Location – Heaton Park Photoshoot


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Location – Heaton Park Photoshoot

  1. 1. Location – Heaton Park Photoshoot By Amanda Davidson – 0554 Centre Number - 33751 These are the photos that Sarah, Lauren and I gathered for our group, this was done to allow us to gather photos of Ashley and Kate and see whether Heaton Park was the correct location for our setting in the music video filming session. With these photos we were able to see that filming in Heaton Park would be a correct location for us.Each photo will include a description of what we are trying to show within the photo, making you see why we chose Heaton Park. This will then help deciding which order to film for our music video with the photos we have got we can create a storyboard.
  2. 2. Heaton Park Photoshoot 1 This is the first photoshoot that Lauren, Sarah and I took – these photos were taken on Tuesday 1 st December at approximately half 4, which is why they are rather dark and hard to see. Although we did use the lighting of the cars that we took we weren’t given enough light to photograph the building. But we were able to get some goods photos for Ashley and Kate.
  3. 3. These two photos show how we created the lightings for the photoshoot that we did. This shows the two cars being used to enable to be take good enough photos of Ashley and Kate.
  4. 4. These three photos of Ashley show different angles of him being positioned sat upon the grass with the leaves falling upon him. The bottom left photo shows a figure which is Lauren holding a hand full of leaves over Ashley allowing us to capture a photo of them falling onto him. This is something we may consider to show in the music video, but we will probably use a shot of Kate throwing the leaves in the air and them falling down to a shot of Ashley sat like this.
  5. 5. These are the final two photos of the previous shots, they show another angle and also a close up of his body language and facial expression. We need to be able to show this within our music video to allow different emotions to be shown through the song and lyrics being sung by Ashley.
  6. 6. Here we have three photos of Ashley and Kate, we have positioned them with the guitar. We can see that they have some sort of chemistry between the two of them as we can see through the way the are positioned with body language. The way they are sitting shows that Ashley is looking directly at the camera while Kate is looking to the side and at Ashley; this shows that she has emotional feelings surrounding him and yet he is unaware of this in a way.
  7. 7. This photo was taken to analyse the lighting we could create from the car headlights and to see what effect we could create with it. Here we have a photo of Ashley and Kate, Ashley is leaning against the tree while Kate is sat looking at him – showing her facial expression in the close-up above we can see this clearly.
  8. 8. Two photos of Ashley which could either be used for the CD Cover or The Advertisement which we need to complete. These two photos could be used for the filming as we could position him like he is now and have him singing or even having flashbacks for his past. This would look good and unique as we could create a few flashbacks to help compliment the lyrics that Ashley would be singing.
  9. 9. Here we have three photos of Ashley and Kate, we can see that he is at a higher authority than she is as he is stood above her while she is sat at a low position to him. This makes him superior to her inferiority as she is portrayed as the innocent one to his higher authority.
  10. 10. Here we can see from two different angles of which we can identify the superior and inferior authority of Ashley and Kate. From these photos we can see facial expression’s and also their body language telling us that they aren’t close anymore. Ashley and Kate showing Superior and Inferior authority, this could be used in the CD Cover or Advertisement allowing us to create a different emotion.
  11. 11. Heaton Park Photoshoot 2 This is the second photoshoot that Lauren, Sarah and I took – these photos were taken on Monday 7 th December at approximately 3pm, which allowed us to get really good photos of Ashley and Kate together. We were able to use the day light although it was raining we still were able to get useful photos of them and are able to now complete the rest of our ancillary tasks.
  12. 12. Here we have Ashley and Kate – these are the casting shots which made us decide upon them being our models for the music video. We can see from Ashley that he has the exact Indie style we are aiming to present, in terms of his hair style, height and his attitude we can plainly see the genre of Indie suits him greatly. As for Kate we can see she has a natural Indie style as well as having a good camera energy and has the sense of innocence and fun which will work well within the music video – through the meaning of the song itself.
  13. 13. As the first photo we decided to take it twice to determine whether we should use the flash or not. As you can see the first photo was with the flash switched off the second the flash switched on, we did this because we thought the first one may not be bright enough but the second one is too bright as it shows all the details of the wall upon the photo. Therefore we took the rest of the photos without the flash on, although it was bad weather we did take some good photos of Ashley and Kate. Seeing whether we should use the flash or not as it made the photo too bright.
  14. 14. Here we have Ashley and Kate close together showing a connection between the two of them, we can see from their facial expressions and body language that they are close. Also we can see that Kate has her hand upon his shoulder making her have an effective towards him wanting to be close by – with her hand upon his shoulder in lust.
  15. 15. For this photo we can see that Ashley and Kate are facing each other through body language, but they are both looking towards the camera not making a connection through their eyes but Kate’s touch through her hand to his shoulder. This could be used for the CD Cover with the song titles down one side this could create a closeness of the audience to the models and also to each other about the song that Ashley is performing “More Than This”.
  16. 16. Photos Of Ashley These photos of Ashley show his attitude side to his character which we will be trying to portrait throughout the music video. We can see he has a cheeky side to him from the first photo with his smile, yet the others show his wild side and sheer attitude of which he can portrait into the Indie style.
  17. 17. Another photo of Ashley portraying the Indie style greatly, this could be used for the CD Cover or Advertisement to represent the Indie style to the audience that we are aiming at. Another Photo Of Ashley
  18. 18. Here we have Ashley with the guitar giving us another image to portrait, this shows us more of the musician style and compliments the Indie style and genre which we are trying to represent through the photoshoot and music video. More Photos Of Ashley
  19. 19. We can see the attitude that Ashley is portraying in the photo on his own. With the other two photos we can see passion and lust showing through the touch of Ashley’s hand against Kate’s face. Holding her hair back allowing us to see the sheer emotion and passion beaming through. Another Photo Of Ashley & Photos Of Ashley and Kate Emotion of passion through the touch of his hand.
  20. 20. Here are the final photos of the photoshoot that we did, we can see the closeness of the two of Ashley and Kate while she has her hand on his chest making them have a passionate connection between them. Also we can see the innocence of Kate upon Ashley as his moves close and closer into his shoulder. More Photos Of Ashley & Photos Of Ashley and Kate
  21. 21. Thank You For Watching! You can now see why we wanted to see if Heaton Park was the right location for us, as well as being able to get the correct lighting for the photoshoot that we completed. These photos can now be considered to the use of the CD Cover or Magazine Advertisement.