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V campaign deck

  1. 1. V Advertising Campaign Xavier Pattison
  2. 2. Campaign Strategy:V. Its not the destination. Its the Journey
  3. 3. V loves the NightlifeV is an energy drink, so the question is ‘When would 18-24 year oldsrequire an energy drink?’ Answer: A Night OutImagine it is late at night. Your tired and running low on energy. Butthanks to the new ‘V App’ on your phone, it locates the nearest V-Van togive you that energy burst you need. And so off you go, and the journeybegins.
  4. 4. Destination UnknownThe main objective of the campaign is for consumers torelate V with memorable moments.My strategy will do this by making the journey to get a V anadventure, from video games, free tickets and a photocompetition. It will soon be a topic of conversation as to‘What happened with you got your V?’
  5. 5. Tactical ExecutionCampaign Running Time: Summer Dec 1st to Feb 31stState Coverage; 2 Vans for VIC,NSW,QLD,WA (CBD).Budget: $500,000This campaign while being digital, will need a large budget as it requirescreating a phone/tablet application dubbed the ‘V App’ and PromotionalVans that need the following technologies to utilize the campaign’s digitalrequirements. • Digital banners • Cameras • Xbox systems with MW3, • Synced software which allows Phones to link with Vans.Promotional vans for the campaign are to be called ‘V-Vans’ and are a great way to promote brand awareness and create unexpected and memorable social encounters.
  6. 6. The V App
  7. 7. V App: Overview• Locate: The ability to locate the V-Vans on GPS.• Info: Contains information about V and talks about upcoming events it sponsors. ‘V-Vans will be at the Big Day Out’• The Race: See next slide for more info.• Vote: Choose your favourite V flavour.• Check In: Show your mates where you are and what your doing. HashTag# your position and win prizes for number of places you visit.• Blog: A forum talking about interesting stories related to V. Blogs posted are shown on the V-Vans digital banners.• Photos: View all the photos taken from the V-Vans and vote.• V Logo: Links to the V Website• Facebook and Twitter Symbols: Links to their respective sites with V pages.
  8. 8. V App: The RaceOne feature on the V app is ‘The Race’. You sync up your phone with the V-Van at one location and you must then go and sync up with the other V-Van location, the first one there wins a pair of promotional shoes (once a night competition) V App: Social NetworksThe V App also links people to the V’s Social websites such as V’s facebook and twitter pages. All blogs can appear on the V-Van digital bannerand creates great social interaction especially with the Hashtag# feature.
  9. 9. The V-Van
  10. 10. V-Vans: Free TicketsTo help relate V with creating memorablemoments, The V-Vans will offer free tickets tovenues around the area, allowing for cheaper entryor free drinks. This is too keep the party going andto make more great memeories. This is targetedtowards women as they may not be big fans ofvideo games so need something else to motivatethem to search for the Van.
  11. 11. V-Vans: Photo CompetitionThis photo competition is to be called the ‘$10,000 Pose. The V-Van’s promoters will ask if want a picture posing with a V can.The photos can than be viewed and voted on the V’s Facebook(this will help push up the number of people who ‘like’ V). Thephoto with the largest numbers of ‘likes’ at the end, wins the$10,000 cash prizeThis competition will encourage a lot of word of mouth frompeople telling their friends to vote for them online or to evenenter themselves into the competition.
  12. 12. V-Vans: Photo Competition Bruce Lee spotted
  13. 13. V-Vans: Gaming CompetitionWhen people arrive at the V-Vans, not only willthey offer free ‘V’s to customers and club ticketsbut also have Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)running, so that the customers can compete formore prizes. The Winners get ‘V’ t-shirts and otherpromotional merchandise.
  14. 14. The V FormulaTired + V= Party
  15. 15. Thank YouXavier Pattison