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Materials List: Drawing 2/Life Drawing


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Materials List: Drawing 2/Life Drawing

  1. 1. DRAWING 2/ LIFE DRAWING MATERIALS Most Supplies can be purchased at: Easel Art Supply Center 810 Park Avenue Lake Park, FL 33402 561-844-3111 or Jerry's Artarama 2505 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 (561) 684-7036 1 set of graphite pencils (including: 2H, HB, 2B, 6B) 1 high quality pencil sharpener and razor blade or sharp knife 1 art supply box (a tackle box for fishing lures works best) 1 box Blick Charcoal Sticks OR “Chunky Charcoal” (this is the darkest charcoal used for deep shadows) do not buy “compressed charcoal” 2 boxes medium vine charcoal note: you may need to purchase more charcoal as class progresses 1 complete set of charcoal pencils (extra soft, soft, medium) 2 boxes+ Charcoal White Pencils
  2. 2. Compressed Charcoal Sticks (WHITE) soft 2 kneaded erasers 1 staedtler vinyl eraser 1 medium sized pad of high quality drawing paper (at least 18”x24”) (higher quality paper yields richer, smoother drawings, so it may be wise to spend a little money on this item) and/or 18”X24” Strathmore TONED GRAY paper ACCEPTED PAPERS: STRATHMORE RECYLCED DRAWING PAPER is the best brand. (GREEN PAD) DO NOT PURCHASE A PAPER THAT IS BEIGE IN COLOR- ONLY BUY A BRIGHT WHITE PAPER DO NOT PURHCASE A BOND PAPER OR “EXTRA SMOOTH” PAPER 18”x24” AVAILABLE AT Jerry’s Artarama
  3. 3. OPTIONAL: 1 pad cheap newsprint 18x24” 1 bottle aerosal spray fixative (you can share this item with a friend or two) DO NOT BUY SPRAY ADHESIVE BY ACCIDENT! various sized blending sticks (thin medium and thick) 1 sand paper pack (to sharpen blending sticks) 1 chamois or small rag-I recommend purchasing this at Wal-Mart or an Auto Store 1 large T-Square(preferably metal) 1 roll REMOVEABLE SCOTCH TAPE (the same stickiness as a post-it note) 1 cardboard or high quality porfolio case-these can be made easily from cardboard for free 1 bottle canned air or dust broom PENS: (all black) 1 large "Magnum" sharpie pen 1 chisel tip large sharpie 1-2 fine point 1-2 ulta-fine point 1 micron (.05 mmor less) ultr-ultra fine point 1 jar Generals Charcoal POWDER (2-3 people can share 1) DO NOT BUY GRAPHITE POWDER IMPORTANT: 1 PAPER MATE "tuff stuff" eraser stick with eraser refills VERY IMPORTANT TO PURCHASE!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!!
  4. 4. Factis BM2