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Decapulp - Company and Product Presentation


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What We Do, How We Do It, and Why.

Our production processes form the pulper to the truck and information about our range of Standard and Customized products.

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Decapulp - Company and Product Presentation

  2. 2. Production of fibre for packaging • We have customers and distributors in more than 12 European countries. 85% is exported
  3. 3. Experience + than 40 years Innovating and provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers and that are environmentally sustainable. Production of fibre for packaging
  4. 4. WE BRING VALUE TO OUR PRODUCT HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE TECHNOLOGY REDUCE YOUR COSTS CUSTOMERS INNOVATION ALWAYS READY The most accurate results. The most resistant you can find The most economical. Customer’s satisfaction is the key to out success. How have you never seen it before. We’re here to help
  5. 5. OUR PROCESS Raw materials Pulper Moulding Drying ovenPressing Quality control Customers
  6. 6. RAW MATERIALS Cardboard It allows us to obtain a more durable product. The use to produce Hard Pulp. Paper Virgin pulp It allows us to obtain a lighter product. The use to produce Usual Pulp and Quality Pulp. Coming from controlled growing forests for the production of white or colored pulp. Resistant material that allows contact with food.
  7. 7. HARDpulp USUALpulp QUALITYpulp Characteristics : • High rigidity • Stability • Resistant under high stress • Can be nested in each other • 100% recyclable Characteristics : • Mass production • Lightness • Easy to handle • Can be nested in each other • 100% recyclable Characteristics : • Smoother surface • More elegant • Precise finish • Can be nested in each other • 100% recyclable TECHNOLOGY
  8. 8. OUR CATALOGUE Logistics Bottles FoodTailor-made Consumer
  9. 9. PALETpulp 60x40 CRADLEpulp 1CV ACCESSORIES FOR LOGISTICS Save warehouse space and reduce transport costs. PALETpulp 60x40 PALETpulp 80x60 PALETpulp 120x80 CRADLEpulp 1CV CRADLEpulp 3CV CRADLEpulp 6CV
  10. 10. GLASS CONTAINER PROTECTION Full confidence when sending bottles for wines, sparkling wines, oils, chemical products, medicines, etc. WINEpulp 2PTC VI 3/1 – 3/1B CAVA 1/3 BB CAVA 3/1 CHEMICpulp BP MEDICALCpulp BRD
  11. 11. FOOD PRODUCT TRANSPORT Moulded trays for the fruit and vegetable distribution chain. Pear tray 36 x 56 ``series B`` Spherical fruit tray 60x40 “series S” Melon tray 30x40 “series M” Melon tray 60x40 “series M” Spherical fruit tray 36x56 “series V” Table ware
  12. 12. TAILOR-MADE PROTECTION FOR PARTS IN GENERAL Parts supply trays in industrial assembly lines, packaging for the health sector, domestic appliances, etc. CAVA 1/3 BB Assembly lines Packaging for electronic, industrial and consumer items Packaging for the health sector
  13. 13. PACKAGING PACKAGING Tailor-made packaging for consumer products. Combination of high-end desing and protection Secondary packaging complements Container accessories Hangers made of recyclable material Waste bins made of recyclable material
  14. 14. CONCLUSION OF OUR PRODUCTS Recycled RecyclableBiodegradables Innovative
  15. 15. Ramon M. Gendrau Thank you Ctra. C-16 Km. 90,5 Colònia l’Ametlla E-08693-CASSERRES Email: Web: Tel +34.938.228.335 Fax +34.938.228.869 Xavier Borràs +34 687 84 96 44