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Venus factor


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Venus factor

  1. 1. Venus Factor-Diet without dieting Diet without dietingin ALL ABOUT DIETS Seta simple ways to eat less without dieting or counting calories and nutrients All about how to avoid the easy and effective way to gain weight 1. Chocolate: the worst snack Try to eat every three hours and do not skip meals because hunger intervals lead you to eat more than necessary. If you still cannot get satiated well, avoid snacks and carbohydrate snacks: a piece of cheese goes best kill your hunger. Do not keep chocolate or other sweets at work or on the dining table of your living room. There are many probabilities you automatically open the package and "eat just a little bit", not realizing how this ends up adding 500 extra calories to your daily diet. 2. How to eat less? Studies carried out by dieticians show that satiety comes just 15-20 minutes after ingestion of food, and the average duration of a meal is between 3-7 minutes. Remember that if you eat too fast you risk eating more than necessary. Also, remember to drink a glass of warm water before meals is one of the easiest ways to satiate faster and therefore eat fewer calories - only water fills the stomach, sending a faster saturation signal .
  2. 2. 3. Stay focused on foodWhen you eat watching TV or reading posts on your Facebook portal, you run the risk of eating more than necessary. Your attention should be focused squarely on the food and its caloric value; otherwise you run the risk of making excesses.