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  • My assigned topic today is tactics for establishing a strong digital footprint. When presented with the title and description which follows, I was struck by the word tactics which brings to mind things we do, after certain strategic consideration that some things need to be done or purposefully avoided. [read definition].Before I begin, may I ask if there are any physicians in attendance this afternoon? Thank you. While the relevance of this talk is not limited to physicians the ‘N of 1’ use case is specific to one physician and his goals with respect to a return on his social media participation. Unlike the exceptional presentation I heard yesterday by my colleague and friend Jane Sarasohn Kahn, aka @healthythinker, I only have a few slides to share with you, then I’d like to open it up for questions from the floor. I am mindful that I am pinch hitting from one of the most visible and perhaps prolific physician participants and thought leaders in social media being Howard J Luks,MD aka @hjluks. Tactics – a noun( usually used with a singular verb ) the art or science of disposing military or naval forces for battle and maneuvering them in battle.( used with a singular verb ) any mode of procedure for gaining advantage or success.
  • While I’ve spent decades in the healthcare industry, most of my tenure has been of the non-traditional or contrarian variety, vs. the MHA/MBA/ACHE/FACHE glidepath. starting with tenure as one of a rather small fraternity of 3 lay directors of medical affairs of large medical centers in the US, birthing the medical staff services profession, laying the groundwork for PHOs via MeSH models, to bleeding edge development of JV and affiliate entities between the hospitals and physicians accelerating the birth of the managed care industry. This contrarian alchemy was forged from seasoning at Preferred Health Network, to the Sisters of Providence St Joseph Medical Center, American Medical international, HealthTrust, Columbia/HCA, University of California Irvine Medical Center, and Texas Health Resources. I’ve had an interesting seat at the table experiencing the tender underbelly of medicine and its not very pretty at times.So I welcome change and advocate for re-engineering the ‘too large to fail’, yet ‘too expensive and risky to access’, sick care non-system we’ve co-created.
  • Via the lens of one third party ratings service who claims to be able to measure social capital and influence, I am a ‘specialist’ which means I seem to know what I am talking about in at least three areas based on the tag cloud build via keywords and phrases in my tags, & metadata.
  • When I first think of underserved communities rural, impoverished or undeveloped nation’s come to mind, yet in this context the wide-scale adoption of social media witnessed in the population at large is not mirrored in healthcare nor medicine other than a handful of early adopters.So the use case pool is relatively thin, but growing as we speak.
  • What is a digital footprint? A digital footprint is a collection of activities and behaviors recorded when an entity (such as a person) interacts in a digital environment. It may include the recording of activities such as system login and logouts, visits to a webpage, accessed or created files, or emails and chat messages. The digital footprint allows interested parties to access this data, possibly for data mining, or profiling purposes. - Wikipedia Alt: The aggregate weight of your presence as established via blog posts, comments, tweets, podcasts, video streaming, video uploads, article generation, slideshare uploads, comments on ratings sites, likes, and + 1s, as seen by search engines. For the ‘you’ enterprise [whether a person, company, cause or organization] are an entity in the cloud and this is your ‘clickstream exhaust’ [Batelle].
  • The view from healthcare. The graphic subtext is the dinosaur on your left is holding a smart phone and tweeting, while his buddy on the right poses the question, hey what are you doing?Rather than quote the massive penetration of the major social name plates including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc…suffice it to say, social media is mainstream in the population at large, yet healthcare and medicine are lagging for many reasons including liability, workflow, privacy and financial reasons. I’m going to talk to you about one physician’s vision and pathway into social media and the digital footprint he’s in the process of building.
