Essay Structure Narrative


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Level 2 Media Studies New Zealand Narrative Structure

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Essay Structure Narrative

  1. 1. Types of Essays: Patterns ofOrganizationListingTime OrderCompare/Contrast
  2. 2. Narrative Assessment: InternalYOU MUST EXPLAIN HOW:3 conventions of the Hero’s Journeyhelp to create the narrative.(how the different parts of the Hero’sJourney move the story)USING TWO FILMS to support youranswer. (Star Wars & Little Ms SS)
  3. 3. Narrative Assessment: InternalYOU MUST EXPLAIN HOW:3 conventions of the Hero’s Journeyhelp to create the narrative.-this can include ARCHETYPES
  4. 4. Narrative Assessment: InternalYOU MUST EXPLAIN:•How the conventions are used ineach film.•Why they are used in each film.(contribution to the narrative.)
  5. 5. The implications or consequences of the contribution ofeach feature of the hero’s journey to the narrative.-effectiveness of the convention (Star Wars/Little Ms SS)-the usefulness/weaknesses of the use of the Hero’sjourney in studying the narrative of films-the influence of such features on audience expectations orcommercial effectiveness-evaluation of the use in comparison with other films ofyour own choice or other forms of media.
  6. 6. SuggestionParagraph 1: “Hook” (1st sentence)You could write: a quote Imagine if… an interesting fact SOMETHING to HOOK the reader.
  7. 7. SuggestionParagraph 1: MiddleYou could write: a history of your topic a brief intro to your topic SOMETHING related to your topic
  8. 8. SuggestionParagraph 1: Middle: IdeasJoseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey-explain what it is.-relationship to Hollywood.-as a story telling tradition-use in films-archetypes
  9. 9. SuggestionParagraph 1: Middle: IdeasStar Wars: A New Hope– director and year completedGeorge Lucas (1977)-interesting facts about Star Wars
  10. 10. SuggestionParagraph 1: Middle: IdeasLittle Miss Sunshine – directors/yearcompletedJonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris(2006)-interesting facts about LMS.
  11. 11. SuggestionParagraph 1: Last SentenceTHESIS STATEMENTThis is WHAT your essay is about!!!This should include the TOPIC andargument of your essay.
  12. 12. Example:HOOK – Paragraph 1In a galaxy close, close to home aman named Joseph Campbelldecoded the Hero’s Journey.Why does it work?
  13. 13. Example:Middle – Paragraph 1You’re probably asking yourself, what is this Hero’sJourney? Well it is a journey that is evident in allHollywood films, across all genres. It hastranscended culture and time – it is the prefectrecipe for cooking up a story. There are twelvesteps within the Hero’s Journey, these steps lay thefoundation for a textbook narrative.
  14. 14. Example:Thesis - Paragraph 1In this essay I will explain (argue, evaluate, etc),using two films as examples, how three of theconventions within the Hero’s Journey arenecessary for creating narrative.
  15. 15. Example:Paragraph 2: Choose a conventionEx: The Ordinary World
  16. 16. Suggestion:Paragraph 2: Main Idea SentenceThe 1st sentence of the secondparagraph should be the MAIN IDEA.M.I. relates BACK to the Thesis,however it is the OVERALL idea ofPARAGRAPH 2.
  17. 17. Example:Paragraph 2: Main Idea SentenceThe first convention from the Hero’sJourney that greatly assists thenarrative is “The Ordinary World,” itis also the first step.
  18. 18. Suggestion:Paragraph 2: Major DetailsMajor details are more specific thanM.I.’s, however they could be appliedto BOTH films.
  19. 19. Example:Paragraph 2: Major Details1st Major DetailGIVE A DEFINITION OF THECONVENTION!!!!!!!
  20. 20. Example:Paragraph 2: Major Details‘The Ordinary World’ is the world that the herolives in. It is used to show the audience where thehero (the main character of the story) comes from.Without this convention, the audience would notunderstand why the challenges the hero facesthroughout the narrative are so important.
  21. 21. Example:Paragraph 2: Major Details‘The Ordinary World’ is the world that the herolives in. It is used to show the audience where thehero (the main character of the story) comes from.Without this convention, the audience would notunderstand why the challenges the hero facesthroughout the narrative are so important.
  22. 22. Example:Paragraph 2: minor detailsThese details are SPECIFIC.They are narrow.They often begin with:For example, For instance, Such as,To illustration, etc.
  23. 23. Example:Paragraph 2: minor details(following off of last example)For example, the ‘Ordinary World’ in ‘Narnia: TheLion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ directed byAndrew Adamson (2005) is London during WorldWar II.
  24. 24. Example:Paragraph 2: AnalyzeWHY did the writer/director showthe audience this world?How does it help the narrative?
  25. 25. Example:Paragraph 2: minor details(following off of last example)The ‘Ordinary World’ in Narnia allows theaudience to relate to the characters. It shows whythe children have been moved to the country side.During this time there was a mass exodus ofchildren from London to the countryside toprotect them from bombings.
  26. 26. Example:Paragraph 2: minor detailsKeep expanding.What does this ordinary worldshow us about the children?How does it help the narrative?
