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Brandwitz'14 - MADMEN


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Published in: Food
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Brandwitz'14 - MADMEN

  1. 1. Brandwitz ‘14 MADMEN
  2. 2. MADMEN
  3. 3. Findings oAdulterations starts from the root of supply chain oTerrified retailers by rigid raids oLack of equipments for checking adulteration oBarriers in the Distribution channel oAdulteration exists in the branded packaged foods
  4. 4. Findings
  5. 5. Key role players oManufacturer oTransporters oStorage personnel oRetailer oConsumer oFarmer
  6. 6. Adulteration oIncidental oIntentional
  7. 7. Who does Findings oMiddlemen oRetailer oManufacturer oFarmers Giant companies
  8. 8. How do they do it oCarbide oFormaline oTextile colors oMelamine oArtificial sweeteners oDDT oUrea oSelling after expired dates
  9. 9. Why do they do it Findings oQuick profit oWithout any reason/ trend/everyone does oMaximizing profit oFor attractive appearance oTaste increment oDurability
  10. 10. Consumer Insights oBound to buy oSupply of good food is not enough oNot aware about malicious effect oEven branded foods are adulterated oUnwilling to pay more for quality food Blaming governments and small retailers
  11. 11. Regulatory bodies of Bangladesh Government
  12. 12. Steps taken by GoB o Nothing worked just because of poor communication oEnforced laws oTerrified the retailers
  13. 13. What can be done
  14. 14. Options Strict law Stop prduction of adulterants Restricting import Strengthening Anti adulteration movement
  15. 15. Options Increasing mobile court Re constructing supply chain model Food safety education Frequent raids
  16. 16. Are we on the right track
  17. 17. Selected Option  Changing mindset
  18. 18. Big Idea Encouraging the traders to change their behaviour Keeping the generation in concern
  19. 19. Campaign Objective Building morale Massive awareness about food safety Educating next generation Building healthy Bangladesh
  20. 20. Target group Manufacturer Retailer Farmers Transporters Home makers Consumers Wholesellers
  21. 21. Consumers Traders Whole sale markets Factories Food transport vehicle River ghats Stations Targeted Audience Touchpoints Schools Home Cars Roads Newspaper Social media
  22. 22. Campaigns
  23. 23. TV drama Reach Impact Timeline Adulteration Safe consumption Food safety education Nutrition Every house of the country Active learning & getting motivated by this show Year 1, 6 months , 24 episodes, repeats twice a week  Elements
  24. 24. School campaign Food safety learning Reach Impact Timeline Cultural event to spread message Guardian gathering Students – future trader Campaign messege will spread on a large scale. Student to family, family to society and country Every january during 5 years Practical learning
  25. 25. Village fair Reach Impact Timeline পালাগান গাম্ভিরা যাত্রা পুতুল নাচ Rural people Awareness through entertainment Once in a year
  26. 26. জাতীয় খাদ্য নিরাপত্তা নদ্বস পহেলা জ্যৈষ্ঠ Reach Impact Timeline May 15 Mass people Remiding people about food safety just before Summer fruit season Once in year motto
  27. 27. Reach Impact Timeline Billboards Traders, middlemen. On spot awareness Year 1, 2, 3
  28. 28. ১০ টেখা লাভের লানি ১০ ো নিশু টখভি মারভবি
  29. 29. টলােত ফনর নবষ ি টবনি, লাবর লাই মািুষ ি মানর
  30. 30. Reach Impact Pillars’ Postering Timeline Traders, middlemen. On spot awareness Year 1, 2, 3 To make the adulterators feel that their job is suicidal To be put on the pillars around the river ghats, factories and rural wholesell markets
  31. 31. ভেযাল মিমিহে মিহযই মিহযর ক্ষমি করহেি মক?
  32. 32. ভেযাল মিমিহে মিহযই মিহযর ক্ষমি করহেি মক?
