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Presentation from physical to virtual to cloud emc

  1. 1. From Physical to Virtual to Cloud The IT department as internal service provider Hans Timmerman CTO EMC The NetherlandsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  2. 2. Information Explosion The Digital Universe 2010-2020 Growing by a Factor of 442009:0.8 ZB 800 EB 800.000 PB 800.000.000 TB 2020: 35.2 Zettabytes The Digital Universe TB Source: IDC Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, May 2010EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  3. 3. Storage is cloud ready Virtual Provisioning Flash + SATA Tiering FAST Deduplication Compression Public Cloud Optimize service levels with intelligent real time, data placement combined with storage efficient technologiesEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  4. 4. The Industrialization of IT ―Cloud Computing is the industrialization of IT," says Pacific Crest Researchs Brent Bracelin. Platforms will be the new OS’s in these Clouds. Assembly of elementary services and supply chains of services.‖It’s a new market with Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Service Enablers,―A new generation of technology — call it smart computing — in which servers,computers, and networks come together to form a platform on which newapplications are built, used and maintained.A combination of hardware, software and processes designed to efficientlydeliver IT services to the business on a subscriber model.EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  5. 5. User world as starting point Virtual world Physical world User world Virtual world Physical world Service request Virtual Processing ‘Object/overview/process’ Power VM server network Service Orchestrator result VLUN storage • Available Virtual • Available • Secure Data • Secure Virtual Virtual • Scalable • Scalable Workplace InfrastructureEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  6. 6. 2010 Milestone: Virtualization is Now De Facto Model 17.500.000 VM Cross Over Physical Servers 15.000.000 Virtual machines 12.500.000 10.000.000 7.500.000 5.000.000 2.500.000 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 We are past a virtual tipping point! Source: IDCEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  7. 7. Paradigm change # 2 The network becomes the computer . . . Virtual workspace Virtual data LAN Users Data Virtual data has partly to live Network centric in the network Switch Virtual power can partly be embedded in the network SAN 10 GbE Fibre Channel Virtual processing power Data 10 GbE FCoE/DCEEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY Server centric
  8. 8. A paradigm change in storage . . . . . . . SAN SAN Front End Front End Back End Front End Back End Host Ports Host & Disk Ports Host & Disk Ports Core Core Core Core Core Core Core Core Core Core CPU Core Core Core Core Complex Core Core Core Core Core Core Global Core Core CPU CPU Memory Global Complex Complex Global Core Core Memory Memory Virtual Matrix Virtual Matrix Interface Interface Disk Ports A B A B Back EndEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  9. 9. Storage Building Block Front End Back End Front End Back End Host & Disk Ports Host & Disk Ports Core Core Core Core Core Core Core Core Virtual Core Core creates matrix Core Flexible Core Core Core Core Core one, federated, virtual Virtual CPU CPUStorage Engine Matrix Global Memory Complex storage engine Complex Global Memory Virtual Matrix Virtual Matrix Interface Interface A B A B EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  10. 10. The sum of 3 paradigm changes . . . . . . . Network Disks Front End Back End vApp Instructions VM server server server server server network Service 1. Name=eCommerce Disk Ports request Host & Service 2. Only port 80 is used Orchestrator 3. 4. cloudESX 100 ms web response VRM: Encrypt w/ SHA-1 operating system ESX 5. DR RPO: 1 hour Scale up 6. VMCore VM Decommission in 1 monthVMCore Core Core VLUN storage DRS/Vmotion cloud internetwork and unified computing Truly virtualized The StoragevCenter Virtualized Cloud Scale out Core Core Core Core ESX Engine Data Center Scale out Computingfederated and“vSwitch” ESX VLUN VLUN VPLEX virtual information infrastructure Application and Infrastructure VMs Scale up Virtual CPU Infrastructure Complex App App Virtual Matrix Global App Memory App Virtual Matrix App OS OS OS OS OS Firewall Tomcat IIS Load Virtual Matrix Interface Balance Oracle A B SAN Connecting to the network and to the Disks Virtual matrixEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  11. 11. User world as starting point Virtual world Physical world User world Virtual world Physical world Virtual Service request Processing ‘Object/overview/process’ Power Building vClients Server Blocks Server VM Server Network server network Application Network Network result result Service Element result vCenter Service Orchestrator Orchestrator manager result Storage Storage Data Storage Security VLUN Security Security storage • Available Virtual • Available • Secure Data • Secure • Scalable Virtualized • Scalable & Federated Virtual Virtual Workplace Infrastructure NetworkEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  12. 12. From Verticalization to Horizontal Virtualization Inf ormation Inf ormation Inf ormation Inf ormation Applications Applications Applications Inf ormation V V V V V V V V Applications Applications Applications Applications Applications V V V V V V V V Operating Systems Middleware Operating Systems Middleware Operating Systems Operating Systems Middleware Operating Systems Database Virtual Desktops Email Custom Web Database Database Database Standard Solution & Services Packages Operating Operating Operating System System System Intelligent Platform Services and a Common Service Model Server Server ServerPlatform Platform Storage Virtual Storage Infrastructure OVF Storage CPU Storage Pool Pool Network Standard Components and Open standardsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  13. 13. Process / Manage Deliver / Archive Agile, Lightweight Config Productive BPM and Workflow Repea Integration ofand Audit trails Security Information & Virtual infrastructures Testable Relia Email CD-Rom Fax Versioning Dynamic, Efficient, Flexible Library Services Business Index and Search Print Portals Wireless App Software as a Service Hyperic Content Management Governance, Services Modeling Renditions and Transformations & Compliance Data warehousing Risk Spring management OTAP Lifecycles Integration withWorkflows Virtual Documents Content Server Enterprise Execution Application Open Big Data Applications Source Secure Awareness process XML +Intelligence PaaS Intelligent Platform Services JAVA PaaS and Productivity Platform as a Service Run Build Archival, Retention Mana and Storage Store Information Virtual & vCenter OS vSphere Cloud (vSphere) Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure as a ServicevClient Protect Manage & Automate Data- center Connectivity Building BlocksEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  14. 