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Promotional PowerPoint for Best Buddies Jobs.

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Best Buddies Jobs

  2. 2. BEST BUDDIES JOBS PROGRAMAgenda Best Buddies Mission Programs Jobs Program Program Breakdown Benefits Employment Partners Conclusion
  3. 3. BEST BUDDIES MISSIONGlobal Volunteer Movement “Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).”
  4. 4. BEST BUDDIES PROGRAMSAccomplishing our mission “In the business to put ourselves out of business” Social integration of IDD without advocates Seven programs address acceptance throughout a lifetime  Best Buddies Middle Schools  Best Buddies High Schools  Best Buddies Colleges  Best Buddies e-Buddies  Best Buddies Citizens  Best Buddies Ambassadors  Best Buddies Jobs
  5. 5. BEST BUDDIES JOBS Best Buddies Jobs furthers the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into the community through supported employment. Our focus is on developing competitive, integrated jobs that allow participants to earn an income, pay taxes, and work in an environment alongside their peers in the community, leading to full inclusion and self independence. Best Buddies Jobs conducts a person centered approach with each participant. We work with the individual to ultimately achieve their personal employment goals. We provide coaching in essential job and interviewing skills, and once a job is secured, we assist with on-the-job training. Job placement for participants depends on the factors such as their skill and abilities, location, and vocational preference. Once fully adjusted to their job, we continue supporting participants with jobs in coaching for continued career development. We pride ourselves on developing jobs in professional environments. Our employers range from some of the top law firms and talent agencies to well-known retail businesses and luxury hotels. The President’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities has recognized Best Buddies Jobs as a national model of supported employment focusing on white collar and other nontraditional employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.
  6. 6. TESTIMONIALS FROM CURRENT EMPLOYERS:– Peter Barlow, Partner, Kates & Barlow, PC “A little over 2 years ago, I opened my own law firm after 20+ years in big firms. I’ve ridden the BestBuddies Hyannis Port Challenge every year since its inception. I wanted to do more for Best Buddies but my prior firms would not support hiring a buddy. In my new firm I wanted to employ people who enjoyed their work and would be a positive influence on firm culture. I felt pretty sure we could find such an employee through Best Buddies. We worked closely with Jake and his team to find the right fit. We talked about job descriptions, allowing things to take shape and then modifying duties and responsibilities where necessary. A candidate emerged and we hired Susan Goddard. Best Buddies could not have been more helpful in assimilating Susan into the firm. It’s been a smashing success. Susan provides critical assistance in our information management by scanning documents. She is a key player in clearing out old files and making space for new matters. Filing space is at a premium so we really need her help. We are lucky to have her. Theentire experience has been energizing, motivating, productive and fun. I can’t thank Best Buddies enough for making our firm a better place.”
  7. 7. TESTIMONIALS FROM CURRENT EMPLOYERS: “Companies spend a lot of money trying to make employees happy through different benefit programs and perks. I can tell you unequivocally that the best thing Kel & Partners has ever done for our employees in the ten years we have been in business was to hire our Best Buddy, Alosha. The happiness Alosha brings every single day trumps all the other things we do for employee happiness. From work at home Fridays to beer on tap in the office to dogs at work, nothing elevates the happiness level and ignites more smiles than Alosha. He is a gift to us all and I can’t think of a company on the planet who shouldn’t hire a Best Buddy.” – Kel Kelly, Founder & CEO, Kel & Partners “Eaton Vance will always be grateful to Best Buddies for bringing Billy O’Brien into our work family. Energetic, hard-working and well-liked, Billy has become a familiar and welcome face on all 10 floors of our company as he makes his daily rounds. It is a privilege to work with Billy, and we hope he spends the rest of his career in the Eaton Vance fold.” – Jeff Beale, Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer, Eaton Vance Investment Managers
