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Presentation enterprise cloud & v clouddatacenter


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Presentation enterprise cloud & v clouddatacenter

  1. 1. Enterprise Cloud & vCloudDatacenterBill LowryVice President, Cloud Hosted by:
  2. 2. Completely sharedSingle network contextPublic transport onlyShared computing resourcesFirst come first servedOne-size-fits-all
  3. 3. Dedicated environment Fully secure and customizable Loses shared economies of scaleExpensive to deploy, manage & maintain
  4. 4. Physical multi-tenancyLogical segmentation of resources Private compute pools Private network integration Private address space Dedicated firewall contextGuaranteed availabilityFully auditable
  5. 5. Data CentersNetwork InfrastructureConnectivityServer PlatformStorage Architecture
  6. 6. NAP of the Capital Region™• 30 acre federal-grade campus• Engineered to meet Uptime Institute Tier III standards• Highest levels of physical security• Office building with SCIF-compliant 150-seat auditorium• Goal: FISMA & DIACAP compliant deployments
  7. 7. Data CentersNetwork InfrastructureConnectivityServer PlatformStorage Architecture
  8. 8. Architectural security Physical security AuthenticationManagement security model Lifecycle security services Compliance & audit
  9. 9. ApplicationsManagement Systems Security Models StandardsVirtualization Platform API
  10. 10. Datacenter migration servicesColocation for legacy device connectivityDedicated circuits/Private networkingManaged servicesBackup servicesDisaster Recovery
  11. 11. SkillsExpertiseOrganizational StructureCommunication PathAdditional Services
  12. 12. VMware vCloud Datacenter ServicesEnterprise Hybrid Cloud Delivered Michelle Kerby Director, vCloud Product Marketing VMware © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  13. 13. “Enterprise Hybrid” Requirements Aligned with VMwareRecent global study among CIOs and top IT decision makersKey findings: Requirements for Enterprise Hybrid cloud are clear; (high performance, enterprise-level security and Quality Of Service, application portability) Business Agility is the top driver for cloud (75%) Highest deployments in private clouds today; ~ 20% (and growing) using hybrid cloud today 88% would use cloud more if they could achieve the same or better security as their internal datacenter 88% rate cloud computing as priority over the next 18 months Adoption is maturing quickly; 2/3 of respondents planning or adopting cloud today, 22% already in department and enterprise-wide deployments 95% agree that virtualization is critical to cloud 93% agree with VMware’s definition of cloud computing Base: 636 Total respondents; 234 US respondents; 202EMEA respondents; 200 APAC respondents Source: CIO Global Cloud Computing Adoption Survey January 201116
  14. 14. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Requirements – Summary Agility with Reliable Performance • On-demand provisioning of virtual servers • Fast scale up at reasonable cost • Predictable, consistent SLAs Security • Secure & auditable cloud infrastructure • Secure apps and user access Application Portability • Compatible with existing workloads • Globally consistent service across providers17
  15. 15. VMware offers the best of both worlds with hybrid cloud Apps Apps  Common platform Common management  Common security Private Cloud vCloud VMware Service Provider Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Security Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure Management Cloud Computing Moves from a Technology Discussion to a Business Decision 18
  16. 16. vCloud Enables Agility and Efficiency Across Multiple Clouds  Increase business agility by empowering Consuming Infrastructure as a Service users to rapidly deploy services on-demand through self-service portals and catalogs Optimize not only  Improve security and compliance within multi-tenant environments with strong how IT is delivered access controls and vShield security and managed, but  Reduce costs by more efficiently Producing Infrastructure as a Service also how it is delivering resources and by consolidating and standardizing your infrastructure consumed  Enable application portability and interoperability across clouds while leverage existing investments 19
  17. 17. Why a VMware Enterprise Hybrid CloudVMware Key Differentiators Quality of Service • vSphere is the most trusted virtualization platform, offering unique capabilities for performance and availability Security • VMware offers robust security across private and public clouds covering the platform, access controls, and network security Complete, out-of-the-box solution • VMware has the complete software stack and the IP to deliver on cloud computing today Compatibility and interoperability across clouds • VMware extends your investment in vSphere to offer the benefits of cloud computing while: o Supporting both new and existing applications o Operating across public and private clouds o Leveraging open standards and interfaces 20
