  groups   o Quotas   o Priori]es   o Improved  machine  u]liza]on   o More  RAM  (100’s  of  GB)   o IOPS   o Be)er  concurrency  
  14. 14. STATE  OF  THE  ECOSYSTEM   The  whole  enchilada  
  15. 15. State  of  the  Ecosystem   o OpenTSDB   o Transac]on  Managers   o Themis,  Tephera,  Omid2,  LeanXcale   o Graph  engines   o Titan,  Giraph,  Zen,  S2Graph   o Myriad  SQL’s   o Other  Hadoop  components   o Google  Cloud  Bigtable  
  16. 16. Ecosystem:  SQL  
  17. 17. Ecosystem:  Hadoop  Components   o YARN-­‐2928  Applica]on  Timeline  Service   o HIVE-­‐9452  HBase  to  store  Hive  metadata   o AMBARI-­‐5707  Ambari  Metrics  System  
  18. 18. LATEST  RELEASES   Come  and  get  it!  
  19. 19. Release:  0.94   o Last  (final?)  release:  0.94.27,  2015-­‐03-­‐26   o “ancient  history”   o No  new  deployments   o Exis]ng  users  highly  encouraged  to  upgrade   o Requires  down]me  to  upgrade   😫   😡  (╯°□°)╯︵  ┻━┻  
  20. 20. Release:  0.98   o Last  release:  0.98.14,  2015-­‐08-­‐31   o “legacy”   o Most  produc]on  deploys  (probably)   o Largest  produc]on  clusters  (probably)   o New  features  back-­‐ported  when  possible  
  21. 21. Release  1.x   o Last  release:  1.1.2,  2015-­‐09-­‐01   o “stable”   o Produc]on  deploys  moving  here   o Ac]ve  development   o Rolling  upgrade  from  0.98.x   😄   😍  ヽ(´ー`)ノ  
  22. 22. Release  1.0   o Released  1.0.0,  2015-­‐02-­‐24   o Adop]ng  seman]c  versioning   o Patch  releases  don’t  quite  follow  spec  yet   o Client  /  Server  API  cleanup   o Interfaces,  builder  pa)ern,  @InterfaceAudience   o Region  Replicas   o Trade  Consistency,  resources  for  Availability­‐1.0-­‐api-­‐examples  
  23. 23. Region  Replicas   o Mul]ple  Region  Servers  host  each  region   o Primary  +  N  read  replicas  (usually  N=2)   o Primary  is  authority  on  reads  and  writes   o Replicas  tail  replicate  edits,  offer  TIMELINE  view   o Client’s  choice   o Read  primary  only  for  “classic”  strong  consistency   o Fan-­‐out  reads  for  faster,  poten]ally  TIMELINE   results  
  24. 24. Release  1.1   o  Release  1.1.0,  2015-­‐05-­‐15   o  Async  RPC  client   o  Scanner  improvements   o RPC  chunking,  heartbeat  messages,  API   o  RPC  thro)ling   o quotas  for  per  user,  table,  namespace   o  Compac]on  thro)ling,  monitoring   o  ProcedureV2   o Improved  opera]onal  reliability  
  25. 25. ProcedureV2   o Distributed,  fault-­‐tolerant  opera]ons   o Mul]ple  steps  on  mul]ple  machines   o Roll-­‐back  in  case  of  failure   o Coordina]on  of  long-­‐running  procedures   o Compac]ons,  splits,  &c.   o Progress  tracking   o No]fica]ons  across  mul]ple  machines   o Current  status  inquiries  
  26. 26. Branch-­‐1.2   o Next  up  in  1.x  line   o Java  8  support   o Na]ve  checksums   o SyncTable         o Flush-­‐per-­‐store   o ProcV2  all  the  things!   o (More)  Compac]on   improvements   o Region  normalizer  
  27. 27. Region  Normalizer   o  An]-­‐entropy  for  region  size   o  Converge  towards  uniform  size   o  Compliments  balancer  working  toward  uniform  distribu]on   o  Managed  by  Master,  runs  in  the  background  (like  balancer)   o  Pluggable  normaliza]on  strategies  (“simple”  default)   o  Use-­‐cases   o  Merge  away  regions  from  expired  ]meseries  data   o  Smooth  uneven  bulk  loads   o  Correct  operator  ini]al  split  guesses   o  Ease  upgrades  from  ancient  versions  (0.92/1g  vs.  today/20g)  
  28. 28. Thanks!   @HBase   h)p://   2015-­‐09-­‐28   Nick  Dimiduk  (@xefyr)   h)p://   #apachebigdata  
  29. 29. BONUS  CONTENT!   Ask  and  you  shall  receive  
  30. 30. Agenda   o Replica]on   o Filters   o Coprocessors  
  31. 31. Replica]on   o  Keep  data  synchronized  between  clusters   o  Supports  mulOple  desOnaOons   o  Cyclical  graphs  supported   o  Configurable  at  Column  Family  granularity     o  Uses  WAL  shipping  to  propagate  data   o  Replica]on  state,  status  stored  in  ZooKeeper   o  General  purpose  interface  for  asynchronously  shipping   edits  from  a  cluster   o  Other  HBase  clusters,  Region  Replicas,  SOLR/Elas]cSearch]on  
  32. 32. Filters   o  Addi]onal  applied  to  reads   o Use  in  conjunc]on  with  specifying  start,  end  rows,  &c.   o  Run  on  the  Region  Servers   o Included  in  GET,  SCAN  request   o  Explicitly  exclude  data  based  on  criteria   o I.E.,  value  >=  10   o  Implicitly  exclude  data  by  hin]ng  seeks   o INCLUDE_AND_NEXT_COL,  NEXT_ROW,   SEEK_NEXT_USING_HINT   o  Operate  on  data  read  from  BlockCache  
  33. 33. Filters   o 30+  Filters  included  in  distribu]on   o Mini-­‐language  for  use  in  ThriM,  REST   o  "(PrefixFilter ('row2') AND (QualifierFilter (>=, 'binary:xyz'))) AND (TimestampsFilter ( 123, 456))" o   o Simple  interface,  Implement  your  own!  
  34. 34. public class PageFilter extends FilterBase { public PageFilter(long pageSize) {…} public boolean filterRowKey(Cell c) { return false; } public ReturnCode filterKeyValue(Cell c) { return ReturnCode.INCLUDE; } public boolean filterAllRemaining() { return this.rowsAccepted >= this.pageSize; } public filterRow() { this.rowsAccepted++; return this.rowsAccepted > this.pageSize; } }
  35. 35. Coprocessors   o  Extension  points  for  HBase   o Think  Linux  Kernel  Module,  not  Stored  Procedure   o I.E.,  customize  compac]ons,  Table  constraints   o  Observers   o pre-­‐  and  post-­‐execu]on  logic   o I.E.,  MasterObserver#preTruncateTable,   RegionObserver#postScannerNext   o  Endpoints   o Cluster  RPC  extensions   o I.E.,  RowCountEndpoint,  BulkDeleteEndpoint  
  36. 36. public class RowCountEndpoint implements ExampleProtos.RowCountService { public void getRowCount(…) { Scan = new Scan(); InternalScanner scanner = env.getRegion().getScanner(scan); … do { count++; } while (; // return count } }
  37. 37. Thanks!   @HBase   h)p://   2015-­‐09-­‐28   Nick  Dimiduk  (@xefyr)   h)p://   #apachebigdata