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Storify - amplify the voices that matter


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Presentation for #HacksHackers Buenos Aires #hhar and Barcamp at PalermoValley

Argentina - May 2012

Xavier Damman (@xdamman)
Storify cofounder/CEO

Published in: News & Politics, Technology

Storify - amplify the voices that matter

  1. Amplify the voices that matter Xavier Damman (@xdamman) Storify cofounder/CEO Presentation for #HacksHackers Buenos Aires #hhar and Barcamp at PalermoValley May 2012
  2. @burtherman@xdamman
  3. August 23rd, 1966 - first picture of Earth from the Moon - NASA
  4. Photo Facebook - December 2010
  5. “Go away helicopter - before I take outmy giant swatter :-/ Shoaib Athar @reallyvirtual - May 1st, 2011 Live Tweets about the raid that led to Osama bin Ladens death
  6. Our mission is to amplify the voices that matter Demo
  7. “This is where I got married. And my bestfriends kid went to school. St. Marys in#Joplin. Crazy. Wallace Wilson @wallacewilson - May 23rd, 2011
  8. Tell the story throughthe people who are on the ground design for emotions
  9. Joey Balinski - @jbalinski - http//
  10. “I feel sick and my heartis pounding.Everything about thisis heartbreaking. Taylor Carrigan Apple employee @taylorcarrigan - Oct 6th, 2011Steve Jobs Dies: Apple Employees React Joey Balinski - @jbalinski - http//
  11. “Giving up 1% of your market cap to takeout biggest threat is a savvy move. Chris Dixon @cdixon - April 9th, 2012 Why did Facebook buy Instagram for a whopping $1B?
  12. “Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion.Idiots, they could have downloaded itfor free. Jeff Wysaski @pleatedjeans - April 9th, 2012 Now trending: Facebook buys Instagram
  13. Stories are social. Don’t miss them.
  14. All stories are socialNews Press clippingMeetups MemesEvents ResearchDebates Content MarketingBrand Monitoring
  15. 22 of the top 25U.S. news sites use March 2012 - confidential
  16. Major brands, politicians and NGOs use dsdasdsMarch 2012 - confidential
  17. “Scarcely a year into its existence, Storify has become so essential theword storify has become a verb ...” Grand Prize citation Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism
  18. One more thing
  19. Together, let’s make sense of what people are expressing on social networks and amplify the voices that can change the world
  20. Photo Facebook - December 2010
  21. 800M+ people Photo Facebook - December 2010
  22. connected Photo Facebook - December 2010
  23. You are part ofthis new world Photo Facebook - December 2010
  24. Be part of the story, Photo Facebook - December 2010
  25. Be part of the story, share Photo Facebook - December 2010
  26. Free exchange of informationhas a positive impact on the world Photo Facebook - December 2010
  27. “ Hackers are able to accomplish so much in so little time because they come from a community thats built upon sharing knowledge David Kadavy @kadavy September 29th, 2011
  28. Share knowledge‣ Open your door‣ Meet‣ Share
  29. Now go excitesome electronsandchange theworld
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  34. Muchas gracias @xdamman