Qa's role in Unit Testing


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Are you thinking to involve QA and test in Unit Testing but are unsure how?

Or are you looking to improve you existing unit testing set up?

In this webinar we discussed: QA's role in Unit Testing

Topics Covered:

- Agile Testing
- Agile QA Team Dynamics
- Types of Testing
- Collaborative Unit Testing
- Unit Testing with distributed teams

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  • Jan: ok lets get started give word to Mike (jan mutes himself)
  • Actually going ad-hoc is less risk..
  • Qa's role in Unit Testing

    1. 1. XBOSoft Agile TestingWebinarQA’s Role in Unit Testing
    2. 2. XBOSoft info• Founded in 2006• Dedicated to software quality• Software QA consulting• Software testing services• Offices in San Francisco, Oslo, Beijing andAmsterdam
    3. 3. Upcoming WebinarsExploratory Mobile Testing• June 25 11 AM EST• With JeanAnn HarrisonAcceptance Test DrivenDevelopment• June 27 10 AM EST• With Jim York
    4. 4. IntroductionJeade Kong Mike Maheu
    5. 5. Housekeeping• Everyone except the speakers is muted• Questions via the gotowebinar control on theright side of your screen• Questions can be asked throughout thewebinar, and we’ll try to fit them in at the end• Also, general Q and A at the end of thewebinar
    6. 6. AgendaAgile Team Dynamics andTesting• QA Team Members• QA Role• Cross TrainingTypes of Testing• Unit Testing• Extend XP to Testers• QA Feature Testing• Integration Testing• Regression TestingCross Training (Can /Should QA Can Do unittesting)• Can a QA team member writeUnit Tests (you bet)• Code Reviews• CUT - Collaborative Unit Testing• Test Coverage - Find UntestedCode• Unit testing in a distributed agileteam
    7. 7. What type of agile?
    8. 8. ScrumXPKanban
    9. 9. Agile Team Dynamics and Testing
    10. 10. What is different for QA in an agile team?
    11. 11. Cross and Multi Functional
    12. 12. Types of Testing
    13. 13. • Unit Testing• QA Feature Testing• Integration Testing• Regression Testing
    14. 14. Can / Should QA Do Unittesting?
    15. 15. Cross Training• Extending XP to Testers• Test Tools that Promote Developer and TesterCollaboration (Test Mentor)• Unit Test (ex: JUnit) and QA Test Integration• QA and Test Driven Development• Removing Skillsets as Inhibiters to Early QAInvolvement• Team Dynamics
    16. 16. Q and A
    17. 17. ThanksLooking for help setting up your agile QA?Contact us at: services@xbosoft.comWant to keep updated on upcoming webinars?Follow us @xbosoft