  18. 18. VMware vCloud Services Enhance Your Private Cloud Deployment Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud Co-Branded vCloud Services Service Consumption vCloud Request Manager vCenter Chargeback vCloud Datacenter Portability Security & performance for enterprises Service Delivery vCloud Director Cross-Cloud Standards vCloud API vCloud Express Open Virtualization Format Rapid, credit card payment Security and Compliance for developers vShield Security Family vCenter Configuration Manager Cross-Cloud Management vCloud Connector vCloud Powered Resource Management Broad array of vSphere VMware-compatible clouds for any business need vCenter Management Family21
  19. 19. Agility: Self-Service Computing, Quickly Delivered Two ways to connect • Web-based GUI – consistent with your private cloud • Programmatic access through vCloud API Delegated controls • Basic VM operations, including provisioning and de-provisioning • Move vApp to new VDC • Customize the guest OS Never lose control • Bounded by the virtual data center • Segregation Of Duties through role- based access control 22
  20. 20. Predictable Cloud Performance vCloud Datacenters are given specific performance and availability characteristics • Backed by allocated hardware Availability • Pre-defined SLA / response time • Availability, performance guarantees Uses vSphere features such as • VMware HA Security • DRS and vMotion • Storage and Network I/O control vShield technologies built in Performance • Virtual firewall • Virtual layer 2 and layer 3 network templates 23
  21. 21. “Follow The Application” Security  Fully virtualized security  Full virtual layer 2 networking per vApp and per Organization  DHCP and NAT per vApp  Virtual firewall per vApp and per Organization using vShield Edge 24
  22. 22. User Security: Authentication & Access Controls Authenticate Users via Enterprise directory (LDAP) • Secure access for multiple users per account • No “shadow” user list to manage in the cloud • All access logged for audit trail Role-based access controls • Managed delegation of responsibilities • Essential to implement segregation of duties for security purposes 25
  23. 23. Portability: Bring Your Own Virtual Machine  Same management experience and look & feel  Export VM as OVF from vSphere or convert VMDK to OVF  Upload & Import into vCloud Datacenter 26
  24. 24. Types of vCloud Datacenter Services You Can Buy vCloud Datacenter IT staff and users  VMware certified to Scripts/Programs be globally consistent vCloud API VMware vCloud Director UI  Run any VMware Virtual Data Center Tiers OVF image 1. Basic “Pay-per-Use”  Target: pilot projects and basic dynamic workloads  Private cloud not  Pay-for-use model; no subscription required 2. Committed  Self-service within  Target: Workloads that need predictable performance boundaries of VDC  Subscription model; 100% resourced with 33% burstable  Auditable security Audited with 3. Dedicated  Target: Workloads that need physical segregation control set consistent  Subscription model; 100% dedicated resource  SAS 70 and/or ISO compliance 27001 audited framework27
  25. 25. Compliance Framework  Compliance Control Matrix • ISO27001 certified, which proves that security management processes are in place, and have a relevant subset of the ISO27002 controls in place; or • SAS 70 Type II audits based on the same relevant set of standard set of controls • Map to different frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, COBIT, etc.  Ensure Customer Transparency • Compliance Logging o Identity and access management o User activities monitoring o Change and configuration management o Security and threat management o Business continuity and availability management  Ensure Customer Control • Full self-service in managing the customer organization (users, firewall policy, etc) • LDAP authentication, potentially connect back to corporate AD  Compliance Architecture • Ensure the infrastructure is secure and compliant28
  26. 26. Next steps  Learn more about vCloud Datacenter Services • • Contact us : o Email: o Phone: 1-877-4-VMWARE  Conduct a cloud readiness assessment with your VMware rep or with Terremark29
  27. 27. ATTENDEE SERVICES • Provide your feedback! Please complete our survey • View our calendar of upcoming events • A recorded version of this seminar will be available at Hosted by:30