  33. 33. আসুি আমাভদ্র েনবষযৎ বািাই টেজাভলর হাত টেভে লাভের টমাভহ আমাভদ্র নিশুভদ্র জীবি নবপন্ন িা েনর
  34. 34. ‘Your Hand’ postering campaign আপিরা এই হাত নে নবষদ্াতার হাত িামক ভেেপুিন বাবার োি
  35. 35. Food transports painting and postering Reach Impact Traders and transporters Messages to be printed on the food carrying vehicles Constant reminding about the message
  36. 36. Car rear glass sticker
  37. 37. Distribution of pictured brochure o To aware about and avoid incidental adulteration o To be distributed among the workers involved in food processing Reach Impact Timeline Traders and their workers Eliminitation of incidental adulteration During occassion
  38. 38. NCTB curriculum Chapter about adulteration & safety. Reach Impact High school students Awareness among next generation traders
  39. 39. Reach Impact Timeline Urban , English medium schools Learning and awareness Once in a year
  40. 40. Voice of influentials Reach Impact oUnion Parishod chairman oLocal Imam oTeacher oKrishi officer Village Message delievered by trusted personnel
  41. 41. Green Ribbon Reach Impact Timeline oMembers of parliaments oPolitical leaders oBTV news presenters Among politicians, mass people, traders Messege spread through influencials Occasion
  42. 42.  Campaign ambassadors oShykh Siraj oSakib al hasan
  43. 43. Music spread Reach Impact Timeline Mass people Awareness through entertainment 1st two months
  44. 44. Radio campaign Awareness video
  45. 45. Impact Timeline Grading Manufacturers Markets Restaurants F graded marketers will be banned Every 6 months
  46. 46. Food Manufacturer Ranking Reach Impact Timeline Food manufacturing companies Competition among traders to be in top rank After every six months o Food manufacturing companies
  47. 47. Impact Timeline Production style change From year 4 A thorough research on that Take some pilot projects
  48. 48. নিভেে জাল টোিযপণ্য টমলা Reach Impact Timeline ONLY adulteration free branded packet foods will be available in this festival 11 city corporations Competition among the food manufacurers to place their product in the fest Once in a year
  49. 49. Online existence Impact Timeline Increased engagement with the campaign Year 1 to Year 5 Facebook page Website Regular engagement contents to be shared Grading and ranking news to be shared Reach Young consumers and traders
  50. 50. Cooking show খাটি খাবার, খাটি রান্না Reach Impact Timeline খাটি খাবার, খাটি রান্না o Proper way of cooking oWay to buy Safe food o Run by expert Chef Home makers Safe buying and cooking pattern Year 5
  51. 51. Safe food in 4 steps Clean 1 2 Separate cook 3 chill 4
  52. 52. MatchBox campaign Reach Impact All households Message at kitchen
  53. 53. Monitoring Evaluation Checking percentage of adulterated foods in the market every six months Done by Government workforce .
  54. 54. Vehicle Yera 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 School campaign Tv drama Matchbox campaign খাটি খাবার, খাটি রান্না Food safety day prog Billboards Pillar postering Transport and car sticker Organic farming research Music making and viral Grading Ranking Education month prog Brochure Pure foodFair Village fair TVC / RDC
  55. 55. Financials Vehicle Amount School campaign 40,000,000 Tv darma 7,500,000 Matchbox campaign 1,600,000 খাটি খাবার, খাটি রান্না 15,000,000 Food safety day prog 5,000,000 Billboards 9,000,000 Pillar postering 1,500,000 Transport and car sticker 800,000 Organic farming research 25,000,000 Music making and viral 1,800,000 Grading 160,000,000 Ranking 80,000,000 Education month prog 40,000,000 Brochure 1,800,000 Pure foodFair 40,000,000 Village fair 5,200,000 Total 434,200,000
  56. 56. Financials Budget allocation School campaign Tv darma Matchbox campaign খাটি খাবার, খাটি রান্না Food safety day prog Billboards Pillar postering Transport and car sticker Organic farming research Music making and viral Grading Ranking Education month prog Brochure Pure foodFair Village fair
  57. 57. Radio campaign Awareness video