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Album Cover - Research

  1. 1. Album Cover - Research By Amanda Davidson – 0554 Centre Number - 33751 These are some of the Album Covers that we have been looking at, these particular ones are the ones which I travelled to Manchester to look in HMV for. I did this to see what types of music is being sold at the present stage now and also to discover how they are presented and how they are made to look like the title of the album cover or song name.
  2. 2. The album Young Lust, was released in the 2001 collection as this takes the next step proving an “anthology,” which apparently means that it delves deeper than those hits, providing two discs of latter-day Aerosmith. The 2001 compilation album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, was reissued in 2005 as Gold. Aerosmith – Young Lust This is the bands Logo; Aerosmith, being represented through a tattoo is a great way to show the band name and logo. This represents his touch against her skin, this shows a unique style of the band. The light being shone down the middle of the girl draws our eyes towards the middle of the cover. Draws our eyes to the title of the album cover “Young Lust” is written in bold black text while “The Aerosmith Anthology” is written in normal text style.
  3. 3. The Singles is a 2005 compilation album by Basement Jaxx. As Basement Jaxx are a UK house music dup they were able to release six studio albums and four compilation albums. According to Portvaleonline, Basement Jazz are behind a bid to invest in Port Vale Football Club. Basement Jaxx – The Singles The background of this cover shows creativity of bright colours being presented in a style that goes well with the rest of the album cover. Both the title and album name are in white, however “Basement Jaxx” is written in bold writing making it stand out as it is the main title – the band name. While “the singles” is presented in normal style white writing allowing us to see the name but not notice it first. The outline of the title and CD name has been presented in a black box allowing the colours to become separate from the title itself. This part of the cover is all one colour making it bold and stand out against the multiple colours that have been used throughout the cover.
  4. 4. Boys Like Girls is an American rock/punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, who gained mainstream recognition when they released their self-titled debut album Boys Like Girls. Boys Like Girls is the eponymous debut album which was released on August 22, 200 through Columbia Records/Red Ink. The album has been certified Gold by the RIAA for over 500,00 units shipped. BoysLikeGirls – BoysLikeGirls Both the “Boys” and “Girls” are written bolder than the word “Like”, this shows importance of these two words as the define the album. The cloud is imitated to look like it is raining the red (blood or dye), this creates a unique look towards the cover. The header – this being the title makes it stand out to the viewer. The background is quite plain but adds affect through the detail of the three colours presented onto the cover – red, green and blue.
  5. 5. Burn the Negative are an English dance-punk group from Carlisle, England, currently signed to Gung-Ho! Recordings. This album was released in 2009 on the 4 th May, showing great interest within its fans and also having released a special edition in September. Burn The Negative – In The Atmosphere The background is plan but affective as it has miner details which attract our eyes. Also the lighter areas attract our view and make us concentrate on the details of the cover. The title is quite small but affective to the extent of being unique and different. With the title being presented in white and black shows complimentary colours also adding a bit of colour with the red. These red lines contribute towards to the title : Burn I The I Negative Also the title underneath this says “in the atmosphere”. All this text is written in block capitals and also in bold text making it stand out more.
  6. 6. Coldplay are an English alternative rock band formed in London in 1998. Parachutes is the debut album which was released by the record label Parlophone on 10 th July 2000 in the United Kingdom. The album won Best British Album at the 2001 Brit Awards. A Rush of Blood to the Head is the second studio album which was released on 26 th August 2002 through the label Parlophone in the UK, the album was produced by the band and British record producer Ken Nelson. Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head & Coldplay - Parachutes The title and name are written in the same font, size and style making it consistent throughout the cover. The background is a pale blue making it feel calm and not to in your face. The title and name has been written downwards to illustrate a different way to present the text. Also allows room for the unique photo being shown in the middle of the cover. The background is black allowing the title to be seem in white as well as the circle in the middle of the cover catching our eyes and causing us to question its meaning.
  7. 7. Leave This Town is the second album f the American rock band Daughtry and was released on July 14 th , 2009. “No Surprise” served as the lead single for the album. It was streamed on their official website, on the evening of May 6 th 2009. The song was made available on iTunes May 5 th 2009. it debuted at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 the chart week of May 23 rd 2009. it is the band’s highest debut to date on the chart, fuelled by strong first week digital sales of 103,000. the second single, “Life After You”, was released around October 2009. it has already sold 61,000 digital downloads. Daughtry – Leave This Town The background is made up of a long road showing detail to the road, and building/trees being presented. The allows our eyes to follow the road down and makes it seem like the front cover is 3D. We are presented with the band members at the top of the cover. However although we can see them and make out who they are they are faint to not distract us from the main areas of the cover. The main areas of the cover is the title, this is shown in two types of writing. “Daughtry” is shown in fancy black writing making it stand out over everything else. “Leave This Town” is also written in black but is presented in normal text. Both the title and band name are done in block capitals and being presented in bold.
  8. 8. Narrow Stairs is the sixth studio album by alternative rock band Death Cab for Cutie. It was released on may 12, 2008 in the United Kingdom and released on May 13, 2008 in the United States. The first single of the album was “I Will Possess Your Heart”, released on march 18 th 2008. the second single is “Cath…”. The album was their first album to reach #1 on the Billboard 200. The album has received mostly positive reviews and was nominated for “Best Alternative Music Album”. Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs The text is written in capitals, bold and in black against a grey/white background, this helps to make it stand out against all the other colours. The title and band name is shown show the right hand side of the cover, this making space of the design that they have chosen but also having the text this way makes it unusual and different to all the other covers. The colours being used here are bold and particular as they draw you in. The band have used primary colours consisting of the Red, Green and Blue.
