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Check in hotel_solution

  1. 1. ® Experiential Interactive Engaging CheckIN
  2. 2. Hotel Mobile Apps Benefits Benefits for the Hotel: - Generate repeated bookings - Up Selling amenities - Better service for guests - New communication channel with customers - Expandable for future marketing campaigns - Ability for extra customization For the hotel guests: - Better experience during their stay - A complete interactive city guide available offline in their pocket - Instant call buttons for emergencies - Easy to find essential information - Take advantage of special offers For Client Circulation Only | All Rights Reserved | Hotels can easily add and manage their own content, share last- minute deals via push notifications, and create custom itineraries for all types of travelers. Guests can connect 24/7 with the hotel guest relations desk, share photos and video through their social networks, and explore the local scene. And adding further to comfort, guests can now manage concierge services, explore hotel facilities, pre book meals and checkout from their room just at the touch of a button within the room. Hotels can now have a closer connect with their customers through analytical reports which assists in increasing per customer revenue for regular travelers and increasing the base of loyal guests through instant offers and promotions through the solution. No better way of connecting with customers than being with customers at all times !!! Concept When technology meets luxury, the outcome is a significant enhancement in customer experience. Hotels, Inns and Resorts can now leverage technology to change the way guests are serviced through CheckIN -  A unique and intelligent solution that guides a guest from entry to a hotel all the way through to a seamless check out. CheckIN
  3. 3. zxc zx,c For Client Circulation Only | All Rights Reserved | CheckIN Features All your guest needs: Apps will feature all the Touch Points with your guest. Reservations: Your guest can book their stay on the move. The preferences and choices can be pre-checked and suggestions can be made accordingly for registered or frequent visitors. This can also be used to engage new guests. All About Your Hotel: Hotels can use Info feature to let their guest know all about their hotel. You can give your guest all the information that can help them choose your hotel like, heritage, comfort, facilities for guests, feedback and recognition. This can be a great opportunity to let your guest know why your property is the best option for them. This feature can be used to show all the rooms / suits available, different restaurant in the premise, the activities & events. It will be great, if you would show some pictures of the property and may be a virtual tour on the app. Direct Call: Help your guest in making better decisions, by letting them call you directly from the App. You can take this opportunity to suggest your guest the best accommodation and packages you can offer. Guests can also request for call back. These kind of flexibility will create stickiness with your guest.
  4. 4. zxc zx,c For Client Circulation Only | All Rights Reserved | CheckIN Features Managing Stay: Guest having this app can manage his stay at your hotel. They can book their table at your restaurant, take appointments at spa, call for room services, look for areas and places of interest around the city, request for customized services, etc. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are infinity to create customer loyalty via this. Publish Stories: The app can be used to publish a customized feedback and rating from people who have stayed at the property before. Loyalty Management: Guest who have stayed before, are frequent or even first timers can be managed very efficiently via the app login or during reservations. The business rules governing the guest booking and activities will be act accordingly and delight your guests. The rules can be managed and changed by the administration on the fly and will reflect on the app in near real-time. The app can be used to send promotions and special packages info in a customized format with maximum impact as mobile is always with your guest. Much MORE... We can do a lot with the app and add many more features and delight your guest. Endless Possibilities - Infinite Opportunities
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