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Latin American Open Textbook Initiative (LATIn Project)


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Presentation made at Open Education 2013

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Latin American Open Textbook Initiative (LATIn Project)

  1. 1. LATIN: Latin American Open Textbooks Initiative Xavier Ochoa
  2. 2. Steal this presentation!
  3. 3. Textbooks are expensive In Latin America, they are REALLY expensive
  4. 4. Craveiro, G., Machado, J. and Ortellado, P. O mercado de livros técnicos e científicos no Brasil: subsídio público e acesso ao conhecimento‖. Available on the Internet , 2008. (In Portuguese)
  5. 5. We already have a solution!
  6. 6. Oh… you want a legal solution
  7. 7. #fotocopiasuy
  8. 8. But there is a bigger problem
  9. 9. Only 50% of students use textbooks Even photocopies / library basically free books
  10. 10. Most textbooks are produced for another context No hablar español!
  11. 11. No local authors Little diversity Content is not relevant Consumer-only attitude (Un)expected consequences of current publishing model
  12. 12. Our professors are not used to write books But they produce materials
  13. 13. Collaboration Methodologies
  14. 14. A Digital Ecosystem for the Collaborative Production of Open Textbooks: The LATIn Methodology. Journal of Information Technology Education: Research Vol. 12, pp. 225-249
  15. 15. Digital Ecosystem for Collaborative Textbooks Production Because it sounds better than: “We copied the model of Connexions"
  16. 16. Authors Community
  17. 17. Open Community
  18. 18. Sharing Community
  19. 19. Ecosystem + Wrong License
  20. 20. Technological Platform Because we need to justify all the CS people in the project
  21. 21. Reuse!
  22. 22. Adoption Strategies Because it is not enough to write books, somebody have to read them (our friends do not count)
  23. 23. Pilot Experiments
  24. 24. How do you know if there is interest in creating collaborative open textbooks in Latin America? Launch a contest!
  25. 25. 90 Communities 47 Proposals 25 Books Selected 144 Professors currently writing … of course we expected it!
  26. 26. Books ready by January 2014 Usage pilot by November 2014 Surveys, measurements and metrics galore!
  27. 27. Open Publisher – Non Profit Company
  28. 28. Collaborative Open Textbooks is not just about having free books. It is a tool that allow us to experiment new models to solve the real textbook problem in Latin American education.
  29. 29. Gracias / Thank you / Obrigado Visit us: Xavier Ochoa Twitter: @xaoch