14. The Journey to The Private Cloud IT PRODUCTION BUSINESS PRODUCTION IT-AS-A-SERVICEPercent Need for GRC 95%Virtualised Need for 80% End-user automation! Catalogues portals 50% Provisioning 30% Platinum Gold Virtual Apps 15% Productie Test Lower costs Improve quality of service Improve agilityEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  15. 15. Why Do Phase 1To Lower Cost IT PRODUCTION IT Applications are the priorityPercent Virtualise Test and Development and IT-ownedVirtualised assets to create shared resource pools Create an infrastructure that is: Simple – streamline the entire infrastructure to 30% enhance the speed of virtualisation. 15% Productie Efficient – extend the CAPEX savings to all parts of the infrastructure. Test Lower costs Integrated with VMware – leverage and extend the benefits throughout the infrastructure. Result: Lower IT CostsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  16. 16. Why Do Phase 2To Improve Quality of Service BUSINESS PRODUCTION Business Applications are the priority Expand virtualisation to business app, databases, 80% and desktops to standardized the way services are delivered 50% Provisioning Create an infrastructure that is: Virtual Apps Scalable – capacity, performance, and infrastructure Available – continuous operations at the right location Improve quality of service Protected – from loss of information , retrieval delays, and excessive cost Secure – information, infrastructure and access Result: Improved Quality of Service Lower IT CostsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  17. 17. Why Do Phase 3Improve IT Agility IT-AS-A-SERVICE Serving the business is the priority 95% Enable policy-driven provisioning, management, and delivery of services End-user Catalogues portals Create an infrastructure that is : Unrestricted – by physical architecture and design Platinum Gold Automated – an automated way to implement policy Aligned – to costs for IT services delivered Improve agility User controlled – for the services they need Result: Improved Agility Improved Quality of Service Lower IT CostsEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  18. 18. Management Needs Across the Stack ITIL Processes & Vblock CMBD Management Server Compliance & App Stack Deployment your applications Application Discovery Availability Security Scalability Cross-Domain Application Services ESX & VM Visibility & virtualisation Management Mapping Infrastructure Services vCompute vNetwork vStorage Configuration, unified infrastructure Change, Fault management Compute Network Storage Vblocks Compliance Storage Element UCS Element Management ManagementEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  19. 19. Security Needs Across the Stack Governance, Risk and Compliance Identification Infrastructure Information vShield Edge vShield App & Zones vShield Endpoint Edge Security Zone Endpoint = VM Secure the edge of the Application protection from virtual datacenter network based threats Enables offloaded anti-virus Virtual Datacenter DMZ PCI compliant HIPAA compliantEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  20. 20. Governance, Risk & Compliance Needs Across the Stack Audit Policy Management Management Training & Risk Awareness Management Operations IT Business Continuity ComplianceManagement Management Threat Enterprise Management Management Legal Finance Vendor Incident Management ManagementEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  21. 21. Enabling IT GRC On Demand Asset Management Policy Threat Management Management Incident Management Vulnerabilities Extreme • Corporate Objectives • Documented Policies/Controls Compliance High • Regulations & Industry Standards Access Extreme Exception User Access Mis-Configurations High Management Management • Control Exception Management Integration Layer • User Groups • Documented Exceptions • Roles and Permissions MonitoringEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  22. 22. ICT Agility Needs Across the Stack App App App App App Application Framework Lightweight Application Framework Management (top to bottom) ApplicationMiddleware Lean Platform Simplifies Development Operating System Intelligent Platform Services Virtualization Virtualized Virtualization Simplifies Infrastructure Platform Deployment HardwareEMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  23. 23. VMware Cloud Infrastructure & ServicesSaaS Zimbra File/ Core IT Services via Virtual Appliances Directory Database ..... PrintPaaS SpringSource: Programming Model for the Cloud vCloud Service Director: Common Service Model for Infrastructure Clouds Common platform, common management, common security vCenter : Policy-based Management & Automation vCloud PartnersIaaS Proprietary Clouds View : Enterprise vSphere: Desktop Computing Platform for Cloud via Cloud Infrastructure VMware Virtualized Private Cloud Public Cloud Public Cloud EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  24. 24. Roadmap to a Cloud delivery model Google Apps Saas $$$ SFDC portal Bus. case $ Security Operation 100 60 30 Center No virtualization 30 – 40 % virtualization 100 % virtualization BROKER Customer service PaaS service Single sign on service Virtualized Data Center Services Aggregation service Virtualized Virtualized Data Center Data Center Legacy Systems Production systems Internal Cloud Bundled Services Autm / Sec / Mgt 40 vCloud Director portal Iaas !00% 30 VM’s, Gb’s, 80 virtual100 virtual 30 Iaasproduction 60 Back-up & DR production 60 Legacy 100 legacy 100EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY time
  25. 25. Community Cloud Strategy: Increasingly ambitious play for Gov organizations Public Cloud Virtual Virtual Shared Data Center Private Cloud Virtual1. Wish is to integrate IT services2. Building a shared service center Community Cloud3. Virtualize Data Center to enable the cloud4. Build your Private Cloud5. Become a Cloud Service Provider to/with other Gov organizations6. Potentially use the Public Cloud Virtual Virtual EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY
  26. 26. ^ LinkedIn hans timmerman Twitter @hansemc Blog© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.EMC CONFIDENTIAL—INTERNAL USE ONLY