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DECAPULP Product Catalog


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General catalog of Standard products and information about the customized articles.
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DECAPULP Product Catalog

  1. 1. Product Catalog The origin of the activity starts in the 60s at Gendrau brothers’ garage, where they develop a process to make cava bottle protection sleeves using glued cardboard. They also invent the required machines by adapting old textile machines to their needs. Thanks to these solutions the business grows allowing them to buy part of the old textile colony of L’Ametlla de Casserres. Later on, after visiting the French market and seeing the packaging solutions for Cava bottles, they import the concept of molded pulp trays. In order to implement the required industrial reconversion, the Gendrau family desig- ns and makes new machines, developing at the same time the required improvements that allow them to expand to other markets and sectors. They also implement new industrial processes, and as a result more valuable solutions can be offered to the clients. During all this time DECAPULP has been through many situations and has acquired experience from many different markets and sectors, reaching the present time when the export sales are the 80% of the turnover. Currently DECAPULP is one of the main European key companies in the customized molded pulp sector. This catalog of manufactured products is the result of our long lasting industrial experien- ce.
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  4. 4. Moulded pulp tray to hold correctly con- ference pears in a carton or plastic box. Spherical Fruit Tray 36x56 “series V”