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API Connect Presentation


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Extend access and digitally transform existing data to new dynamic API cloud services. Increase speed to market. Drive innovation. Create new business models.

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API Connect Presentation

  1. 1. © 2015 IBM Corporation Ahmed Sharaf Digital Innovation Specialist IBM API Connect
  2. 2. 2Page © 2015 IBM Corporation Extend access and digitally transform existing data to new dynamic API cloud services. Increase speed to market. Drive innovation. Create new business models. QUICK START YOUR API PROJECT WITH IBM CLOUD
  3. 3. 3Page © 2015 IBM Corporation INTRODUCING … IBM API CONNECT Part of the IBM Connect series Realize new ROI via secure reuse of existing IT assets. Achieve faster innovation via self-service access to APIs. Enable new business models and grow ecosystems. Discover, create, publish and secure APIs in a hybrid cloud environment. Develop these capabilities with the assets you already own. Start now.
  4. 4. 4Page © 2015 IBM Corporation HOW IBM API CONNECT CAPABILITIES IMPROVE THE CLIENT EXPERIENCE Create cloud services that interact with backends and leverage new Bluemix services while maintaining security. Expose business assets as APIs to connect to and from the IBM Cloud growing ecosystems and driving new revenue streams Respond to market changes at speed by creating APIs in less than 5 minutes. Publish APIs to expand your brand reach and provide greater value to your business and clients.
  5. 5. 5Page © 2015 IBM Corporation OVERCOMING BARRIERS TO GROWTH: A TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION SCENARIO Project team creates new Mobile app by consuming APIs from the Weather Company and Waston APIs on Bluemix and producing new APIs – Ability to design and consume APIs for continuous App dev – Need to manage across ecosystem for brand consistency – Platform to concentrate on providing new business value A Travel & Transportation company wants to develop a mobile app to meet customer expectations Bring to market quickly and create new APIs for growing ecosystem Pain Points
  6. 6. 6Page © 2015 IBM Corporation HOW API CONNECT CAN IMPROVE TRAVEL APP Mobile travel customer Bluemix 21
  7. 7. 7Page © 2015 IBM Corporation Accelerate innovation & time to market with easy API creation and management – Integrated adaptors into IBM Middleware for cohesive and easy API creation and management – Publish APIs and services to Bluemix in minutes – Integrated tools for performance monitoring, management and security WHY IBM CONNECT? Software and Professional Services 7Page
  8. 8. 8Page © 2015 IBM Corporation READY. SET. CONNECT. In 3 easy steps. It’s time to connect now. And it’s free. 1 2 3Download the latest version of IBM API Connect Essentials Easily create APIs in minutes Publish your APIs to Bluemix for self-serve access to developers
  9. 9. 9Page © 2015 IBM Corporation “The Indian banking industry is at an inflection point and we needed a proven partner to aid us in our digital transformation. IBM’s API offering helps us further enhance our offering to clients seeking seamless integration of their financial supply chain with the bank, while enabling us to improve business performance and IT costs.’’ - Anup Purohit, Senior President and CIO, YES Bank Get started at START NOW AND YOU’LL GET IBM API CONNECT PLUS: – Free 1-hour Connect Digital Meet-up – Free 3-day Connect Quickstart Workshop – Free Connect Services on IBM Bluemix through December, 31st 2016