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Hr communications tools for human resources


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Send anyHR Communications whether it is related to general updates, policies, enrollment notifications, wage and benefit information, handbook updates, orientation, wellness reminders or simply employee acknowledgments. Having a tool that allows Human resources communications to rise above the everyday noise of the busy workplace is a tremendous advantage!

XComms provides Human Resources Notification tools that bypass employee email completely and display HR communications directly onscreen with full tracking of delivery and notification acknowledgements.

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Hr communications tools for human resources

  1. 1. HR
  2. 2. HR Communication Tools Instantly Notify Everyone of HR Communications On Any Device And Across Any Network. You decide which easy to use alert channels are the best fit for your HR communication needs and avoid over-priced and bloated communication solutions. XComms HR Notification Advantages • Locally Hosted • No Dedicated Hardware Required • Fully Branded Alert Templates • Easy To User Control Panel • Works In Any Environment • AD Synchronization • Fast, Secure, Reliable and Affordable!
  3. 3. HR Communication Tools RAPID HR NOTIFICATION TO ANY INDIVIDUAL OR DEVICE WITH THE FASTEST AND MOST AFFORDABLE SINGLE SOURCE HR NOTIFICATION SYSTEM. XComms provides a comprehensive suite of HR communication tools that enables any organization to easily and instantly send communication alerts through various channels across any network, on any device and in any language.
  4. 4. HR Communication Tools FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE HR NOTIFICATION ALERTS AND TARGETING Fast: Notifying any individual, location, device or broadcasting an alert to an entire organization in seconds. Easy To Use: Compose HR communication alerts as easily as composing an email from a web based control panel. Administrator Policy and Access Levels: Have multiple administrators responsible for sending alerts with access levels and target audiences pre-determined. Instant Alerting: Predesign alerts and predetermine audience to instantly send HR notifications with a single click. Targeting: Targeting based on network users, IP ranges, AD groups or non domain users and devices. Branded: All alerts are branded to match the tone of your alerts and the look and feel of your organization. Secure: Locally hosted solutions guaranteed to be the safest, most secure and reliable. Cloud options also available. Analytics: Measure proof of delivery and readership / open rates of HR notifications in real time.
  5. 5. The Desktop Pop-Up Alerts is a powerful HR notification tool that will instantly display notifications directly on computer screens that can never be dismissed, ignored or deleted. In addition to sending out fast notifications, pop-up alert delivery is also measurable with real time tracking of proof of delivery, readership and alert acknowledgement. Instantly Send On Screen Notification Alerts Desktop Pop-Up HR Notification
  6. 6. The Desktop Scrolling Ticker Alert is a perfect vehicle for the HR communication of important updates, reminders or general information. The scrolling ticker crawls a headline across computer screens and auto-adjusts all active windows to re-size over the alert creating immediate alert awareness without being invasive. Non- Disruptive HR Communication Scrolling Ticker Alert HR Notification HR notification scrolling ticker alerts direct to screen…
  7. 7. Easily and securely keep field employees connected and informed with mobile HR pop up alerts and interactive notifications on mobile devices. ​ Complete with tracking and full reporting capabilities allowing you to track HR communication delivery and readership on any users on any device.​ Instant Mobile Communication Mobile Alert HR Notification
  8. 8. Whether there is a crisis or simply no time to compose an alert, HR notifications can be quickly and easily preset for one click Pop-Ups or Tickers. ​ One Click Communication Scrolling Ticker Or Pop-Up Alert With One Click For Instant HR Alert Instant Alert HR Notification
  9. 9. Regardless of whether or not a computer screen is in a locked state or even in screensaver mode, organizations can have the ability to deliver urgent HR communications directly to an unattended locked or inactive screen. Locked Screen Alerts Locked Screen HR Notification Alerts ....HR Notification System Alerts Over Locked Screen............
  10. 10. The email notification module bridges that gap between direct to screen HR notifications and email ultimately creating complete communication coverage. Instant Email Alert Communciation HR Notification Email Alert Tool
  11. 11. Within a specified date range HR notification software can track activity from the alert type to the end user and can easily be exported into a csv file for further analysis with other programs including Microsoft Excel. Administrators can easily see who has or has not received a notification, which alerts were acknowledged and also view results from surveys and quizzes. HR Notification Tracking and Analytics
  12. 12. Desktop Alerts - High Cut-through Send important updates or emergency notifications directly to staff as desktop pop-up alert messages. Scrolling Desktop News Feed Update staff without disrupting employee tasks with powerful and persistent desktop scrolling ticker messages. Screen Savers and Digital Signage Get the word out to individuals, departments, custom groups or entire organizations or common area screens or kiosks with customizable Screen Saver Digital Signage. Internal Newsletters: Aggregate internal emails, memos, general updates and Xcomms Alerts into one resource to reduce information overload. EMPLOYEE RSVP / OPT IN SOFTWARE Customize Qualifying questions and offer opt in for any event. Perfect for company events, overtime opportunity notifications and more. Desktop Wallpaper With a wide range of formats supported you can publish messages directly to any desktop background. Staff Quiz Tools Reinforce Staff learning, Build engagement and Increase employee skills while identifying knowledge gaps. Send as desktop alert or hyperlink. Staff Survey - High Response Rates Pulse check your organization by creating instant employee surveys and measure effectiveness with real time reporting. VIDEO POP-UPS Link to network videos or online sources to increase views of Existing videos as well as improve employee engagement. MOBILE EMPLOYEE ALERTING Mobile employee messaging allows you to send updates for those employees who are on the go. XComms Direct Offers Unique Communication Channels to Improve Communication and Performance in ANY Organization.
  13. 13. There are few things we would like to point out as you are considering our internal communication solutions: • Pop-Up Alert, Video Alerts, Newsletters, Scrolling Tickers and Event Opt in Channels are INCLUDED with unlimited alerts. • No mandatory recurring fees after initial purchase. • The package includes a locally hosted option. • No additional cost for server software or licensing fees. • Setup support included in initial cost. To schedule a demo or to request information or pricing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can be emailed directly at or call (855) 323-9663. We will be available at your convenience.
  14. 14. To learn how Xcomms Direct Can Help You Improve Compliance with Effective Internal Communication Contact Xcomms Direct Today Or Visit Call us: Email Us: Visit Us: 1–855–323–9663
  15. 15. 855-323-9663