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Passivevoice 090226085415-phpapp02

  1. 1. be + past participle
  2. 2. My car is serviced twice a year. Rolls Royce cars are made in England.
  3. 3. •change - is/are changed •break - is/are/am broken •pay - is/am/are paid •ask - is/am/are asked
  4. 4. •The oil /change :The oil is changed •The brakes / test •The filters /replace •Air/ put/ in the tyres •The battery/ check •The lights /test
  5. 5. •Broken parts /repair •It/take/for a test drive •The radiator/fill/with water •What else is done?
  6. 6. •The first bicycle was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. •He was taken to hospital and operated on appendicitis.
  7. 7. •The last present I was given— •When I was younger I was told•When I was a child I was taught •Last week we were invited--
  8. 8. •Don’t worry! The broken parts will be repaired or replaced. •The message will be sent tomorrow.
  9. 9. •E.g. telephone calls A lot of telephone calls will be made. •Team meeting presentation •E-mails problems •Documents lunch
  10. 10. •My car is being serviced now. •They are being examined now. •The passive is being practiced now.
  11. 11. •Move the table : It’s being moved now •Turn on the lights •Check the numbers •Draw a scheme •Call the customers •Prepare a report
  12. 12. •The letter has already been sent. •This question has just been discussed •The survey has been conducted. •Five new employees have been hired recently.
  13. 13. •Describe changes: •The outside walls/paint :The outside walls have been painted. •New windows/put in •The trees/cut down •A lot of flowers/plant •The old gate/replace
  14. 14. •When the action itself is more important than the person who carries it out (news headlines, newspaper articles, instructions, advertisements) •Two teenagers were seriously injured in a car accident yesterday.
  15. 15. •When the person who carries out the action is unknown, unimportant or obvious from the context. •Mrs. Archer’s ruby ring was stolen from her house last night.
  16. 16. •When we want to make statements more polite. My new blouse is ruined. (more polite than saying “You’ve ruined my blouse”)
  17. 17. •Passive Infinitive :to be + past participle My car needs to be serviced soon. •Passive -ing form: being +past participle •I insist on my car being serviced today. •Passive modals: modal +be +pp •My car must be serviced before the trip.