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Tour Itzup


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it's 80,000 live events in one place on facebook. choose your favorites. invite friends. share the experience.

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Tour Itzup

  1. 1. One schedule.Every live event.Once you createyour fan profile,itzup gives you aschedule of everyupcoming live eventfeaturing the artistsand teams you like.
  2. 2. Find whatyou like.If it’s live, you’llfind it on itzup.Just start typingin your favoriteteams, artists,and performers.Then add it toyour fan profilewith a click.
  3. 3. Create yourown parties.Invite friends toyour own party orfind out what elseis going on beforeor after a concertor game.
  4. 4. Bring itall together.All your partiesand plans to hookup with friends getsaved with the liveevent so you cansee what you’redoing and whatyou actually did.And a private walljust for the friendsyou invite.
  5. 5. Buy ticketswith a click.No need to searchfor tickets whenyou can find thebest deal withoutleaving facebook.Just click purchaseand itzup tix willdeliver your seats.
  6. 6. Share yourthoughts.There’s a wall forevery one of the80,000 events inthe database. Give ashout out to otherfans or post amessage for all fansof the event to see.
  7. 7. Share theexperience.Put photos fromyour facebookalbums into theevent gallery andcontribute yourangle on the scene.Or share yourphotos with a fewfriends who werethere. itzup followsyour facebookprivacy settings.
  8. 8. Get itzup. Like any facebook application, itzup needs some profile information. Your basic information allows you to share events with friends. Your e-mail is an optional way to receive special event notices and updates. Your wall keeps youritzup respects your privacy and uses friends updated about activities you want to share.your facebook privacy settings todetermine who can see your activity. Your photos on facebook are the same ones you share with fans on itzup.