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Social psychology (portfolio)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Social psychology (portfolio)

  1. 1. Social Psychology 0 Social Psychology November 27 2012 The portfolio is used to as a record of students’ progress and reflections of the acquisition of Learning Outcomes. Portfolio
  2. 2. × My Info’s × × Ĥwåñ × × Yam Yih HwaN × 19 ( 2o12 ) × 28 July 1993 View my complete profile × Achieve × ▼ 2012 (11) o ▼ August (1) o ► February (9) o ► January (1) ► 2011 (21) × Profile × Create Your Badge Create Your Badge Saturday, November24, 2012 In Week 3 of Semester 2, I had been assigned my firstindividual assignment by Social Psychology Lecturer, Ms. Tan. This first assignmentis to write two journals by relating the concepts learned in Chapter 1 to 5. The written journal must base on the individual passed experiences and their ability in applying theories and concepts to their personal life. After completing this task, I realized that I had applied those psychological theories and concepts through my past experience and also I am going to apply it again into my daily life in the future. Furthermore, I’m able to understand the behavior ofmy surroundingsand the ways they interact with others in terms of psychology. Lastly, with the knowledge of social psychology, I will train myself to become a responsible and trustworthy citizen.
  3. 3. Tweets 이환@Hw__aN4h I'm at Kedai Kopi Nanking (南京 茶餐室) (Subang Jaya, Selangor) ⌘Show Summary 이환@Hw__aN7h I'm at Kar Heong Chicken Rice (Subang Jaya, Selangor) w/ 2 others ⌘Show Summary 이환@Hw__aN9h Shopping with parents! :) (@ Sunway Pyramid w/ 64 others) ⌘Show Summary 이환@Hw__aN22h Presentation day! (@ Taylor's University Lakeside Campus w/ 25 others) ⌘Show Summary Saturday, November 24, 2012 In Week 12 of Semester 2, I had been assigned my first group assignment by Social Psychology Lecturer, Ms. Tan. This second assignment requires me to form a group of 4 and work with the group mates to look up for articles/advertisement that we can relate to the concepts that we had learned in Chapter 6 to 9. After completing the given task,I’m able to apply the psychological concepts from Chapter 6 to 9 into my personal life. In terms of psychology, I’m able toview the society through the point of views of the others. Moreover, I was able to engage in psychological inquiry and become a self-regulated learner. Lastly, I felt that the government should make psychology a compulsory subject to the society in order to make the world a better living place.