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Scenic sylhet Destination Marketing


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Scenic sylhet Destination Marketing

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Scenic sylhet Destination Marketing

  1. 1. Presenting
  2. 2. Think about Sylhet
  3. 3. Lets see Sylhet NOW Madhabkundo waterfall
  4. 4. Lawacharanationalpark
  5. 5. Jaflong
  6. 6. Shrines
  7. 7. Haka luki haor
  8. 8. Tamabil
  9. 9. Ratargul swamp forest At guinghaat
  10. 10. Jointapur raazbari
  11. 11. SREEMANGAL
  12. 12. 12,635 km²
  13. 13. That’s why its
  14. 14. Whom we are targeting ? International tourist National people
  15. 15. Strength Lots of exotic spots Transportation system Food variety Good hospitality Festive environment Weakness Lack of security measures Excessive rainfall Dialect Opportunities Most diversified tourist location in the country Threats Over marketing of cox’s bazaar and bandarban SWOT
  16. 16. Brand steering wheel Brand Values More to search ; more to do Reason to visit beautiful Bangladesh BRAND TONALITY Spiritual Sylhet Adventurous Sylhet Poised Sylhet Showering Sylhet BRAND PICTURE Tea gardens Water falls Shrines Rainy Sreemangal Syleti people’s hospitality Neelkontho tea BRAND BENEFIT Spiritual development Relaxation Adventure Soul search Refreshment Convenient Travel
  17. 17. • Huge international coverage • Spots’ pictures on big screen • TVCs on Big Screen • Field Pesting BRAND activation promotion
  18. 18. Sylhet for YOU • Spiritual Sylhet (Shrines) • Adventurous Sylhet (Tracking for Hamham) • Poised Sylhet (Ratargul) • Showering Sylhet (waterfalls)
  20. 20. SylheTEA
  21. 21. Summer Vacation Campaign ‘Sreemangal Shower is waiting for you’ ‘Waterfalls are falling for you in Madhabkundo & Sripur’
  22. 22. Movie Completely shooted in scenic sylhet Theme Song
  23. 23. Folk Festival Highlighting HASAN RAZA Highlighting different ethnic group
  24. 24. Hospitality Campaign Educating people about warmer hospitality How tourism will improve their living standard
  25. 25. Communication Process
  26. 26. TVC • In Bangladesh • In UK and USA based Bangladeshi TV channels • Campaign based different tvc’s
  27. 27. OOH campaign • Bus Body painting • Bill board • Campus pestering • Brochure for commercial offices
  28. 28. Brand ambassador Rushanara ali Sir Fazle hasan abed
  29. 29. Online Promotion •Facebook •Website WWW.scenic
  30. 30. Sylhet Divisional Stadium • Promotional videos • Theme songs • Green stand • Name stands by different scenic places
  31. 31. Promotional Element Unique Vs Customized Cost Timeline Customers to attract Billboards Season Based Customized Rent Summer seaon Mass People Radio Campaign Customized Fees paid for space Year long Teen Agers TVC Customized Fees paid for space Summer season Female T-shirt Unique Manufacturing cost Summer season Youth Theme Song Unique Stuff fee,shooting spot rent Year long Youth Generation SylheTea Unique Maker’s fee, Actors’ fee Year long Tea lovers Ambassadors Customized Honorium Vacational seasons Mass people Office Brochure Unique Priniting cost Mid week Professional Campus Postering customized Prinitng cost Semester final exam University Students Integrated communication summary
  32. 32. Budgeting campaign expenses T 20 50 lakhs movie 1 crore Theme song 5 lakhs Syle Tea 2 lakhs Sreemangal summer vacation campaign 10 lakhs Sylhet for YOU 20 lakhs Online promotion 5 lakhs T-shirt 4 lakhs Folk festival 10 lakhs Hospitality campaign 7 lakhs TOTAL 2 crore 13 lakhs
  33. 33. Outcomes Monetary Economic social