Agency Culture Code: Ironpaper


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This is Ironpaper's culture code--a set of guidelines for building a great culture at our agency. We continuously refine and improve this guide, just as we continuously refine and improve the agency.

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Agency Culture Code: Ironpaper

  1. 1. Ironpaper An operating system (v2.5) for our agency Our set of shared beliefs, values and practices The Ironpaper Culture Code
  2. 2. Ironpaper ‣ People do their best work when they are inspired. We seek to create an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, continuous learning and brilliance. ‣ Clients need us to be their strategic partners. In this partnership, we must be inspirational, be effective, be human and drive growth. Why our culture is important
  3. 3. Ironpaper Be bold, transparent, and honest ‣ Bold: Push yourself to inspire, make smart decisions, apply critical thinking and achieve better results. ‣ Transparent: Provide context into your process and your ideas, continually. ‣ Honest: Clients hire us not to appease their tastes, but to help them grow. Be frank with what you believe. Work hard to earn trust and become a strategic partner.
  4. 4. Ironpaper We live at the intersection of art & science ‣ Data, intuition, creativity and experience should guide our actions. ‣ Blend creative insights and analytics to drive your decision making. ‣ Embrace this union of science and art. This intersection allows the best results to occur. ‣ Use objective metrics and an iterative process to drive success.
  5. 5. Ironpaper Learning is critical to success ‣ Just as Ironpaper’s team needs to learn, so do clients. We must be both students & educators, always. ‣ Keep yourself on the cutting edge and collaborate with others. ‣ Spend the right amount of time to educate clients and provide context. Share data, tools, articles, tips and insights regularly to clients better understand the digital landscape.
  6. 6. Ironpaper Be proactive ‣ Think, research, investigate, and acknowledge. ‣ Seek out solutions to problems and future risks before they happen. 
 (Remember The Hunt for Red October) ‣ Communications, training, and planning can solve most problems. ‣ Today and now is the right time.
  7. 7. Ironpaper Be human ‣ Remember, our clients are just like us. They want great results and have embraced a digital strategy. ‣ Communications can solve most problems. Communicate early and often and manage expectations. ‣ Respond with empathy, personally. Meet in person regularly or, at least, pick up the phone and give clients, partners, and team members a call—staying in touch will solve problems before they occur and build healthy relationships. ‣ Use good judgement.
  8. 8. Ironpaper Add value ‣ Go beyond the minimum expectations. ‣ Provide insights. Research and deeply understand the client’s business. Push for better quality, and find small ways to go above and beyond. ‣ Exceed expectations. ‣ Do something special.
  9. 9. IronpaperLearn more: Guidelines for the Ironpaper team ‣ Ironpaper seeks to hire & retain passionate, smart, curious, and inventive individuals that embrace the values expressed in this culture code. ‣ Push yourself beyond your current limits. ‣ Always be collaborating—new ideas spark when we come together. ‣ We all have the power to influence culture. ‣ You are here to grow and empower others to grow. Let’s treat each other with respect, courtesy and kindness. ‣ Always be learning & researching. Learning helps you evolve and grow—it’s critical to success. ‣ Always be listening—you can always improve and gain a deeper understanding. ‣ Share what you learn and inspire others. Encourage others to share and inspire you. ‣ Be positive and help create a culture that we all love and a company that we all dream of. ‣ Don’t run from problems—tackle your challenges proactively. ‣ Bring solutions to the table. ‣ You can make a difference. Great culture starts with you. Your words and actions are transformative to yourself and others.
  10. 10. 555 8th Ave, 15th Floor New York, NY 10018 212-993-7809 A Results-Driven Digital Agency. Visit us on Twitter 2108 South Blvd #104 Charlotte, NC 28203 980-255-5100 Ironpaper Thank you.