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Implementing continuous deployment JFall 2010


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J-Fall 2010 presentation on how to implement continuous deployment using an automated deployment approach.


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  • Nice story and original take on how to set up continuous deployments for Java apps
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Implementing continuous deployment JFall 2010

  1. 1. Implementing continuous deploymentfrom automatic builds to automatically running and tested code Andrew Phillips Robert van Loghem
  2. 2. OriginAndrew Phillips Robert van Loghem @soundbites @xebialabs
  3. 3. Why are you here?!
  4. 4. Path to incompleteness 0 9! o 20 o ooS oo
  5. 5. Path to incompleteness
  6. 6. Path to incompleteness
  7. 7. Path to incompletenessapplication
  8. 8. Path to incompleteness
  9. 9. Path to incompleteness
  10. 10. Get your fully running appwhere it needs to be
  11. 11. Checklist• Write your application so it can be deployed to any environment• Define a complete deployment package• Automate your deployment• Integrate with your upstream systems• Hooking it all up
  12. 12. Write your application so it canbe deployed to any environment + = + =
  13. 13. Know your application andenvironment customizationpoints JMX .properties JNDI Database Shared libraries XML Classpath
  14. 14. Define a complete deployment packageDeployment Package Manifest Java EE artifacts Resource files Middleware resources Post-deployment tests Dependencies
  15. 15. Automate your deployment Sooo ooo 2009! tests Post-deploymentJava EE artifacts Resource files Middleware resources
  16. 16. Automate your deployment Customize and Deploy
  17. 17. Is this the same for any app?
  18. 18. Do you actually want to careand code it up?
  19. 19. Just find an automation tool!
  20. 20. Integrate with your upstreamsystems
  21. 21. The final picture
  22. 22. Hooking it all up WebShere ND and Apache HTTPD
  23. 23. Thanks for listening at 08.00!