  27. 27. Example:Paragraph 2: AnalyzingThe ‘Ordinary World’ in Narnia is not a happyone. Leaving their parents behind, the childrenare uprooted to a place where they know no one.Within this world we are introduced to thechildren, the heroes of the story, as they are,before they cross into the extraordinary andbefore they complete their journey..
  28. 28. Example:Paragraph 2: AnalyzingWithin this world the audience comes to understandthe escapism the children and the people of the timeperiod must have craved. From the uncomfortablescenes of bombs dropping and crowded trainplatforms to the giant, foreboding house in thecountryside the audience is left wondering, ‘Whatwill happen next?’Escapism:the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mindin entertainment or in an imaginative situation, activity, etc
  29. 29. Example:Paragraph 3: Continue with next filmSimilarly, in the movie Star Wars: A New Hopedirected by George Lucas (1977) the ‘OrdinaryWorld’ was the planet of Tatooine, inhabited by thehero Luke Skywalker.
  30. 30. Star Wars: A New HopeGeorge Lucas1977
  31. 31. Luke SkywalkerA farm boy living on the desolateplanet of Tatooine, Luke dreams ofadventure. When a distress call fromPrincess Leia arrives in the form of ahologram played by R2-D2, Lukemust decide if hes ready to answerthe call to adventure HERO
  32. 32. OBI-WAN KENOBIOne of the last Jedi Knights in thegalaxy, Obi-Wan Kenobi asks Luke tojoin him on his mission to rescuePrincess Leia from the clutches ofDarth Vader, his old enemy. Obi-Wan recognizes Lukes natural abilitywith the Force, and begins to trainhim in the Jedi way MENTOR
  33. 33. DARTH VADERDarth Vader hunts down and capturesPrincess Leia, who has stolen the plansfor the Empires new planet-killingspace station, the Death Star. He willsoon be confronted by his old master,Obi-Wan Kenobi, in a lightsaber duel,as well as Obi-Wans new apprentice,Luke Skywalker, in a starship battleover the Death Star itselfENEMY/SHADOW
  34. 34. TARKINThe ranking Imperial officer incharge of the Death Star, Tarkinseeks to discover the location of thesecret Rebel base, using any meansnecessary to extract the informationfrom his prisoner, Princess Leia.ENEMY/SHADOW
  35. 35. C-3POA droid used to interpret the manylanguages used throughout thegalaxy, C-3PO -- along with hiscounterpart R2-D2 -- become theinvoluntary couriers of the secretDeath Star plans hunted by theImperials ALLY
  36. 36. R2-D2R2-D2, a multi-purpose astromechdroid, is given the Death Starssecret plans by Princess Leia justbefore her capture by Darth Vader.His mission is to deliver the plans toObi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine, aquest that will ultimately lead him toa fight over the Death Star itself.HERALD/ALLY
  37. 37. PRINCESS LEIA ORGANACaptured by Darth Vader while attemptingto deliver secret plans of the Death Star tothe Rebel Alliance, Leia takes charge ofher own escape from the battle stationwith the help of Luke Skywalker and HanSolo. ALLY
  38. 38. HAN SOLOHan Solo is a rogue, a gambler, a scoundrel. He and hisWookiee co-pilot Chewbacca are hired to transportObi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and the droids toAlderaan in his ship, the Millennium Falcon. He soonlearns, though, that he gets more than he bargainedfor in helping the Rebels. ALLY
  39. 39. TATOOINEA desolate desert planet on theouter rim of the galaxy, Tatooine isthe home of Luke Skywalker, wholongs to leave his dusty moisturefarm and experience a lifeadventures among the stars.ORDINARY WORLD
  40. 40. DEATH STARA planet-killing space station thesize of a small moon, the Death Starhas become the ultimate threat tothe galaxy. The Rebel Alliance seeksto destroy the Death Star withsecret plans stolen by Princess Leia
  41. 41. Ordinary World: TatooineLiving w/uncle and auntCall to Adventure: R2D2’s holograph ofPrincess Laia.Denial of the Call: R2D2 wants to findObi-Wan Kenobi, but Luke resists. Hisuncle says that he no longer exists.Meeting Mentor: Obi-WanCrossing Threshold: Luke returns to findUncle Owen and Aunt Beru killed byimperial stormtroopers; now has noreason to stay – answers the call.
  42. 42. Tests/Allies/Enemies: R2D2, C-3PO, HanSolo, Obi-Wan, hiring Han’s spaceship.They escape an imperial blockade.Approach:Reach Alderaan – it’s beendestroyed. Obi-Wan introduces Luke to‘the Force.’ A tractor beam from theDeath Star pulls them in. They hide.Ordeal: Aboard the Death Star theymust fight to survive. Obi-Wan is killedby Darth Vedar and becomes one withthe force.Reward: Princess Leia is rescued, theyjoin the rebel forces, Luke gainsconfidence and
  43. 43. Reward: Princess Leia is rescued, theyjoin the rebel forces, Luke gainsconfidence and takes his place amongstthe rebels.The Road Back: Luke returns to findfamily farm burned out by imperialstormtroopers; now has no reason tostay – answers the call. The Death Star isin hot pursuit.Resurrection: In an epic battle, Lukedoes the impossible and destroys theDeath Star.