  8. 8. BEST BUDDIES IMPACTSuccess to date 1500 chapters worldwide 50 International Offices Impacts more than 700,000 Presence in each of the 50 U.S. States As a result, people with IDD  Secure rewarding jobs  Live on their own  Become inspirational leaders  Make lifelong friendships
  9. 9. BEST BUDDIES IMPACTMassachusetts Impact 2 offices (Boston and Amherst) 93 school-based chapters  17 middle schools  59 high schools  17 colleges 4,700+ participants 57 participants currently working in integrated employment
  10. 10. BEST BUDDIES JOBS PROGRAMSupporting Mission People with IDD achieve their personal employment goals  Join rest of community in a work environment  Earn income  Pay taxes Encourages work, social interaction, and integration People with IDD are recognized for their abilities rather than their disabilities Develop a feeling of self worth
  11. 11. BEST BUDDIES JOBS PROGRAMSupporting Mission Over 15 years experience in supported employment  Program created in 1994 in Miami  Has since expanded to Boston, LA, and Virginia Over 500 participants have secured employment since the Jobs Program’s inception  Law Firms  Government Agencies  Retail Stores  Financial Companies  Hotels  Hospitals  Sports Teams
  12. 12. COMPETITIVE INTEGRATED EMPLOYMENTValuable Resources Office  Office Support – copying, reception, filing, etc  Data Entry  Shipping and Receiving  Conference Room set-ups Retail  Customer Service – Sales Floor  Inventory, Display upkeep  Stocking Service  Food and Beverage  Servers, Bellboys Cleaning
  13. 13. PROGRAM BREAKDOWNPhase 1 – Awareness and Recruitment Raising Awareness • Awareness and Recruitment Phase I  State and government agencies  Business partners • Intake and  Corporate sponsors Phase II Assessment Prospective employees are actively sought • Placement Phase III Employee pool built from  Existing Programs • On the Job Training  State/Government agencies Phase IV and Support • MA Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) • Department of Developmental Services • Relationship (DDS) Phase V Management Prospective employees are typically known and have proven themselves
  14. 14. PROGRAM BREAKDOWNPhase 2 – Intake and Assessment Intake Interviews are Phase I • Awareness and Recruitment conducted by Best Buddies Employment Consultants • Intake and Assessment Assessment gathers Phase II information about prospective • Placement employees Phase III  Work history • On the Job Training  Skill sets Phase IV and Support  Vocational preference • Relationship  Job interests Phase V Management  Family supports
  15. 15. PROGRAM BREAKDOWNPhase 3 – Placement Best Buddies Employment • Awareness and Recruitment Phase I Consultants act as a staffing agency • Intake and Program ensures that Phase II Assessment prospective employee has appropriate skill set and Phase III • Placement interests Model ensures that success is • On the Job Training based on long term placement Phase IV and Support Best Buddies Jobs Services • Relationship are provided at no cost to Phase V Management employer
  16. 16. PROGRAM BREAKDOWNPhase 4 – On the Job Training and Support Best Buddies Employment • Awareness and Recruitment Phase I Consultants help to ensure a smooth transition • Intake and Work one-on-one with employee Phase II Assessment  Break down and analyze job tasks • Placement  Coach on job responsibilities Phase III  Develop “natural supports” in workplace • On the Job Training Phase IV and Support Coaching and supports in place for duration of employment (10 • Relationship years and counting in some Phase V Management cases)
  17. 17. PROGRAM BREAKDOWNPhase 5 – Relationship Management Best Buddies Employment • Awareness and Recruitment Phase I Consultants continue to manage client relationship • Intake and Work with evolving roles Phase II Assessment Expand program • Placement Assist with promoting your Phase III company • On the Job Training Corporate philanthropy Phase IV and Support  Grants  Event sponsorships • Relationship Phase V Management  Program support
  18. 18. BENEFITS OF JOBS PROGRAM“Supported Employment” Best Buddies staff committed to mission; success of employee defines program success Supported Employment  Transportation training  On the job coaching  Individually tailored job training  Ongoing support services Increases work retention Person-centered model
  19. 19. EMPLOYER PARTNERSMassachusetts
  20. 20. CONTACT INFOMA Jobs Program Jake Laverriere Jobs Program Supervisor 45 Bromfield Street, 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02108 Office: 617.778.0522 Email: Website: