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The dog and his reflection.odt

  1. 1. 1. The dog and his reflection The Dog and his Reflection 1
  2. 2. 1. The dog and his reflection The dog and his Reflection Once upon s time, in a town somewhere in France, lived agreedy stray dog. The filthy dog would always hang around the marketplace, scavenging for food. He would jump into the rubbish dump and mess up the place. This casued the people to be angry with him. They would always chase him away. One morning, the dog arrived very early and hid himselfbehind some empty boxes. He was eying a large chunk tofreshly cut meat at a butchers stall nearly. The throught of thejuicy meat made the dog salivate. “Oh, boy! How wonderful if i can sink my teeth into that juicymeat,” thought the dog. While the dog was entertaining his thought, the butcher wasbusy chopping and selling his meat. 2
  3. 3. 1. The dog and his reflection For a moment when the butcher was not looking, the dogsprang up and snatched the cunk of meat with his mouth, andran off. The angry butcher gave chase, but the dog was toofast for him. The hungry dog had not eaten for two days. Therefore, hewas very happy for having stolen such a juicy chunk of meat.He decided to get wasy as far as possible to enjoy eating themeat in peace. Meanwhile, back at the marketplace, the butcher wascursing his luck for lusing such an expensive piece of meat. The dog kept on running with the chunk of meat in hismouth. A short while later, he came to a narrow stream. Tocross the stream, he had to walk along a piece of plank whichserved as a temporary bridge. While holding the meat firmly in his mouth, the dog trottedacross the river. 3
  4. 4. 1. The dog and his reflection But half wasy through, he stopped. He peered into the stream below because he thought he saw another dog with a bigger hunk of meat in his mouth. The greedy dog didnot know that it was only his own reflection in the water. “Wow! That dog has a bigger piece of meat,” he thought. “ i must have it, too!” Thinking that he could scare the other dog away, and thengrab the meat from his mouth, the greedy dog started to barkloudly. But, as a soon as he opened his mouth, his own chunkof meat dropped into the stream and sank to the bottom. Alas,he then realised too late that it was just his reflection in thewater. How sad the foolish dog was! He was already on his way toenjiy a good meal but due to his greed and foolishness he hadto go hungry again. The poor dog lamented his loss! “ How stupid of me! Ihave to go to the market to look for food again!” said the dog. 4
  5. 5. 1. The dog and his reflectionMoral: A person should not be too greedy when he already hasenough for himself.Glossary: • scavenging – looking for food in a rubbish dump. • salivate – to produce saliva • cursing – speaking angrily • reflection – the image of something in the water • realised – suddenly understood something • lamented – expressed sadness and regretQuestions: 1. What did the dog do in the marketplace? 2. What made the dog salivate? 3. How did the dog cross the stream? 4. What did he see in the water? 5. What dropped into the stream? 5