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Circle plus solution_pharmacy


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Circle plus solution_pharmacy

  1. 1. Circle+XappnutApplication for PharmacyStay ConnectedStay InteractiveStay Informed
  2. 2. Customer Touch PointToday there is a fast-growing movement andinterest in improvinginteractions into morecustomer centric andalways be connected.The goal of newinitiatives is to improvecustomer experience, andas a result, improvecustomer relationshipand mind and walletshare.Pharmacy / Drug StoreThe stores, similar tocustomers, need to bealways connected tobackend and be informedon their operationalactivities. They need to beaware of customers andinventory. The storesshould be interactive andempowered withinnovative adoptions.Store OwnerOwners in this smart,socially connected worldneed to have a 360 degreeview to the business. Theneed of the hour is tomake accurate decisionsthat optimize businessand drive viable actionsfor customers and stores.Pharmacy Industry Value chain for pharmacyApplications, Innovation, AdaptationMobility – a newdimensionMobiles today are nolonger used for calls. Theworld is now at ourfingertips andSmartphones haveopened doors to liveshopping experience inthe palm of our hands.Consumers now have thefreedom of time andchoice to bring stores totheir homes and into theirlivesInnovate to accelerateIn a flat world, the leaderof the pack is the one whobrings new ideas to hisconsumers. Today’sconsumer now demandsmore out of his brand andinnovations such as card-less loyalty, mobilepayments, etc haverevolutionized a shoppingexperienceAdopt and GrowBeing a Roman in Rome –as clichéd it may soundstill holds true in a retailenvironment. Withchanging consumerdemands and marketdynamics, brandscontinuously need toadapt to changing marketconditions and servecustomers. Use oftechnology providesseamless transformationfor this purpose.Qui no legere laboramus consequat, cum in graeci noluisse. Ea nulla animalcivibus eam, pro utinam laboramus te. His duis luptatum ne, justo deseruntet per, eum intellegam ullamcorper cu. Qui no legere laboramus consequat,cum in graeci noluisse. Ea nulla animal civibus eam.His duis luptatum ne, justo deserunt et per, eum intellegam ullamcorper cu. Qui nolegere laboramus consequat, cum in graeci noluisse. Ea nulla animal civibus eam,pro utinam laboramus te. His duis luptatum ne, justo deserunt et per, eumintellegam ullamcorper cu. Qui no legere laboramus consequat, cum in graecinoluisse. Ea nulla animal civibus eam, pro utinam laboramus te. His duis luptatumne, justo deserunt et per, eum intellegam ullamcorper cu.A new approach f or a new experience in medi cine
  3. 3. Patient Connect Module Sample Screen for PatientAppMobility, Informative and LoyaltyMobility brings virtualpresenceConsumers require theoption to access servicesand products even whenthey are on move. Mobilityhas given businesses theopportunity to build anexperience for users ofbeing by them. Theapplication should provideease of use and essentialfeatures sets that provideconsumers proximity ofbeing at a store.Provide information andsuggestionsBusinesses adopt a notionof empowering the userswith information which willhelp them in making wisedecisions. These lead usersto develop a relationship oftrust and knowing,converting an interactioninto a transaction.Loyalty- A New WorldIn a world of choices,loyalty becomes an integralfocus of any business.Corporate now feel the needto leverage the power ofmobility and information toconvert a user into arelationship. All thecustomer touch points havea need for a loyalty systemfor its consumersHelp your customer by being there when they need you
  4. 4. Pharmacy Store Module Sample Screen for Store AppInteractive, Connected and ResponsiveInteractive approachThe store application isinteractive and provides anedge over competition. Theresources have smoothnavigation and access to alloperational activities.Stores manager shouldhave view for an overallstore performance.. Aninteractive approach has apositive impact on bothinternal and externalcustomers.ConnectivityThe store is constantlyconnected to theircustomers, in store or out,so that it gives them anadvantage to serve thembetter. The application alsoensures that the storeresources are wellinformed on the inventory,partners and backend byconnecting it to the systemand helping them inachieving overalloperational goals.Information to ActionThe intelligence andbusiness rules in theapplication, along withconnectivity to all criticalends will empower thestore manager to respondto events and situationsmore efficiently. Theapplication at store willhelp the resources toreduce manual activitiesand help with automationand predictive actions toreduce overloads.Be innovative, be inf ormed, be interactive
  5. 5. Store Owner Module Sample Screen for OwnerAppInformative, Intelligent and SuggestiveMeasure business healthThe business owner shouldhave a 360 degree view ofthe business such as storeperformance, revenuefigures and business health.This business criticalinformation should beavailable with the ownerwhenever at any time. Theapplication communicatesto all ends for owner tohave holistic viewBusiness IntelligenceInformation has to be madeavailable in an intelligentway which helps the ownerto take actions accordingly.The application shouldenable the store owner toview information inmultiple ways and providestrategic inputs for isbusiness growth.Intelligent ActionsThe application with thehelp of 360 degree view andintelligent businessinformation will empowerthe owner to take decisionsand help in businessgrowth. With availability ofall the information andrules, the application canalso help in predicting anevent and help businessowner to plan futuregrowthStays inf ormed and take decisions f or busi ness and customers
  6. 6. Contact us for more detailsXappnutwww.xappnut.comsocia l@xappnut. com