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Scrum for Hardware - Agile Slovenia 2018


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How to use Scrum to create complex and innovative products?
In this talk, you’ll see how to use Scrum to develop complex product composed by Software, Electronics, Mechanics, Engines, and Plastics. You'll hear the stories of the pioneer of Scrum for Hardware, from Wikispeed to the first Scrum for Hardware Gathering and the Agile Product Charter. The discussion will include how to produce physical products using the same Scrum methods that Agile software teams have benefited from for years, how to spark product and hardware innovation through iterative sprint cadence and the secrets of companies that have made the jump from Agile prototyping to true Agile manufacturing.

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Scrum for Hardware - Agile Slovenia 2018

  1. 1. Scrum for Hardware Twice the value in half the time Ljubljana, Slovenia - 23 November 2018
  2. 2. Paolo Sammicheli – Agile Business Coach
  3. 3. FESTO Founded 1925 18.700 employees 250 subsidiaries 61 countries Turnover € 2,74 Billion
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  20. 20. The birth of a Community
  21. 21. August 2016 Where It’s Happening* 3 Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry devices for laboratory and medical use GPS Navigation and lasers for precise positioning of construction and farming equipment Isotope and Trace-Gas Analyzers for field use Rugged video cameras for field and recreational use Telecommunication and computer-networking equipment Audio and communications equip-ment (headsets, speakerphones, etc.)
  22. 22.
  24. 24. Linköping 24 April 2017
  25. 25. $168 billion over budget, delayed until 2022. Cost of Navy F-35C grew from $273 million to $337 million in 1 year. Source: ScrumInc, Agile in Military Hardware: “How DOD’s $1.5 Trillion F-35 Broke the Air Force” -FiscalTimes July 2014 “we are presently taking the newest strategic foundation and analyzing whether 2,443 aircraft is the correct number” Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, July 2015 “$30 billion per year is needed to end world hunger”. cost-to-end-world-hunger/ 1,5 Trillion would be enough to end world hunger for 50 years! “The Gripen is the world’s most cost- effective military aircraft “- Jane’s Aviation Weekly “Saab's Gripen E fighter to take on the F-35: Jet travels at 1,522 mph with improved sensors, weaponry and range (and unlike its competitor, it works)” - Gripen operational cost lowest of all w e s t e r n f i g h t e r s . h t t p : / / F-35 Cumulative program cost of $15 billion One airplane costs 43M1 (20% of F-35) Delivered on time. JAS 39 GRIPEN
  26. 26. Scrum for Hardware - The Book Discover the SCRUM for HARDWARE pioneers: from Wikispeed to the first Scrum for Hardware Gathering, the Agile Product Charter and Scrum@Scale. The book is divided in two parts: the first one made of stories which introduce the topic in an easy way, the second one include the description of the method, the underling values and principles, the engineering practices, case studies and many practical examples on how to adopt it in your company. In the Appendix you'll find the Scrum and Scrum@Scale guides and the description of Cynefin and PopcornFlow. Foreword by Joe Justice.
  27. 27. Scrum for Hardware Case Study Originally presented at Agile Business Day, Venice Italy, 15 September 2018 by Paolo Sammicheli and Giorgio Audisio
  28. 28. VIMAR Based in Marostica, Vicenza - Italy 1.300 employees 6% of turnover invested in R&D More than 180 patents 200 Ml of pieces sold 12000 catalog parts
  29. 29. FROM Eikon, Arké, Idea e Plana
  30. 30. TO Home & Building automation
  31. 31. • To be able to develop complex functions following the need of the market which continuously changes. • To increase the motivation of the developers which see in short time the results of their job. • To attract the best engineers providing a modern and up to date job environment where their skills and professionality can grow. Why Agile and Scrum?
  32. 32. Implementation
  33. 33. Every project start with at least two day of LiftOff, with the whole team, the key stakeholders and some managers, where we share the Vision, the requirements, the constraints and we create the first backlog with the User Story Mapping technique, covering Software and Hardware layers. Whole team alignment
  34. 34. Daily Meetings and Scaled Daily • From 8.30 to 9.00 all the teams have their individual Daily Meeting. • At 9.00 a representatives from all the teams, also the remotes and suppliers, join the Scrum of Scrum. • Scrum of Scrums have a senior manager serving as the Scrum of Scrums Master, in charge of systemic impediments.
  35. 35. Organizational Structure (example) MetaScrumScrum of Scrums CPO Chief Product Owner SSM Scrum of Scrums Master PO Product Owner SM Scrum Master Product Backlog
  36. 36. • We behave like a real buffet: you can't take too little, because it would not be polite, but you can't take too much because you have to eat whatever you take. • Very energetic meeting where discussions took place spontaneously; a managed chaos. • It takes around one hour of discussions for Sprint Planning 1 (what to do). At the end of the hour every team shares with the others what they selected and the CPO checks the table to see if there are high priority items still there. In that (very rare) case, teams are asked to volunteer to replace something they have with the remaining high priority item. Buffet Planning
  37. 37. Deployment / Review • Teams have dedicated rooms where integrate and test, very often during the Sprint, the products. • These rooms usually are used also for the Sprint Review, so they all have projectors and foldable chairs to accomodate guests. • The different products are installed in several movable panels. They can also be taken into the team room during the Sprint for convenience.
  38. 38. Results
  39. 39. 0,00 15,00 30,00 45,00 60,00 Sprint 1 Sprint 4 Sprint 7 Sprint 10 Sprint 13 Sprint 16 Sprint 19 Sprint 22 Sprint 25 Sprint 8 = 6 story points Sprint 14 = 23 story points Sprint 26 = 55 story points In one Year: 9.16 times faster! Cumulated Yesterday’s Weather of the HQ Teams Benefits •Quickest developments with an increasing productivity. •More alignment and effectiveness. •Higher motivation.
  40. 40. Point of attention •Scrum doesn’t mean lack of planning and unpredicted Time-to-Market. •A new approach to project and portfolio management is necessary. •Small signals of inefficiency (impediments) must be carefully monitored and promptly corrected.
  41. 41. THANKS! Free Copy: Until 25 Dec 2018