  • As we hear over and over again, all health care is local. Rarely does a one size fit all work. There is no reason to believe one could work in social media.So the field is wide open, the early adopters are the way-showers, thought leaders and modelers for what might work and add value to a particular community.With very few exceptions hospitals, health systems, health plans, medical groups, physician networks or their management company proxies to the extent that they are involved in social media and building a digital footprint, are using this new medium in very traditional way, i.e., broadcasting PRs, service announcements, medical staff announcements, etc, or they are listening to their brand for customer service issues and engaging as appropriate. Some of the more innovative players are doing things like tweeting surgeries, ER waiting times, even dovetailing with public health or CDC alerts in their communities.Still we are very early in this process, and it’s to new to be talking about best practices and real world impact other than the power of the medium to connect people, build community and catalyze collaboration if not innovation.So lets look at one digital footprint, for one physician in one specialty.
  • Meet Richard Just, MD, an N of 1 use case.Medical oncologist in legacy mode in his career. A doctors/doctor kind of guy, and a peach of a man.A fountain head of wisdom in clinical research, chairing the IRB at a major health system in San Diego California, lead the organization of community oncologists into the largest community oncology in the county, and is in the thick of it as a statewide merger of community oncologists is proceeding in anticipation of health reform.One might say a ‘perfect fit’ for social media!
  • The first consideration was where to start, and how to position Dr. Just in the social media stream so to speak.This meant opening a Twitter account, starting a blog, and launching a weekly Internet based radio show with intent to track, comment on and translate the news and developments in cancer care and research to the public at large.From a branding coherence perspective we’re violating the principle of consistency. Since we’re early on in the proving stage, this absence of purity is a conscious decision to be aligned over time. Path unclear at the moment.
  • This is the basic blueprint with the blog at the center and the radio show, supplemented by the digital magazine. Tweets are daily via @chemosabe1. This is a brand coherence issue, though we do have the Twitter handle @justoncology.
  • As a result of the blog ‘JustOncology’, Dr Just has four articles posted on KevinMD.com the go to medical blog, with over 45k subscribers.
  • 2ns set of blog posts at KevinMD.com
  • As a result of the blog ‘JustOncology’, Dr Just has four articles posted on KevinMD.com the go to medical blog, with over 45k subscribers.
  • An an invitation from ACP Internist to be a featured contributor to their blog.
  • Oncology Times featured Dr. Just in their profile in oncology series this january, 2012.
  • The net effect of building the digital footprint put digital identifies on a search engine results page where 3 out of the 5 results are digital properties where dr. just has direct control over the content. The other two are ratings services.
  • We’re very early In the game of best practices of physicians in social media.
  • Keep it simple.Get educated, connected, build your voice and ‘street cred’.You want to become a virtual node in the conversation specific to your interest, caner, cardiology, prevention, chronic disease management.Every tweet is a web page, indexed by Google/other SE’s.By tweeting whether an original post, an @ reply, or RT, you are building your digital footprint and over time creating standing in the cloud associated with your interests.
  • Keep it simple.Get educated, connected, build your voice and ‘street cred’.You want to become a virtual node in the conversation specific to your interest, caner, cardiology, prevention, chronic disease management.Every tweet is a web page, indexed by Google/other SE’s.By tweeting whether an original post, an @ reply, or RT, you are building your digital footprint and over time creating standing in the cloud associated with your interests.
  • This is one representation of a digital footprint. It measures only the last 50 tweets and calculates a ‘reach’ generated in terms of accounts with access to the impressions actually generated. It’s kind of like doing a Google search an perhaps noticing the sponsored ads that are displaying based on the keywords entered.
  • And the timeline as well as active tweeters in the last 50 tweets posted.
  • HiMSS 2012 Building a Digital Footprint

    1. 1. Tactics for establishing a strong ‘digital footprint’ Gregg A. Masters, MPH aka @2healthguru2/26/2012 HiMSS 2012
    2. 2. About my lens• 25+ years in hospital, health plan, medical group and physician network management• Partner in digital media agency specializing in healthcare, entertainment and action sports• Tweet via handle of @2healthguru, to 5,828 ‘friends’, a ‘super user’ if you will, with over 30k tweets, since in August 2008• Publish ACOwatch.com, JustOncology.com. HeathGeek.tv, and IllustratorsJournal.com• Host 3 Internet radio shows: This Week in Accountable Care, & This Week in Oncology, and his Week in Digital Media.
