XBRL Membership Benefits


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Xbrl Membership Benefits

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XBRL Membership Benefits

  1. 1. XBRL Ireland Membership Benefits
  2. 2. Leverage the power of one
  3. 3. With a global community
  4. 4. ..of over 600 member firms world wide
  5. 5. Manage…
  6. 6. change…
  7. 7. transform…….
  8. 8. business reporting…
  9. 9. gain time-to-market and competitive benefits. the gateway to better technical understanding.  
  10. 10. Membership also provides insight into plans for the use of XBRL around the world, indicating new business opportunities and reducing administrative burden for business.
  11. 11. Modernise
  12. 12. business…
  13. 13. interact with the leading companies, organizations, and individuals in the business reporting world
  14. 14. Provide strategic direction for the Web's future through your seat on the XBRL Steering Committee and through participation in XBRL world wide meetings
  15. 15. Exercise influence over standards through participation in Working Groups, review of standards in development, implementations, and contribution of use cases;
  16. 16. Gain early view of draft technical documents, emerging ideas and taxonomies during their development
  17. 17. Introduce new ideas through XBRL Workshops, and Member Working Groups, as a complementary means to build interest in new work within XBRL
  18. 18. collaborate..
  19. 19. with a global community
  20. 20. Gain public recognition of your organization's contributions
  21. 21. Stand out as a leader with best technical information on XBRL through electronic discussion groups, conferences and meetings
  22. 22. Access to a full-time staff of experts in Web technology, who contribute to XBRL technical work and help coordinate discussions across the Consortium.
  23. 23. Gain direct advice from to leading technical experts on XBRL on implementation and other issues .
  24. 24. ..plan and position your product to exploit opportunities..
  25. 25. Access to Member-only mailing lists, hosting discussions on work underway in the Consortium;
  26. 26. Best in class insights on how industries, government, regulators and consumers of financial information are driving transparency in business reporting using XBRL
  27. 27. Participate in setting requirements and priorities, ensuring these meet the needs of your team. 
  28. 28. Direct contact with vendors of XBRL software tools, with opportunities for cheaper access to training.
  29. 29. Coordinate development at XBRL annual conferences, hear industry's current technical challenges and directions, and help forge solutions
  30. 30. Access to the XBRL news service. Updates on XBRL activities, announcements for meetings, workshops and conferences, the calendar of events, and Team information are sent directly via email .
  31. 31. Come in from the cold……
  32. 32. Join the family…
  33. 33. XBRL Ireland Burlington House Burlington Road Dublin Ireland Tel: +353-1-6377200 W: http://www.xbrl-ie.org E: info@xbrl-ie.org Business Reporting Ireland Limited is a not for profit company registered in Ireland as a company limited by guarantee, number 380975 Registered office: Burlington House, Burlington Road, Dublin 4. Directors: Oliver Holt, Ronan Nolan, Conor O'Kelly, Richard Day Design by www. xbrlplanet.org