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Open solariscloud


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Open solariscloud

  1. 1. OpenSolaris andStorage in the CloudMark
  2. 2. Overview•  So what is the “Cloud”•  Cloud Computing•  Cloud Storage•  Amazon EC2•  OpenSolaris EC2 images•  SNIA’s CDMI LISA 2009 BOF
  3. 3. What is the “Cloud”?•  A new business model •  Implications: >  Don’t buy equipment >  Cheaper? >  Rent it for only as long as >  Drives down cost of you need it administration >  Pay for only what you use >  Scale out type of applications•  Provider balances multiple tenants •  Myths >  Elastic demand of each is >  Just another word for hosting variable >  Isn’t this just Grid? >  Optimize the usage across >  Only new applications all the demand loads to save >  Not as secure costs >  Bundle in the >  Do I really want my data “administration” of resources “public” LISA 2009 BOF
  4. 4. Cloud Computing•  IaaS – Infrastructure as a •  What about private clouds? Service •  Can they leverage what >  Roll your own “stack” in a they have and move to a virtual machine cloud paradigm for internal >  Pay for the resources you customers? use•  PaaS – Platform •  Can I utilize the cloud for both legacy and green field >  Use a platform to write your applications? apps that can then be hosted in the cloud •  What additional capabilities•  SaaS – Software can I take advantage of? >  Formerly called Application •  What are the guarantees Service Providers on my cloud storage? >  Can be built on PaaS or IaaS LISA 2009 BOF
  5. 5. A look at some existing Cloud APIs •  What are some of the offerings and their Data Storage Interfaces? LISA 2009 BOF
  6. 6. Amazon EC2 LISA 2009 BOF
  7. 7. Getting Started with OpenSolaris EC2 Step One: Open an Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 account Step Two: Access to OpenSolaris AMIs Step Three: Provision OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2 Step Four: Get Support More info at: LISA 2009 BOF
  8. 8. Some Interesting AMIs•  Security Enhanced OpenSolaris 2009.06 AMP Stack AMI >  ami-e0b05389, ami-7a2a010e (Europe)•  Immutable Service Containers on OpenSolaris 2009.06 >  ami-48c32021, ami-78567d0c (Europe)•  Drupal with AMP Stack Hardened OpenSolaris >  ami-d8614aac aki-661c3412 / ari-601c3414•  SailFin AMI on OpenSolaris 2008.11 >  ami-9df312f4•  Lots more info at: LISA 2009 BOF
  9. 9. What AMIs would be useful?•  Basic stacks that you would like to see supported by Sun? >  (of course you can always roll your own) LISA 2009 BOF
  10. 10. Other possibilities•  Amazon now offers a separate fully managed instance of MySQL >  5 sizes: 1.7 – 64 GB Memory, up to full 8 cores >•  ZFS snapshot, backup to S3 > storage_utils.html•  OpenSolaris Dynamic Service Containers > LISA 2009 BOF
  11. 11. Standards progress•  What about moving from cloud to cloud?•  How much do I redo interface code?•  What about Data Portability?•  OGF has produced a Cloud Computing standard (draft) called Open Cloud Computing Interface•  SNIA has produced a Cloud Storage standard (draft) called Cloud Data Management Interface LISA 2009 BOF
  12. 12. Cloud Data Management Interface LISA 2009 BOF
  13. 13. CDMI Overview LISA 2009 BOF 13
  14. 14. Model for the Interface The resources which are accessed through the RESTful interface LISA 2009 BOF
  15. 15. Data Object Example LISA 2009 BOF
  16. 16. Get the Data LISA 2009 BOF 16
  17. 17. CDMI Containers •  CDMI uses hierarchies to enable simplified management >  Data System Metadata can be specified on a container, and inherited by all child objects. LISA 2009 BOF
  18. 18. CDMI in Cloud ComputingA single cloud computinginfrastructure can implementboth the OCCI and CDMIinterfacesThe infrastructure abstracts theconfiguration of the networkingand virtual machine details anduses the standard interfacemerely to define connectivityA cloud computing client canthen utilize the interfaces to bothspecify the data requirementsand then use that data forguests LISA 2009 BOF 18
  19. 19. Getting the right Service levels LISA 2009 BOF
  20. 20. What do you want to see in a CloudComputing or Cloud Storage interfacestandard?•  Any projects on the horizon to use the cloud?•  Setting up your own cloud?•  “Bursting” capability out to the cloud?•  What would make using OpenSolaris easier for your private clouds? LISA 2009 BOF
  21. 21. For More Information•  SNIA Cloud API >•  OpenSolaris on EC2 > LISA 2009 BOF