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  1. 1. Sports American food in China Gummy Bears & Mountain Dew Lyrics 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400
  2. 2. What NFL team has the most super bowl wins? A. Packers B. Colts C. Steelers D. Lions
  3. 3. Incorrect Answer
  4. 4. Correct Answer
  5. 5. Who was the first grandfather to play quarterback? A. Eli Manning B. Bart Starr C. Kurt Warner D. Brett Favre
  6. 6. Who was the first NBA player to have their own shoe product? A. Michael Jordan B. Brandon Jennings C. Ryan Braun D. Shaqueal O’neal
  7. 7. How long was the longest MLB baseball game, and who played it? A. 300 innings Giant v.s. Pirates B. 25 innings Brewers v.s. Cubs C. 9 innings nobody played D. 90 innings Braves v.s. Cardinals
  8. 8. In China what was Kentucky fried Chicken’s slogan? A.“ Have fun and leave” B. “ We give you chicken heads” C. “ Eat your fingers off” D. None of the above
  9. 9. What fast food place that is in America is most popular in China? A.McDonalds B.Pizza Hut C.Kentucky Fried Chicken D.Dairy Queen
  10. 10. Are doughnuts included in Chinese food? A.Yes B.No
  11. 11. Why is Taco Bell in China? A.They like stealing our food B.They love Taco Bell C.They want to show that they are in com D.I don’t know
  12. 12. What color of gummy bears are most popular? A. Blue B. Green C. Red D. Yellow
  13. 13. How many flavors of Mountain Dew is there in all? A.14 B.20 C.5 D.70
  14. 14. How much does the biggest gummy bear in the world weigh? A.1 pound B.10 pounds C.5 pounds D.50 oz.
  15. 15. What flavor of Mountain Dew is the most common for people to like? A.Power B.Typhoon C.White Out D.Regular
  16. 16. When I see your face (face) there’s not a thing that I would change: A.Cause you’re amazing (amazing) just the w B.Cause I am leaving, leaving for that other girl C.I don’t know D.No ne cares
  17. 17. Stop Collaborate and listen ice the fact of the brand new adventure: A.Who did they stop let’s go, turn off the lights and I’ll glow to the extreme rock a mic like and air walk B.Donkey Kong beats king kong C.I don’t know D.Who cares
  18. 18. Baller, better, faster, stronger: A. Taller, smaller, flatter, caller B. That that that that do- don’t kill me, can only make you stronger C. I don’t know D. Leave me alone
  19. 19. Baby I like it, the way you move on the floor baby I like it, come on and gimme some more, baby I like it I I I like it: A.Gummy Bears! B.The party the club fiesta Owava C.Ummmmm D.Whatver