  9. 9. Slowhand is an album by Eric Clapton, released in 1977. it contained three of his most popular singles, the bluesy “Cocaine”, the ballad “Wonderful Tonight” and the country-flavoured #3 US hit “Lay Down Sally”, as well as other songs that became Clapton classics on their own like “The Core” and “Next Time You See Her”. The album proved to be a big success and a step forward after the relative failure of Clapton's previous alum, No Reason to Cry. Eric Clapton - Slowhand The title and band name are in the same text, size and style making them equal. They are is normal style but are shown in capitals. We can see the arm and hand of this person, yet we don’t know actually who they are it leans us towards a member of the band, yet still a mystery. The background is white making it plain and neutral allowing us to concentrate on other parts of the cover. A border has been added a the cover was hard to see on the white background of the powerpoint.
  10. 10. One By One is the fourth studio album by alternative rock band Foo Fighters, released on October 22 nd 20002 on RCA. The album is the first to feature guitarist Chris Shiflett. There are two versions of this album released, one with a white cover (CD only) and another with a black cover (CD and limited edition DVD). One by One won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2004. the album gave the Foo Fighters their first UK #1 album and also gave them a #3 peak in the US. Foo Fighters – One By One The band name “Foo Fighters” is written in large block capitals. This is in black while “One By One” is written in the same text size, font and style however it is seen in red. The main image on the album cover is the black heart this represents love and lust. However it being coloured in black and white shows different making it a mystery. The background is white making it plain and neutral allowing us to concentrate on other parts of the cover. A border has been added a the cover was hard to see on the white background of the powerpoint.
  11. 11. Snap, Crackle [&] Bop s the fourth album by John Cooer Clarke, originally released in 1980. as with Disguise in Love, the album was backed by The Invisible Girls and produced by Martin Hannett. John Cooper Clarke – Snap Crackle [&] Bop The band name and album name are presented in badges. This is a different way and a unique way of showing the name’s as its another eye catching source. Within the pocket are a pair of sunglasses this allows a 3D look to fall onto the CD Cover. The background is of a persons jacket allowing us to see the pocket and the detail upon the jacket itself.
  12. 12. Vanishing Point is a 1997 album by Primal Scream. It is named after and inspired by the 1971 film Vanishing Point, especially the song “Kowalski”, which is meant to be an alternative soundtrack to the movie. The album was recorded with the aid of two portable eight-track recording studios at the band’s Chalk Farm rehearsal rooms where it was also written. Primal Scream - Vanishing Point The title and band name are written in similar styles continuing with the same style. This is done in white as the background is in reds, yellow and black. As white is a neutral colour it compliments the background well and looks effective. “Vanishing Point” has been boxed off to allow the viewer to know that this is the album cover name. The actual photo upon the album cover is bright and colourful. It is affective as the headlights of the vehicle have been made to look brighter to help catch your eyes. The colours that have been used are unique and compliment each other, in a good and effective way.
  13. 13. OK Computer is the third album by the English alternative rock band Radiohead, released on 16 th June 1997. Radiohead recorded the album in rural Oxfordshire and Bath, during 1996 and early 1997, with producer Nigel Godrich. OK Computer reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and marked Radiohead’s highest entry into the American market at the time, debuting at number 21 on the Billboard 200. Radiohead – OK Computer The actual CD Cover looks as if has been drawn onto the cover which makes a great effective of the cover itself. The titles are rather small especially the band name “Radiohead”. This is hard to see but as they are a well known band anyway this doesn’t really matter that much as the viewers already know who they are. The background is white making it plain and neutral allowing us to concentrate on other parts of the cover. A border has been added a the cover was hard to see on the white background of the powerpoint.
  14. 14. Six Organs of Admittance is the primary musical project of guitarist Ben Chasny. Chasny’s music is largely guitar-based and is often considered new folk, however it includes obvious influences, marked by the use of drones, chimes, and eclectic percussive elements. . Six Organs of Admittance – Luminous Lights Overall this shows great thought has been put together to come up with the consistent complimenting of the colours. These are the titles upon the cover, as they are hard to see I’ve cropped them to allow you to view them. The background of what the photo is, which is the trees and scenery. In the middle bottom right of the cover there is a light which draws our attention towards the cover even more. The titles are consistently complimenting the background as they are coloured in white and blue to match the cover itself.
  15. 15. Camino Palmero is the first album released by The Calling, released on July 10 th 2001. The Calling is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed and they later released three albums which became great hits with the audience and the many fans that followed. The Calling – Camino Palmero The title and band name are different as they are presented in different colours and sizes. “The Calling”, is written in black and bold block capitals while “Camino Palmero” is written bold block capitals however this is smaller that the band name, illustrating the difference between the two. The background is different as it is set in a railway station but effective with the bright sky blue. We can see the detail that has been put into the cover itself and how much thought has been included with it.
  16. 16. Here are other album covers that I found in HMV I chose these as they are interested within the albums that have been used to the setting that they take place at and the style that the artists or bands are trying to pull off. For the one that looks like t is a sun with a smile (follow arrow) this doesn’t have a name written onto it, this may be because of several reasons. One being they are well known and don’t need to have their name printed upon the cover or two being they decided to put it somewhere else. The band is called Primal Scream and the CD is Screamadelica. Other Album Covers I’ve Looked At
  17. 17. Thank You For Watching! You can now see the different album covers that I have been researching, as well as being able to get ideas for my own CD Cover. These photos have allowed be to decide on what is need for my CD Cover.