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Storify news:rewired

Presentation of Storify I gave in London on October 6th 2011 at the News:Rewired conference (organized by

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Storify news:rewired

  1. Storify news:rewiredXavier Damman - Storify - - Copyleft Storify- October 2011
  2. StorifyCofounders @burtherman @xdamman Former AP Engineer reporter entrepreneur California accent Belgian touch
  3. New world
  4. New opportunity
  5. August 23rd, 1966 - first picture of Earth from the Moon - NASA
  6. December, 2010 - data visualization of human beings connected to one another on Facebook
  7. Social media800M+ people
  8. Social media800M+ voices
  9. Photo by ahmadhammoudphotography on flickr
  10. “Everybody is a reporter, but not everybody is a journalist”
  11. “Without journalists, those voices would be lost in the noise, quickly forgotten, useless”
  12. “But thanks to journalists, those voices can impact wide audiences, be remembered, change the world”
  13. How?By capturing the voicesthat matter and amplify them 17
  14. Attribution preserved Drag and drop elementsSearch Usermultiple addedsources text 18
  15. Storifyreinventing storytelling with social media
  16. Use casesSteve Jobs
  17. 24
  18. 25
  19. 26
  20. 27
  21. Use casesWeather
  22. Built stories with curatedsocial media when itsnews vans could notreach the hurricane inNew England.The audience respondedin huge numbers. 29
  23. Use casesLive blogging
  24. Live blogging#DSK fromNew York Paris 32
  25. Use casesReport from the street
  26. 34
  27. Use casesInside view
  28. 36
  29. Use casesCelebrity endorsement
  30. 38
  31. 39
  32. Use casesPolitical debates
  33. 41
  34. 42
  35. Use casesCovering conferences
  36. September 13th, 2011THE #TCDISRUPT DAILYThe Conferences Best Social Media Comprehensive view of the chatter around a conference Each day, 100 copies of the paper were gone within an hour of arrival Archived so you’ll never forget Is your tweet included here? Stop by the Storify booth to pick up your $10 Apple or Starbucks gift card!
  37. Use casesCompilation / best of
  38. 47
  39. Use casesPersonal
  40. Users are makingStorify personal
  41. Imagine Imagine all the people on twitter
  42. Social media storiesare emotionalare collaborativeare engaging
  43. Final thought
  44. Free exchange of informationhas a positive impacton the world
  45. As journalists, you help moveinformation from people whohave it to people who need it
  46. You are the engineersof this exchange
  47. The world needs youto make senseof it all
  48. Now go excitesome electronsandchange theworld
  49. Thank you @xdamman #storifyXavier Damman - Storify - - Copyleft Storify- October 2011