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Advanced modular data center in a 20-foot shipping container (6.16m x 2.59m x 2.43m), manufactured with corrugated steel with interior and exterior anticorrosive treatments for inclement weather, fully adjusted for use as a dedicated closure for data center services

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DataBOX 2012 EN

  1. 1. DATABOX by Adam
  2. 2. Index Adam Madrid Infrastructure Solution Description Physical Capacity Power Supply Control & Security Interior Details Corridors Advantages Uses & Facilities
  3. 3. Adam MadridTotal Area: 57.800 m2Area DataBOX: 12.000 m2Total DataBOX: 44Total Cabinets: 352Total Dedicated Servers: 15.840
  4. 4. Infaestructures
  5. 5. Solution DataBOX
  6. 6. Description Adam’s new modular data center is one of the most innovative, revolutionary solutions on the market. We’ll try to give a brief description of the DataBOX, although we recommend that you come see it in person. Advanced modular data center in a 20-foot shipping container (6.16m x 2.59m x 2.43m), manufactured with corrugated steel with interior and exterior anticorrosive treatments for inclement weather, fully adjusted for use as a dedicated closure for data center services. Reinforced floor with galvanized steel plates and longitudinal steel beams for anchoring and attaching rack closets and climate control equipment. Physical separation of the cold and hot corridors, with thermal insulation in the cold corridor to maintain optimal inside temperature. By default, the DataBOX meets the F15 fireproof standards for shipping containers, at temperatures of over 500ºC. By using shipping containers to create Adam’s DataBOX solution, we meet ISO 6346 standards, in addition to the ISO 9001:2000 standards with which we already comply. All the DataBOXes are registered for shipping by sea, air or land, in case a client wants to accommodate them in a location other than our advanced data center in Madrid.
  7. 7. Physical Capacity 8 cabinets F900 closets of up to 47U each one, with a capacity of up to usable 376U. Physical separation of the cold and hot corridors in order to maintain optimal electrical consumption. The cold corridor is 90cm wide, optimal for the specialists’ work and equipment placement, as well as equipment maintenance. The hot corridor is 80cm wide. The DataBOX has three high-efficiency technical climate control equipment units, with a total power of 90 KW cold, using water for refrigeration and 24 fans that can exchange hot air. Connected to extra chilling units, air condensed water chillers, highly energy efficient, with four inverter compressors and digital controls. The cold equipment fans can be substituted with hot equipment so as not to have to disrupt service; in addition, each equipment unit has 2 particle filters, a flow meter, an emergency purging and evacuation system. They can be monitored and controlled remotely using TCP-IP protocol, and the flow and airflow can be regulated together in order to guarantee the equipment’s refrigeration with the least electrical consumption.
  8. 8. Power Supply Additional double electrical CTAC three-phase connection with grounding, and double channeling electrical through longitudinal busbars with protection connectivity elements every 50 cm. 175 KW entrance power, and two additional 87.5 KW lines. All the protection elements can be connected, disconnected, and modified in real time to guarantee 100% electrical supply. Protection of the individualized modular UPS by rack, prepared for connection with one or two generators. UPS with automatic internal bypass that supply electrical energy to the connected loads in case there is a failure in the electrical supply. Intelligent management of batteries and electronics, replaceable in real time, proactively manageable through a network using different remote control, visual and/or sound systems. DataBOX interior lighting uses low-consumption LEDs so as not to increase the temperature of the surrounding environment.
  9. 9. Control & SecurityDataBOX security is a very important issue for Adam, which is why, in addition to all thephysical security measures on the property where the modular data centers are located,DataBOX security offers the best measures and security systems for our clients, both physicaland logistical: Six different anchoring points to guarantee they remain closed unless proper authorization is presented. Indoor cameras in the hot and cold corridors with remote alert and recording systems, activated by movement and with TCP-IP access. Temperature and humidity sensors in the hot and cold corridors. Fire protection using NovecTM 1230 agent. It is a room-temperature gasified liquid after being ejected from a total flooding system. NovecTM 1230 is a fire protection agent designed to alleviate human preoccupations with security, performance and the environment. The NovecTM 1230 agent, by 3M, is known as “water that doesn’t get wet,” since it does not damage IT equipment when it is in a liquid state. Central integrated management of the control rack. Exterior alarm signage.
  10. 10. Interior Details Cameras Sensors Fire protection Material: 20-foot shipping container made of corrugated steel with interior and exterior anticorrosive treatments for inclement weather. They meet the F15 fireproof standards and the ISO 6346. Anti-vandalism/physical security: six different anchoring points to guarantee they remain closed unless proper authorization is presented. CTACs: double independent three-phase entrance for CETAC with grounding, both connected to modular electrical busbars with the option of connecting electrical protection and regulation elements in real time. Silentblocks: Silentblock vibration absorption system that allows the data processing center to be level with the floor. Channeling refrigeration system: cold water goes in and hot water comes out, used to chill the DataBOX, without any welded points on the entire surface, in order to prevent possible interior leaks. Communications: entrance for 24 additional fiber optics, 12 + 12, and fiber interconnection patch panel.Piso reforzado y vigas de acero longitudinales para el anclaje y fijación de armarios rack y equipos de climatización.
  11. 11. Corridors COLD Corridor HOT Corridor Cabinets Refrigeration Electric Busbar Lighting
  12. 12. AdvantagesAdam DataBOX has added advantages over traditional data centers, since: We have our own manufacturing process and solution design. Their modularity and scalability allow us to limit initial investments and adjust them to the client’s real needs at all times. Their high energy efficiency and mobility permit a significant reduction in electrical consumption of up to 40%, and they can be placed in the best possible locations. Their configuration allows them to follow your company wherever it goes, since their location is independent, guaranteeing business continuity. Since each module is independent, the fact that they can constantly evolve allows us to offer the latest technology at all times without the need for major investments. All these advantages directly benefit our clients, reducing the cost of placement and communications services, rack closet rentals and the dedicated DataBOXes we offer
  13. 13. Uses & FacilitiesAdam DataBOX is designed for any client that needs to house their mission critical servers at adata center. The solution is completely modular and adaptable to each client’s needs and caneven be a solution for companies needing a server room in their own office or outsourced to alarger data center, either as their own property or in pay-per-use service modality.Adam DataBOX can also be the best solution for companies that: Need to set up a data center in a short period of time (less than a month). Need a data center at a reasonable cost, without having to make a big investment. Want a data center with the latest technology, without risking their investment by having to move their location. Need a provisional data center for a short/medium period of time in order to conduct maintenance work at their main data center.
  14. 14. Thank you Adam Barcelona Adam Madrid Travessera de Gràcia, 342 Ctra. Extremadura km, 25 08025 Barcelona (Spain) 28600 Navalcarnero (Spain ) Tel Int. +34 934 465 000 Tel Int. +34 918 110 350902 902 685 www @adam_tic