    3. 3. Klout scoreYou may not be a celebrity, but within your area of expertise youropinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around aspecific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engagedaudience.
    4. 4. Session description & scope• Healthcare and medicine are some of the most underserved communities in social media.• This session will equip clinicians and health IT professionals with practical tactics, best practices and real-world examples of how to establish a strong digital footprint in a relatively short period of time using social media.
    5. 5. Digital what?A ’digital footprint’ is acollection of activitiesand behaviors recordedwhen an entity (such asa person) interacts in adigital environment….The digital footprintallows interestedparties to access thisdata, possibly for datamining, or profilingpurposes. – Wikipedia
    6. 6. ‘the times they are a changin’ ‘Establishing a digital presence is rapidly becoming a necessity for healthcare professionals, medical practices, and institutions. Many have recognized this fact, yet many more have not.’ - Howard J Luks, MD aka @hjluks
    7. 7. Bottom line: There’s no one “right”way to build your footprint, and alot of your choices will depend onwhere you want to goprofessionally. If you’re looking torecruit patients as a cardiologist, forexample, your approach may bevery different than that of a buddingphysician executive. My strongestadvice is to find a role model who’sdoing what you want to do–don’t beafraid to take a page from his or herplaybook. Finally, always rememberthat what you do and what you postis a reflection of you. Be smart.aka @doctor_V
    8. 8. Meet Dr Just36 year practitioner of medicaloncology/hematologyAt ‘legacy time’ in career *what’snext?]Recently stepped down as CEO oflarge community oncology grouppracticePassions include: reading,writing, research & sharing hiswisdom
    9. 9. Where to start?Only ‘digital presence’ wasbrochure-ware website, noengagement, only static dataNeeded to brand Dr JustChose ‘JustOncology’Retained/used emailmoniker ‘chemosabe1’ forTwitter @chemosabe1
    10. 10. Foundation of onephysician’s footprint &branding strategy:Blog: JustOncology.comTwitter: @chemosabe1Internet radio show:TWiODigital magazine
    11. 11. This Week in Oncology ‘TWiO’ Weekly Internet radio show on BlogTalk Radio Network Translating cancer research and trends in best practices into common parlance Most recent episode Howard (Jack) West, MD aka @JackWestMD, GRACE
    12. 12. • January 10th, 2012 edition of Oncology Times• 7th in a series profiling oncologists participating in social media
    13. 13. ‘SERP’ (organic)Google query:Richard Just MD(141 million records)- HealthGrades- 2 Twitter accounts- 1 ‘error return’- Vitals- Oncology Times
    14. 14. Best practices? It depends!A ‘thin gene pool’Best global resourceMayo Clinic Center for SocialMediahttp://socialmedia.mayoclinic.org/
    15. 15. Start with Twitter• Follow @hjluks, @doctor_v, @edbennett, @epatientDave, @leeaase, @philbaumann, @mayoclinic, many others!• Show up for ‘Tweetchats’, i.e., #HITsm, HCSM• Listen, learn, contribute…• Familiarize yourself with platforms and tools, e.g., WordPress, BlogTalk Radio, YouTube, Facebook, uStream, and TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Flipboard, G+, Pinterest, Tumblr2/26/2012 HiMSS 2012
    16. 16. Then protect your brand Claim your ‘social media profile’ (both for branding & reputation management) YouTube Facebook BlogTalk Radio WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr Directories (Manta, Superpages, Ratings (Vitals, HealthGrades, Yelp, etc.)2/26/2012 HiMSS 2012
    17. 17. Q&A Gregg Masters, 760.458.1186 gregg@xanatemedia.com @2healthguru2/26/2012 HiMSS 2012