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Sports&soc ses 14a human towers


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Sports&soc ses 14a human towers

  1. 1. Ses 14a Sports&Soc Xavier Carmaniu Mainadé
  3. 3. Some considerations  A cultural activity, not sport.  It was a local tradition and now is a catalana tradition.  This has been possible due to:  Its meaning.  Television.
  4. 4. Some history  XVIIIth century: first evidence of Human Tower.  Origins: Ball de Valencians (valencian dance).  It’s a tradition from Southern Catalonia (Penedés, Tarragona).  Valls  “capital city” of Castells.  Top moments:  End of XIXth centur.  1920’s  1980’s  1990’s: expanded around Catalonia.  2010: Castells were declared UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  5. 5. Castells substituted Sardana as a national catalan symbol Sardana: traditional dance from northern Catalonia (Empordà). People (men and women together) form circles during the dance. Symbol of a “United Catalonia”.
  6. 6. Values associated with Human Tower  “Fer pinya” (join together): be a team, work in a team.  Goal:  Reach the highest point possible.  Always fighting: continue to build the human tower even if it falls down.  The motto of Castells is: “Força, equilibri, valor i seny” (strenght, balance, courage and common sense). Human Towers are used as team building technique in businesses.
  7. 7. Who are they built by?  They are built by “Colles (“clubs”) Castelleres”.  Every “colla” wears a different colored shirt.  There is a “cap de colla” (coach) that gives instructions during its construction.  The higher the “castell” the more difficult it is to build it and take it down (“carregar i descarregar”). “Cap de colla” directing the construction of a “castell”
  9. 9. Some types of Castells 3 de 7 3 de 8
  10. 10. 3 de 9 amb folre 4 de 9 amb folre
  11. 11. 2 de 9 amb folre i manilles
  12. 12. Competition of Human Towers in Tarragona (everey 2 years)