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Solaris 10 10 08 what's new customer presentation


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Solaris 10 10 08 what's new customer presentation

  1. 1. Whats New inSolaris 10 10/08Your NameYour TitleSun Microsystems, Inc.
  2. 2. Whats New in Solaris 10 10/08? • Tested, integrated update • ZFS enterprise enhancements > “Root and boot” > Filesystem transfer (zfs send) • Support for new systems > Intel processors, networking, I/O • New virtualization features > Containers, LDoms, Sun xVM guest
  3. 3. Solaris 10 10/08: ZFS• Root file system support• Boot support• Dataset rollback without unmounting• Filesystem transfer (zfs send) enhancements• Delegated administration• Ability to set up separate logging devices• Create intermediate datasets; hotplugging enhancements; recursively rename snapshots; support for gzip compression algorithm; store multiple copies of user data; support for zonepaths of a non-global zone on ZFS
  4. 4. Solaris 10 10/08: System Support• Support for Intels latest multicore Xeon processors• Improved support for Intel NUMA systems• Support for latest Intel/AMD instruction set extensions > SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AMD SSE4A• Fault Management support for Intel 5400 Northbridge, other x86 devices, e1000g and igb network controllers• NVIDIA SATA controller enhancements
  5. 5. Solaris 10 10/08: Virtualization• Solaris Containers: update-on-attach• Logical Domains: support for MpxIO, dynamic I/O reconfiguration• Paravirtualization support for Xen-based hypervisors > Sun xVM Server
  6. 6. Next Steps > Get Solaris1 > Get Involved2 | | > Get Trained | Learning Paths: > Get Data Sheets and White Papers4 > Get Started with Solaris Learning Centers5 > Get Current | |
  7. 7. Whats New inSolaris 10 10/