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Does your DevOps feel like Office Space?


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T.j. Randall and Erik Rasmussen showcase how to ensure that Developers can get code running in Production as quickly as possible while meeting all the requirements of the organization. They’ll make sure you know how to keep the Lumbergs off your back.

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Does your DevOps feel like Office Space?

  1. 1. ReDev Boston Does your DevOps feel a lot like Office Space? Peter Gibbons played by Erik Rasmussen Bill Lumbergh played by T.J. Randall
  2. 2. 2 Meet Your Presenters T.J. Randall VP of Customer Success Erik Rasmussen Solutions Engineer aka Bill Lumbergh aka Peter Gibbons
  3. 3. 3 Did we mention that you need to be testing? ▪ Consistency and reliability are key ▪ Speed is a result of building better quality code ▪ Reporting, and the feedback loop − What are the trends of your automation over time? − Is it affecting code quality? − Am I measuring the right things? − Are there other things you need to measure? Testing, Testing, Testing
  4. 4. 4 ▪ Reality is that most organizations have documentation requirements that don't go away with DevOps, Agile, automation, etc. ▪ When implementing automation, make sure this is on the backlog. At the least, you'll need to: − Determine what needs to be in the report(s) − Determine what information can be pulled via automation − Establish meeting(s) to confirm acceptance — for example, review with the auditors that the new report meets their requirements Yes, We Still Need Reports
  5. 5. 5 ▪ We still need to ensure that we’re accomplishing the organizational rules as we build more modern approaches ▪ For DEV to PROD delivery pipeline, clarify: − What is needed to go into the environment − What is needed during the environment − What is needed to get out of the environment ▪ Shows areas for automation, necessary reports/information, as well as non-negotiable manual steps DevOps Means We Still Need to Follow ‘Da Rules
  6. 6. 6 DevOps Isn’t Only for the New Cloud Apps ▪ Three types of apps in org: legacy mature, transforming, and greenfield. For successful DevOps transformations, you need to address apps from each set ▪ Goals* for your solutions: − Consistency and Repeatability − Security − Auditing − Reporting *Hint: you'll need all of these to get your automation running in Production
  7. 7. If you could just go ahead and check out this white paper out that would be great…Mmkay? not-to-get-lost-in-outer-space/