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First Mover Disadvantage


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Entrepreneurs used to believe that being the first mover is a big advantage! Actually, it turns out that it is more a first mover disadvantage in the technology area (web2.0 included).

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First Mover Disadvantage

  1. 1. First mover advantage (cc) Xavier Damman
  2. 2. First mover disadvantage
  3. 3. First mover disadvantage • Need to convince the public • Test the new technology • Cannot learn from others
  4. 4. Rio PMP300 iPod
  5. 5. Rio PMP300 iPod 1998
  6. 6. Rio PMP300 iPod 1998 2001
  7. 7. Net2Phone Skype
  8. 8. Net2Phone Skype 1996
  9. 9. Net2Phone Skype 1996 2003
  10. 10. Rank YouTUBE DailyMotion MetaCafe VEOH Grouper MetaCafe DailyMotion Launch date Grouper YouTUBE VEOH
  11. 11. First mover disadvantage