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Acne Facts and fiction edited
Usually the things people say about acne that are not true take ...
people psychologically. It is known to affect their perception of themselves, their self-estee...
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Getting People With Bad Skin


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Having Bad skin problems can be indicative of more deeper health issues than you may know. It is important that you always keep this in check and that is what we'll talk about.

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Getting People With Bad Skin

  1. 1. Acne Facts and fiction edited Usually the things people say about acne that are not true take a while to go away. Even with modern medicine and technology, people continue to believe lies about what causes acne and all the home remedies for acne. In this article we’ll look into the various things said about acne, what causes acne and what remedies are available for acne. Here we’ll try to separate real facts from fiction and myths. Myth 1: If you have acne, it means you have poor hygiene This statement is absolutely false for numerous reasons which we’ll go into. The ultimate cause of acne is a hormonal imbalance in the body. We have glands that are there to keep skin waterproof and moist. When these glands overreact, they produce excessive quantities of sebum; they block the associated hair follicle, causing clogged pores, and this turns into acne. In other words hygiene has absolutely nothing to do with it that’s why you shouldn’t look at a person with acne and think they have bad hygiene. In fact unnecessary scrubbing of the skin can make the problem worse. You do have to be good with your skin though, so it means washing your face gently and patting it dry. Myth 2: When you eat certain “bad foods” it will lead to acne There is no direct correlation between the things you eat and the fact that you have acne. The chocolates, the French fries, the cheese pizza, and the other types of foods that people are always telling you that are so terrible and will give you acne. Despite the fact that eating these foods doesn’t directly lead to acne, it is still a good idea for you to eat have a good diet. Despite the fact that you don’t need to be concerned as to whether your favorite treat affects your skin (at least directly), you should not forget that it does affect your overall health. Myth 3: Stress will make sure you get acne That is not really true because we are all stressed in one form or another, and the daily stress we go through does not lead to acne. However it can be possible that when you take drugs to deal with your stress, part of the side effects can be acne. If you got acne when you got stressed and started taking medication for it, then you should probably talk to your doctor and see which medication is messing with your skin. If you already had acne and then you got more stress, which could lead to your acne being worse than before. Myth 4: The acne we have is only cosmetic Even though acne seems cosmetic to people who have never had it, it is more than just that. In some cases acne can lead to permanent scarring which is more than just purely cosmetic. Acne also affects
  2. 2. people psychologically. It is known to affect their perception of themselves, their self-esteem and confidence and their interaction with others. It can make people feel frustration, depression and social embarrassment because of the general stigma towards people with acne. Myth 5: There is no cure for acne and all who have it are hopeless With the amount of acne home remedies and also commercial products, you should be glad to know that at least of these will help you. The fact is that acne can be cleared up with the right medication or with home remedies for acne treatments. If you have acne, then consult your dermatologist.