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Open solaris what's new presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Open solaris what's new presentation

  1. 1. Whats New inOpenSolaris 2009.06From the Desktopto the Datacenter Your Name Your Title Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  2. 2. What is OpenSolaris?Community Participation + Solaris Innovation Enterprise Power Network Management Virtualization Installation Open Storage Containers CIFS Security Network- Based ZFS DTrace Network Auto- Packagi ng Predictive Magic Self Healing Hardware Time Optimizaton Slider
  3. 3. What Makes OpenSolaris Unique? Community Participation + Solaris Innovation Network AutoMagic Automated InstallDesktop Search Security Image D-Light Packaging Containers SystemTime Slider ZFS DTrace Distribution Network- Based Predictive Packaging CIFS Constructor Self Healing Virtualization technology Open Storage COMSTAR Hardware support and optimization SourceJuicer
  4. 4. 2009.06: New for the Datacenter x86 and SPARC support Including latest generation UltraSPARC, SPARC64, Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron Network virtualization (Project “Crossbow”) Automated/customized installation OpenSolaris CIFS Host-based access control, share ACLs, client- side caching w/resync Open HA Cluster COMSTAR – iSCSI target support New support pricing
  5. 5. Project Crossbow
  6. 6. COMSTAR Storage Framework Convert any OpenSolaris systeminto a SCSI target device Ethernet, Fibre Channel, etc. Use as a component in a storage network New iSCSI support
  7. 7. 2009.06: New for the Desktop GNOME updates Upgraded Network Auto Magic (NWAM) Enhanced Package Manager Firefox 3.1 Beta 3Integrated DTrace probesFlash 10 available Time Slider enhancementsPersonal environment snapshottingVersion Explorer Enhanced laptop support Enhanced graphics support
  8. 8. Time Slider: Directory Snapshot
  9. 9. Time Slider: Version Explorer pg 9
  10. 10. Enhanced Package Manager
  11. 11. 2009.06: New for Developers JavaFX SDK Linux/BSD developercompatibility PHP, MySQL DTrace probes Sun Studio optimizations Project Speedway Free developer access to enterprise systems Based on cloud infrastructure Range of tools, access points
  12. 12. Learn Explore the learning opportunities Get the guides and videos Collaborate Join the communities Make your mark; help shapethe next generation of the Solaris OS Connect with Sun distinguished engineersand other leading lights of the OpenSolariscommunity pg 12
  13. 13. OpenSolaris Unlocks Your Potential OpenSolaris: Get it. Use it. Learn it. pg 13
  14. 14. Whats New inOpenSolaris 2009.06From the Desktopto the Datacenter Name Title Sun Microsystems, Inc.