  44. 44. Return with the Elixir: Luke is now arebel fighter, he has learned about theforce, he is honored for his part in thedestroying of the Death Star.
  45. 45. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris—a husband andwife team—made their filmmaking debut with LittleMiss Sunshine, a critique of the “winner-take-all”outlook in American life.
  46. 46. Father Richard (Greg Kinnear), amotivational speaker tryingunsuccessfully to peddle his“Nine Steps to Success,” is thesecond husband of……
  47. 47. …of chain-smoking, “pro-honesty”, house-wife Sheryl(Toni Collette). Her brother…
  48. 48. …Frank (Steve Carell) hasrecently attempted suicide afterbeing jilted by his gay studentlover and losing his standing asAmerica’s pre-eminent Proustscholar. He now shares a roomwith…
  49. 49. …teenager Dwayne (Paul Dano),who is immersed in Nietzsche, andhas taken a vow of silence until hegets into the Air Force Academy.“Welcome to hell,” is his writtengreeting to Frank when he movesin with the family which includes…
  50. 50. …slightly pot-bellied, seven-year-old Olive (Abigail Breslin) who issingle-mindedly bent on becominga beauty queen. Her coach is…
  51. 51. …Grandpa Edwin (Alan Arkin), acynic and late-in-life convert topornography and heroin (“I stillgot Nazis bullets in my head.”)
  52. 52. The Family Unit…The Hero…
  53. 53. Ordinary World: Albuquerque, NewMexicoCall to Adventure: Aunt calls and tellsthe family that Olive has been offered aposition to compete at Little MissSunshine pageant in California.Denial of the Call: The family arguesabout whether or not they can go.Meeting Mentor: They mentor oneanother – Grandpa’s life attitude/Olive’sattitude about life guides the family aswell.
  54. 54. Crossing Threshold: The family sets offon their trip – Olive’s excitementconvinces the family to go – Dwayneand Frank agree to go. (Dwayne needsincentive: flight school.)Tests/Allies/Enemies: Van’s clutchbreaks down; Richard loses his bookdeal (Stan Grossman); Olive is leftbehind; Frank runs into his boyfriend.
  55. 55. Approach: The family checks into amotel for the night; Olive confesses toGrandpa that she is scared about thepageant the following day, but isreassured that she will blow em outtathe water." Sheryl and Richard have anexplosive argument about the failedbook deal, and Richard travels toScotsdale in the middle of the night toconfront Stan Grossman, his partner inthe deal. Richards ideas are rejectedagain, and he returns to the motel.
  56. 56. Ordeal: Grandfather is dead. They haveto go to the hospital and find that theycannot afford the bill. The familydecides to risk everything and stealgrandpa from the hospital.Reward: The family is closer than ever.Pulling off the caper of stealinggrandpa’s body they are united and thepush towards the pageant becomeseven more important. Family bonding.
  57. 57. The Road Back: The family is back onthe path they started on – they arefocused on getting to the pageant ontime. Pitfalls: police pull the van over (g-pa’s dead body is in the trunk!!)because the horn won’t stop. Having afamily “saves” dad ie the porn in thetrunk. Dwayne finds he is colour blind –Olive is mentor again – he supports herdreams.Resurrection: Dad works to get Oliveinto the pageant. The family is put toanother test – Olive’s performance inthe pageant.
  58. 58. Return with Elixir: The family unit isstrengthened. Dad realizes you don’thave to be a “winner” to win. Thefamily, having become closer and moreconfident during the trip, push-start themicrobus once again and pile in. Theydrive into the sunset, back toAlbuquerque.
  59. 59. What could the van represent?-breaks down….-needs to be pushed along… What else in the movie is breaking down?
  60. 60. What is being repaired?Where do these repairs happen within the 12 steps?
  61. 61. Do all the characters change?Who changes the most?Why do you think that is?Who changed the least?
  62. 62. Why do you think this movie appeals to people?Which of the 12 steps can you relate to?How would you compare this film to Star Wars?
  64. 64. Starter sentences…..The convention of INSERT STEP reveals ____________ to the audienceabout the narrative.Without the INSERT STEP the narrative would lack….INSERT STEP is one of the most important conventions within the Hero’sJourney, it helps the audience to understand……….The archetype of the INSERT ARCHETYPE is important to the narrativebecause…….The archetype of the INSERT ARCHETYPE can be found in INSERT STEPbecause…..The archetype of the INSERT ARCHETYPE enters the narrative within theINSERT STEP in order to….
  65. 65. Starter sentences…..COMPARE/CONTRAST:Similarly in INSERT FILM the convention of INSERT STEP is used to….Compared to INSERT FILM the convention of INSERT STEP works muchbetter/is less successful because…..Unlike INSERT FILM, INSERT FILM is able to convey the idea of theINSERT STEP much more clearly because…..For example, within INSERT FILM INSERT STEP allows the audience toexperience…..For instance, the scene where…….happens allows the audience to betterunderstand the INSERT STEP.