Closing A Deal With A Seamless Business Proposal


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Business proposal is the ultimate key to secure business deals. A well written business proposal is the only way to secure business deals. Proposal samples can be used to create bid winning proposals. This article explains about the various aspects of seamless proposal writing.

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Closing A Deal With A Seamless Business Proposal

  1. 1. Closing a Deal with a Seamless Business Proposal A business proposal enables you to make the presentation of yourself, your company and your offer in a noteworthy manner. It is an offer letter for the prospective customer and a means of introducing the business to the customer. The presentation of the business should be professional and attractive. Here, ‘attractive’ means that the offer should be presented in a lucrative manner so that a customer immediately gets convinced about your offer and that may lead to the acceptance of the proposal. In this case, first you have to highlight the nature of problem of a client and your solution that you can offer to the client. These facts fulfill the main aim of a business proposal that is to solve the problem of the customer by offering solutions. There are many do’s and don’ts while writing a sound, logical and flawless offer letter. If you are responding to the ‘Request for Proposal’, then follow the format or pattern on which the customer has emphasized. However, make the format more attractive and readable so that you are able to tell something extra to the customer about your organization. This means that merely confining to what customer has demanded is not sufficient. You need to unfold some lucrative and valuable fact about your enterprise to the customer so that he feels convinced about what you say. Then you can gradually lead his thought process to thinking ‘why should he choose you?’ and for this you can first mention about the products and services offered or talk in detail about the contract or an agreement in question. Then you can uncover unique benefits that the contract, agreement or the business deal can render to the prospective customers. You should not brag about yourself or your company with sentences like, ‘We are the renowned players’, etc. Support each statement that you make about yourself with facts, i.e. evidence. You can mention about the certification and credentials of the enterprise. This makes your customer believe in you and follow what you say further. In this way, you can make the task of alluring a customer to accept your proposal easier. Business Proposal Samples can be used for further help on how to write business proposals