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Better connected hospitals 2012


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A presentation produced for Martin Greenwood of Socitm Insight based on research I had conducted assessing the customer focus of nine hospital websites.

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Better connected hospitals 2012

  1. 1. How customer-centricare hospital websites?Martin GreenwoodSocitm Insight Programme Manager
  2. 2. Our experience• Better connected: annual survey into state of local authority websites since 1999• Website take-up service since 2004 now used by 140 councils across the UK• Surveys commissioned by government• Reports on best practice 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 2
  3. 3. Our experience• We also run up to five events each year based on this work, eg• Building Perfect Council Websites (14 July 2012) 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 3
  4. 4. Our review• Survey of all 433 UK council websites• Main survey of 210 questions by team of 12 reviewers• Supplemented by extra surveys (eg social media) and third party data (eg RNIB, Hitwise) 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 4
  5. 5. How we assessed websites • № of customer journeys for top tasks (5 to 9, depending upon council type) • № of usability criteria – maximum of 4 (Navigation, search engine, A to Z and accessibility) • Overall reviewer rating – from 1 (poor) to 3 (very good) 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 5
  6. 6. Customer journey for top tasks• Apply for council job For each task• Object to planning application• Find rubbish collection days • Ease of finding (eg arrival• Pay council tax from Google, use of• Renew library book search, A to Z,• Find opening times for local information architecture swimming pool and• Find records office opening landing pages) times• Find out about getting help at home • Ease of completing• Find out school term dates (step-by-step customer• Find winter gritting routes journey) 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 6
  7. 7. Success with top tasks• Find out school term dates 80%• Pay council tax 71%• Find records office opening times 70%• Apply for council job 66%• Find rubbish collection days 63%• Renew library book 51%• Find winter gritting routes 48%• Find out about getting help at home 43%• Find opening times for swimming pool 38%• Object to planning application 34% 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 7
  8. 8. Success with usability• Use of search 67% Barriers to navigation• Accessibility 58% • Lack of consistency with service landing pages• Use of A to Z 53% • Too many navigational devices • Lack of care about naming of• Navigation links and tasks for top tasks 12% • Still using LGNL classification • Use of inappropriate ‘Apply for it, Find it, Pay for it’ structure • Too much prime space for news, events etc • Below the fold navigation • Misuse of hovering menus • Misuse of carousels 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 8
  9. 9. Website take-up service• Pop-up survey offered to one in five web users• 16 questions, eg  What were they looking for?  Did they find it ?  How good was the experience?• Used by 140 + councils (30% of total) 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 9
  10. 10. Website take-up service : Volumes• 23,500 responses each month (up to 500 each council)• Estimated 35.9m visits per month to all UK local government in 2011• Each single tier / county receives average 150,000 visits per month; each shire district 40,000• Each council on average attracts 18% of its local residents to its site each month 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 10
  11. 11. Q Did you find what you werelooking for today ? Source: Website take-up service (2011) 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals
  12. 12. But it’s your customers that countA few of the simpler comments• Information about adult courses not sufficient. No information about times or start dates or detailed information about courses.. No search function and no option to order a course prospectus• I was looking for further information on the child care support scheme. I have telephoned and left a message• Leaflet on adaptations, Ill phone.• I wanted to be able to look up requests for planning permission for the past year. I will probably visit the planning department.• Can I burn wood in the back garden ? Ill call to find out 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 12
  13. 13. Cost of web visit failures (England) Cost of failure (per month) (£2.83 per failed visit)Shire county (x 27) £2.58mShire district (x 201) £4.95mLondon borough (x 33) £2.70mMetropolitan district (x 36) £3.78mUnitary (E) (x 56) £3.77m Total £17.78m For full year £213m 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals
  14. 14. Importance of task management• Customer view of visit to public sector website - just a task to carry out !• Site should be designed around most common tasks (‘top tasks’)• Each site will also have huge number of low value tasks (though still useful) which probably get in the way of top tasks.• Focus relentlessly on ensuring that customers can complete their top tasks without encountering problems. 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 14
  15. 15. Managing top tasks• Commit to design for top tasks – be prepared to discard other mechanisms• Identify top tasks from all customer access sources• Promote top tasks consistently across site• Label tasks clearly• Test and measure tasks obsessively to ensure that they work right first time, every time 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 15
  16. 16. Top tasks in NHS hospitalsHospital websites have diverse audience:• Patients• Visitors• Employees• News media• Other NHS organisations• GPs• Suppliers• Jobseekers etc 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 16
  17. 17. No patients? No need for a hospital!• A hospital needs patients, both in-patients and out-patients• In-patients receive visitors• Patients and visitors should be primary focus of the website. 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 17
  18. 18. Top tasks for patients and visitorsWhat information would you expect to find on yourlocal hospital’s website ?• Cancel an out-patient appointment• Prepare for a stay in hospital• Find out visiting hours• Find out about car parking at the hospital• Find out about infection prevention and control 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 18
  19. 19. Nine hospitals examined• Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge • Leeds General Infirmary• St Bartholomew’s, London • Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle• John Radcliffe, Oxford • St Thomas’s, London• Manchester Royal Infirmary • Southampton General• Queen Elizabeth, B’ham 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 19
  20. 20. Cancel an out-patient appointment• Does Google lead me to the task? • Can I cancel or request a new• Does the home page link me directly to appointment online? the task? • Am I told what will happen if I fail to• Does an return the correct internal attend my appointment? search result in the first three results? • Is it clear how I might obtain• Is the task described in the A-Z? assistance, if required, to complete• Does the service description page link this task? medirectly to this task? • How effectively is this hospital• Does my first click take me straight task promoting this as a task? completion? • How do you rate the completion of• this task? Am I informed how I can cancel or rearrange my outpatient appointment? • Was completing this task a ‘Wow!’ experience? 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 20
  21. 21. 201129 Nov 11 Better connected hospitals 21
  22. 22. Cancel an out-patient appointment 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 22
  23. 23. Common failures Good practice• Inadequate information for patients • Some great examples of• Nightmare navigation available car parking• facilities Unhelpful search results• Clinical A-Zs • Several sites provide• Multiple hospitals, single domain very good infection• Organisation-centric, prevention and control no customer focus resources 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 23
  24. 24. 2012 Hosp Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Overall Cancel Hospl Visiting Car Infect appt stay hours parking control1 Addenbr V Good V Good Satisf Satisf V Good Satisf2 St Barts Poor Poor Poor Poor Satisf Poor3 John R’dcliffe Satisf Poor Satisf V Good V Good Satisf4 Manc Roy Inf NF Satisf Poor Satisf Poor Poor5 Queen Eliz Poor Satisf Poor Satisf Satisf Satisf6 Leeds Gen NF Satisf V Good Satisf V Good Satisf7 Royal Vic NF Poor Poor Satisf Poor Poor8 St Thomas’s V Good V Good V Good V Good Satisf V Good9 Soton Gen V Good Satisf V Good Satisf V Good V Good 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 24
  25. 25. 29 Nov 11 Better connected hospitals 25
  26. 26. “A significant improvement over the previous website implementation but plenty of scope to make it better still, eg implementation of top tasks. The biggest stumbling block to using this website is finding it via Google. Very puzzling why the old website remains live and - in some instances - why the new website points to it.”9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 26
  27. 27. “Im not entirely certain why theyve bothered to create a new website. Its organisation is so poor that I doubt anyone really finds what theyre looking for unless they want to find out how to get to the hospital!”9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 27
  28. 28. “If you confine yourself to the Royal Infirmary part of the websitethere is no obvious way of finding out information about hospitalappointments and how to cancel them. The site is a Wow! (Q24) forall the wrong reasons.”9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 28
  29. 29. 29 Nov 11 Better connected hospitals 29
  30. 30. “Outstandingly good. In almost every respect. I cant helpwondering if they took our advice on board last year!”9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 30
  31. 31. “WOW! What an amazingly comprehensive resource. Eventhe guide to staff uniforms brightens up a dull day!”9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 31
  32. 32. Stop press: 30 Nov strike actionNo mention Mention• Leeds General Infirmary • Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham• St Bartholomew‘s, London • Addenbrooke‘s, Cambridge• (Manchester Royal Infirmary) • St Thomass. London• (R Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle )• John Radcliffe, Oxford• Southampton GeneralAs at Mon 28 Nov 29 Nov 11 Better connected hospitals 32
  33. 33. How customer-centric are your websites? • How can we improve the overall customer experience of NHS hospital websites? 9 May 12 Better connected hospitals 33